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Conversations with Insider Stephen Chua
Foreword by Dr.Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
The breathtaking revelations of Super Soldier Stephen Chua, gathered by Elena Danaan

The breathtaking revelations of Super Soldier Stephen Chua

There are incredible heroes living among us, in anonymity, suffering in silence not to be able to share their intense experience with the public. They signed non-disclosure agreements, received death threats upon themselves and their families, and in the case of Stephen Chua, physical attacks  as well. Stephen Chua is a former member of the Singapore Special Forces where he served as a Sniper. In the 1980’s at a relatively young age he was also recruited as a Super Soldier. Stephen Chua has repeatedly encountered Reptilian aliens in the Southeast Asia. He served as an experimental pilot in Area 51, working with retro-engineered alien technology. My encounter with Stephen Chua was unexpected. It was a gift from the Universe, as I also believe it was for everyone who got to know him. Except for his enemies, of course. Stephen Chua wasn’t a soldier like any other; he was a “bad-ass”. Stephen kicked 9Ft tall Reptilian aliens back into their caves, rescued children from monsters, freed villagers from the Khmer Rouge, saved Benazir Bhutto’s life, survived an atomic blast, piloted planes with his mind, worked at Area 51, defied Maytra aliens, traveled in a spaceship and met people coming back from Mars.

Stephen was a sniper, body-guard for the Prime minister of Singapore, a pilot in the US Air Force, but he was also a highly spiritual person. This remarkable man trained in martial arts with monks in Tibet, he could levitate, and the most extraordinary of all: Stephen had a very peculiar ability.

Stephen was an extraordinary human being. I don’t know how he could survive all what he went through, but he did, to bring the truth when the right time had come. He was a hero and the courage it took for him to perform the final act is unfathomable. Stephen knew the consequences, and he faced them with honor.  May his spirit and his legacy inspire many.


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After he read my book about Stephen Chua, Area 51 insider, a popular French rapper named Giovan was deeply inspired to create a song that would carry Stephen's positivity and frequency. It is my great pleasure to present this beautiful tribute to a hero of our times. Get it here:

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