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I come from a galaxy far, far away... Field Archaeologist, Druidess, Shaman and Emissary of the Star Nations, my mission is to help humans of Earth awaken to their true potential and power, and free themselves from millennia of slavery.


Analysis of information provided by Elena Danaan, Emissary for the Galactic Federation of Worlds

Dan Willis has been keeping track of a list of all the information I have been bringing forward in the last three years, that was corroborated AFTERWARDS by official sources such as NASA and the current events:

"There are a lot of different voices today claiming inside knowledge of what is happening in our solar system and beyond. In my research, only Elena Danaan has an ongoing history of revealing information that no one without direct knowledge could possibly know. Then later, that information becomes public knowledge and verified, thus continuing to establish her credibility"
Dan Willis, Researcher
So many different voices today, many with conflicting information all claiming they have inside knowledge of what is actually happening in our solar system and related extraterrestrial activities. How do you sort out what is real from disinformation? If something is real, then it can be substantiated with supportive evidence. Otherwise, anyone can just say anything. Truth is important, that is why I research patterns that indicate what is truth, from that which is deceptively false. I am sharing with you an analysis of a number of confirming patterns from the information provided by Elena Danaan to decide for yourself, if what is being disclosed is coming from direct knowledge or just highly unusual coincidence
s. The pattern of information that Elena releases that she receives from Thor Han followed by actual corroboration of her information, represents a long list that I've taken note of. Serious researchers of this subject, should also take note as well and do the due diligence and also confirm the credibility of the information provided by Elena Danaan, as well as all others who are claiming they have accurate inside information of what is occurring in our solar system and beyond, in order to expose what is accurate and what is disinformation.

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