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I have the pleasure to announce my Webinar #15 : "The Knowledge of Nibiru". Explore the astounding libraries of Ea's mothership in my company. Mad Kahl universal records, mysterious Abakir, crystal and emerald tablets...


Participate to a Q&A and upvote your favorite questions!

Please ask SHORT questions and only 1 per person, to give a chance to everyone. Duration: 3h00

Information mentioned in my webinars is also available for free on my YouTube channel, as well as in my books. In my webinars, I develop these topics in deeper details and I answer your questions in a Q&A, as Crowdcast allows me to speak freely from YouTube censorship.

If any registration issue, please contact Crowdcast support at : , or:

>>  No refund. <<<


access links:                       Trailers : 

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Q&A WEBINAR #3 -March 19 2023: What's been going on in our galaxy lately /Giza discoveries / Mimas Agreements / New motherships in orbit /Blue beam fail Planet 9 & Oort cloud's wormhole Background actors / Jerusalem ship Psyops & fear porns / TLS warning / Yahweh and Satan/ Enlil & Enki

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Q&A WEBINAR #2-Feb 25 2023: What has been going on in our galaxy lately / What became of the Orion Grays /New role of the Council of Alnilam / Alcyone & politics on Taalihara / Involvement of  Akvaaru in Alcyone diplomacy, new family member ...and much more.

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Q&A WEBINAR #1-Jan 28 2023
Aftermath of the collapse of the Nebu Hive, the key role of Earth in the galactic history, the Raven Rock meeting, Disclosure, future Earth, the mysterious photo of Daytona Beach, Enki's legacy to human race, the truth about Adam & Eve, Yahweh, Allah, God... and much more.

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