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The Ohoran Way

THIS IS NOT a personal reading !

Set of 8 pre-recorded sessions
meditation & guidance with extraterrestrials:

Thor Han -Pleiadean from Erra / Annax - Egaroth from Meissa / Coron - Pleiadean from Dakhurat

The Ohoran way is a meditative practice traditional to the Ohora star system, that we also name Arcturus. Spiritual discipline renown throughout the galaxy as an art of the body and spirit, it is very popular among those serving the Light, as it reaches out to a greater diversity of levels of consciousness. In this set of 8 videos, I have channeled three amazing galactic teachers who take you for a journey at the discovery of the true nature of your soul, and how it is connected to the entire multidimensional universe. 
What a perfect way to empower ourselves and rise into our true celestial beauty. 

Donation: $80



Shamanic Star Connexion

THIS IS NOT a personal reading !

Set of 4 pre-recorded shamanic workshops
Based on the Celtic & Norse traditions, as well as the knowledge of the Star People

    Meet your allies and guides in the spirit realms, go on amazing quests to find healing and knowledge, and learn how to find your ways through the interdimensional tree of life. The journey will take you to the discovery of your true self. Who you really are, where you come from, and who are the ones walking with you.

- I :  Meet your Earth animal allies
Let the Celtic Guardian of Nature take your hand, hear him calling for your totem animal and your animal  allies.

- II :  Meet your Earth spirit guides
Enter the sacred grove to meet those from your bloodline ancestors who are looking after you.

- III : Meet your Star family
(Special Starseeds) Meet your Galactic family

IV : Alien past life
(Special Starseeds) Remembering your life just before you took upon this mission on Earth.
Donation: $110


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