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Elena Danaan is a field Archaeologist who spent many years working in Egypt and in France. Hereditary Shaman, she also studied Pagan spirituality, Magic and Alchemy. She was trained and ordained as a Druidess. Extraterrestrial contactee since childhood, Elena Danaan became emissary for the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Her world bestsellers "A Gift From The Stars", "We Will Never Let You Down" and "The Seeders" have marked our times and inspired millions of people.

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Born in Marseille, south of France, from a Greek father (Professional Soccer player Adonis "Tony" Zacharias) and a French-Gotelandish mother (Christiane Pallu-Danaan), Elena grew up as a very psychic child stranger to her environment. Talented in all kinds of artistic expressions, highly intuitive and gifted with extrasensory abilities, she knew from the start that she didn't fit into a judgemental, narrow-minded society. Very early as a child, Elena started to devour books on science and paranormal, despite the bullying of her school comrades. She always knew she wasn't from here.

Elena was always drawn to the stars, spending hours staring at the heavens in search for home. She developed a passion for Astrophysics and sciences, in a personal quest for truth.


Elena Inherited of two strong strands of bloodlines from her biological mother: royal Magdalene line by her French grandfather and Saami-Norse line by her Gotlandish grandmother, Marie Danaan, from whom she changed her name after her father passed, becoming legally Elena Danaan to embrace this genetic heritage as a spiritual path. Elena was trained from a young age to the energy work and divination by Tarots and Runes. This training was given by her grandmother, Marie Danaan, true "Vølve" seeress and shamanka.


This surname, "Danaan", given by her maternal grandmother, as borne by the wise women of the Gotland line of her family, comes from the mythical island in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Gotland. It was said to be populated by a magical race of beings, who gave to the Tuatha De Dannan the enchanted tools to fight the Dark Ones. This is where Elena's Shamanic heritage comes from, explaining her natural ability to safely and easily travel through dimensions and realms of Consciousness.

This heritage of interdimensional traveler didn't only come from her Gotlandish  Shaman ancestors but also from the star people. Indeed, Elena's grandmother  Marie  was taken onboard a ship of the Council of Five when she was young, where she was inseminated with the genetic material of a being named Annax, one of the Five representing the Egaroth race of Alnilam. The purpose of this project was to create the right vessel fit for the specific soul to come. It wasn't yet time for Elena to be born, as the world wasn't ready for the mission she needed to perform. So, the fruit of the union of the Tuatha de Dannan and the royal Egaroth lines, were layed in the womb of Marie's daughter: Elena's mother. This is the reason why Elena calls Annax her "Star Father".

The Envoy Program, that we know more popularly under the name "Starseed", was originally created by the Alnilam Council Of Five, after the defeat of the Rebel Black League in the Orion Wars. The next battle against the Nebu was the liberation of Terra (Earth). Around two hundred thousands Envoys from all over the galaxy joined the program, and Elena was one of them. Everyone's mission was important.

At age 9, Elena was abducted by Zeta Reticuli Small Grays, the Xrog, to be taken into the large scale hybridization programs. The abduction was traumatic and is decribed in details in her first best seller: "A Gift From The Stars". In this book, she describes how she was rescued by a crew of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, all blond fair skin people from different star systems. The ship captain, named Thor Han Eredyon from Ashaara in the Pleiades, will become her regular contact throughout her whole life and to this day.

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In the South of France, in these years, there was no possibility for studies in Astrophysics, nor even in Archeology, Elena's second passion. "If you can't find it in the stars, maybe you can find it in the past". The only option was an Art college. When she reached 18 and was able to leave the family home, Elena moved to the capital in order to finalize her Art degree in the National School of Fine Arts. She lived for 13 years in Paris, where she also decided to enter the Louvre University of Archeology and follow up by a specialization in Egyptology at the Kheops Institute.

From 1996 to 1998, Elena attended student trainings in Cairo, Egypt, for the French Institute of Oriental Archeology. It is then that she met with Dr. Zahi Hawass, who offered her a work experience on the Giza plateau. At this occasion, she was taken into the entrance of the Halls of Records under the Sphinx.
In 1999, Elena was granted by the French Ministry of Culture a year scholarship in Karnak, Luxor, for the Franco-Egyptian Center for the Studies of Karnak Temples (CFEETK).

After a year experience in field Archeology and Epigraphy in Karnak, Elena was offered a second year as a probation to present entry to the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) as a civil servant, and at the term of this period, present the entry for the position of Engineer in Epigraphy. Which she succeeded.

During 8 years, Elena lived in Luxor, working mainly in Karnak but also assigned for missions on diverse other sites, such as the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Nobles, Alexandria, Cairo, Denderah and minor sites in Upper Egypt and the western Oasis.

In the temple of Hathor in Denderah, Elena was unexpectedly trained and initiated into ancient Egyptian magic, at the occasion of three epigraphy missions there, when she was recognized by the chief researcher with high cognitive abilities. She was taught how sound and intention, encrypted within hieroglyphic formulas, could affect the hologram of reality and change the course of events. it is there that she experienced for the first time the power of universal force. When she came back to Karnak, everything changed as she understood what magic truly was: a science able to lift the curtain of illusions and grasp the real forces of the universe. Every one of us is a vortex; we all have access to this knowledge and power, when we realize who and what we truly are.

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In 2003, Elena was nominated at the head of the Epigraphy laboratory of the Franco-Egyptian mission of Karnak, Luxor. She became in charge of leading epigraphic survey projects, as well as assuring the training of students in French, English and Arabic, which she spoke fluently. Elena dedicated her spare time with local Egyptian families she befriended, studying Arabic and Coptic Egyptian culture and traditions. Speaking the local dialect was a wonderful way to make friends, with the women especially with whom she could share intimate secrets.

All work and publications can be found under Elena's birth name: Helena Zacharias (+Delaporte as ex-married name), in the archives of the CFEETK (Franco-Egyptian Center of Research for the Temples of Karnak) and the IFAO (French institute of Oriental Archaeology - Cairo). Here are a sample of many more that you can find :

>CFEETK Report -2000


In 2007, Elena Danaan completed her mission in Egypt after 8 years of wondrous adventures and experience. She moved back to France where she was transferred to the Mirail University, in Toulouse. She took residence in a medieval hamlet in the woods, in the National Park of Bouriane, in the department of the Lot. There, began a new chapter in her life.

In this self-sustainable community of traditional farmers, Elena learned about bio-dynamics, the art of gastronomy, bread, liquors and preserves making, but above all things, the spirit of community and life in symbiosis with the cycles of Nature. In this blissful environment, Elena started to write...

The Elfic Saga "Shandora"was born from long walks in the depth of the forests, secret wells in forgotten glens, crossing of streams and hills covered with orchids, the shade of ancient oaks and the sun beams in the canopy.

Sat meditating or reading for hours, Elena made friends with deers, boars, foxes, hawks and a particular barn owl, who followed her sometimes. She discovered that her cognitive abilities enabled her to communicate also with the 4th density inhabitants of these forests: elves, fairies, gnomes spirits of the streams and souls of the trees.

With time, Elena reconnected with the magic of Nature and became aware of the intrinsic relationship between the cycles of the seasons, of the moon and of the sun, and the biorhythms of the human body and mind. This realization lead her steps to the path of the ancient Druids...

On her free time from her work at the University, Elena studied the ancient Pagan tradition of rural France, including Herbalism, medieval seasonal rites and Hedge Witchcraft. She moved to Ireland in 2011, where she settled in the "Kingdom" of Kerry. On the scared Hill of Tara, Elena met with true Irish Druids, with whom she decided to take the path and start long years of study and initiation.

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Elena joined the training of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, was initiated in 2016 in Glastonbury, then certified as a Druidess in 2019. She ran a Druid Grove in Kerry: "Solas an Iarthair" (The Light in the West)  from 2015 to 2020.


Very unexpectedly, in November 2018, during an event known in the field of Ufology as "The Shannon Incident", Elena was taken again onboard Thor Han's ship, where she met again with the crew:  her dear friends Myrah, Val Nek and Celadion, and where she was officially introduced, for the first time, to Annax. At this occasion, she was instructed about the existence of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and the great changes about to happen on Earth. This night also marked the starting point of Elena's "activation": the step into the alchemical, transformational "dark night of the soul", that would lead to her awakening.  Because she was now ready to embrace the truth, Thor Han unlocked the memory of her missing time, regarding the night when she was abducted by Grays at nine years old. Elena decided to complete this memory retrieval by a QHHT session. Shortly after, she understood that the right moment had come to start writing a book relating her story.

Elena Danaan gave her first public interview on YouTube for Robert Khalil, in January 2020. She felt very nervous about sharing with open heart and open wounds, the experience of her abduction and rescue. She was in the process of writing her book "A Gift From The Stars", and in this video she shows the original drawings directly from her notebook. It takes an immense courage to do such a thing, and I honor all the abductees who have dared coming forward to tell their story.

In the process of writing "A Gift From The Stars", she was given by Thor Han Eredyon a vast amount of data about 110 Alien Races visiting our planet, which she included in her book. She joined beautiful and accurate drawings to illustrate this breathtaking repertoire, and also added a computerized detailed version of the star map she was given by Thor Han when she was 14.

Published on August 21 2020, "A Gift From The Stars" hit all the records and quickly became a world best seller. Elena's life changed drastically as suddenly, the whole world learned about her story. Impressed at first, it wasn't her first challenge. Elena embraced the change and her courage became a example for many victims of abductions who never found the strength to speak out. Starseeds could identify their kind, abductees their torturers. For the first time, names could be put onto faces. Elena Danaan unveiled the real names of the stars and planets, the way the local inhabitants are calling them. To this day, this book remains a reference in these matters.


As months went by and Elena's story reached out to the whole world, she progressively became an emissary for the Galactic Federation of Worlds on Terra. She met Commander Val Thor in December 2020, onboard Thor Han's battle station and twice on Venus. She decided to write a second book: "We Will Never Let You Down", about her encounters with him and many other adventures she experienced around that time. Thanks to her contacts with Val Thor, Elena could help Laura Eisenhower exempting her great grandfather Dwight Eisenhower from a burden of false accusations, by confirming that he never wanted to sign with the Nebu Grays, that he never did and that he was tricked by the MJ12 and the Military Industrial Complex.

Elena Danaan's work was noticed by Dr. Michael Salla, with whom she started sharing her intel delivered by extraterrestrial beings. Andromedan Contactee Alex Collier also supported her work, becoming her friend and mentor.

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Since 2020, very active on public medias and writing books, Elena Danaan is working relentlessly for the disclosure. She continues to this day having regular off-world contact experiences, meeting with wonderful beings and visiting astounding places. In September 2021, she met with Enki and in October 2021 with personnel from the Intergalactic Confederation, as a fleet arrived in our star system. She befriended an Altean female emissary named Oona, with whom she kept an ongoing communication. Oona bridged Elena to contact with The Nine, a group of plasmic supraconsciousnesses that the 24 Seeder races of the Intergalactic Confederation recognize as higher management. Elena will also continue to receive messages from this collective.

All these adventures and messages are related in her world bestseller book "The Seeders".

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On October 21-23 2022, Elena attended as a guest speaker the "Galactic & Spiritual Informers Conference" in Orlando, Florida. It was Elena's first visit to the United States. Organized by Dani Henderson, this exceptional event gathering the greatest names of Disclosure such as Alex Collier, Dr. Michael Salla, Brad Olsen, Jean-Charles Moyen, Chris O'Connor, Laura Eisenhower, Tony Rodrigues and Mayan Shaman Quetza Sha, has marked the minds of our times and shifted this timeline positively.

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On July 21 2023, Elena was a guest speaker at "Rencontres Galactiques", first disclosure conference in Tours, France. This amazing event, organized by Chris Essonne and Agnes Leray, gathered famous names of French Secret Space Programs, Contactees and high level Scientists and Engineers.

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On October 20-21-22 2023, Elena was a guest speaker at the second GSIC in Orlando, presenting the true history and the technologies of Atlantis. The  other speakers were Dr.Christiane Northrup, Dr. Michael Salla (who received an award in the field of Exopolitics), Tony Rodrigues, Jean-Charles Moyen & Melanie Charest, antarctic Explorer Brad Olsen, Dani Henderson, Bible scholar Corina Pataki and British psychic medium Nicky Allen.

395180828_6797149480364747_2834974361774752240_n.jpg be continued

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