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Science-Fiction Novel

    What lies beneath a military base in Ohio? Why are people being abducted and what is truly going on above our heads, beyond Earth? Follow Kathy O’Connor, quantum physicist and former CIA agent, and Sarah Ford, a young abductee, through breath-taking adventures on a quest for the truth. Their journey takes them beyond inter dimensional vortices, new realms of consciousness, encountering alien species that have been the stuff of legends since the dawn of civilization. Heroic love, great dangers and spiritual awakening define this story of our time, when humanity is at a turning point in its evolution, and faces the greatest challenge in its history.

    Elena Danaan inspired this story from material in her previous book “A gift from the stars”, depicting her own abductions by aliens, and although “Resilience” is a science-fiction novel with fictional characters, the story and places were inspired by true events and information given to her by extraterrestrials. Though, above all this,“Resilience” is truly about love, about the resilience of the heart and the unbreakable ability it has to hope, and to believe, believe beyond all odds. For at the end, when all wars have ended, what only remains... is Love. 

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