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Volume I
"From Andromeda to Canis Minor"

available here:

        Humanity has been eagerly anticipating the release of this encyclopedia. Discover your star origins and learn about your people in this series beautifully depicting all you need to know about the galactic nations.

       The inspiration for this book series arose from my desire to offer a more comprehensive understanding of the primary civilizations in this galaxy through a colorized catalog.  In 2020, I published ‘A Gift From The Stars’ after working intensively for four months, around the clock, with a sense of urgency to share the information and concern for my safety. Just before going public, we are most vulnerable to threats and dramatic endings. The 110 races listed in my first book were hand-drawn in black and white based on the holographic pictures broadcasted by my contact, Thor Han Eredyon, through my technology device.  Although the drawings provided a good idea of the beings’ appearance, they did not fully capture the beauty of their colors, skin texture, and eye chromatics. Therefore, I felt compelled to pursue this wonderful project.

        Like all projects, there is a seed idea that grows into a complete entity.  The desire to depict the 110 Star Nations interacting with Earth led to the creation of an Encyclopedia Galactica that catalogs stage 3 civilizations in this sector of the galaxy (with a few exceptions).

NB: Due to the insanely high amount of illegal digital copies of my previous books, I had to take the sad decision that ENCYCLOPEDIA GALACTICA will only be in print format, as to protect the huge amount of hard work I put into the illustrations. Besides that, Encyclopedia Galactica is a quality art book that wouldn't withstand an eBook format. So any PDF, digital copies or feature on private websites, that could potentially circulate on the internet in the future, will obviously be outlaw.  This decision wouldn't have had occurred if grifters didn't exist.

As it happens for all authors, no matter how many times we proof-read our work, still some errors sneak through. All my apologies for the typos that went through the net in the first print editions, they have been corrected. Those identified are as such:
p.123: Galactic Federation "of Worlds" is correct (and not : "of Light" which does not exist).

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