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"All that glitters is not gold"
(JRR. Tolkien)

Honoring my mission to guide Humans of Terra through their Great Awakening, it is part of my multiple tasks to help debunking the work of the counterintelligence. Please find below a list of the psychological operations engineered by the enemies of Mankind, meant to create division, confusion, distract you and hijack the activation of your own power.

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GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT: Many of the New Age movement's infiltration organizations display the word "Light" as a bait. It should always draw concern until the organization is vetted as genuine. The word "Light" is the best bait to attract people in search of positive spiritual guidance. The "Galactic Federation of Light" is a Psy-Op that was created by the Orion Grays to infiltrate the Great Awakening of Humanity, with the purpose of hijacking the focus of people, distracting them from what is really going on and discrediting real existing extraterrestrial organizations such as the "Galactic Federation of Worlds." The shadow organizations have extraterrestrial time devices that allows them to see future events and they tried by several means to stop the Great Awakening of Mankind on Terra. Taking attention away was the main operation.
The Psy-Op "Galactic Federation of Light" amalgams religious, cultural elements and characters such as Jesus, Archangel Michael, the Count of St Germain and others. They assimilate names and symbols well integrated within the Collective Unconscious of Humanity. Voice-to-skull technology is employed to manipulate some people who call themselves "channelers" and who are only victims. Some of these manipulated individuals are granted popularity and addicted to this process of abuse that offers them fame. Artificial Intelligence is sometimes used as well to enact religious or historical characters.

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THE JERUSALEM SHIP: Psyop promoting a fake alien salvation agenda. It is an invention to not only draw your focus away from reality and from the information coming from genuine sources, but more worryingly, it entices people to project their consciousness towards a deceiving holographic trap. This Artificial Intelligence construct is a soul trap elaborated by Gray aliens, in a way that once you successfully bi-locate to this fake ship, you are hooked. Its real holographic shape is a cube. Even though the Grays have been physically expelled from this star system by the Alliance, this holographic soul trap still runs on its own as long as there are people to maintain it with their own consciousness. It is a similar technology as the black Goo: you feed it. When you stop feeding it, it falls apart. The only way to unplug is to acknowledge that you have been mislead and abused, forgive yourself with love, and cut the energetic rope to it. No resentment, no anger, but in peace. Also, you need to consider the fact that extraterrestrial beings do not name their ships with Earth-made names.

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FLAT EARTH: is a Psychological Experiment elaborated by the CIA in order to distract and dumb down the populations.

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ASHTAR SHEERAN: is a fictional character. It is a re-use by the counter-intelligence of an event that occurred in 1977 when a British TV broadcast was interrupted by a message from the Ashtar Vrillon, an officer emitting from the Shari facility in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter. Ashtar is a title equal to "Commander in chief", not a personal name. Separatist faction from the compromised Ashtar Alliance, infiltrated by Reptilians, the Ashtar Galactic Command is a rebel, independent, mercenary military group from Sirius B, vowed to maintain peace in this galaxy. The personnel of the Ashtar Command never interact with Earth individuals. They are only a military service and it is the Galactic Federation of Worlds who is in charge for civilian contacts. They are not part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds but a separate entity.

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VAL NEK: is a real, existing extraterrestrial originally from the Epsilon Eridani star system. Val Nek is a close friend of mine who rescued me when I was 9 years old, and I was the first person to ever mention him in my 2020 book: "A Gift From The Stars". He is NOT allegedly "channeled" by a delusional young lady on YouTube, who read my book in 2021 and decided to copy my story, nearly word for word. She has for agenda to mimic my connections with my own personal extraterrestrial contacts, in the purpose of discrediting my information, misleading thousands of genuine people. For more details, I recommend you read the article published on this website:

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THE GRAY HYBRIDIZATION AGENDA: was an agenda conducted by the Nebu (Orion Grays) aiming at replacing humans on planet Earth, using trickery and deception. Because of the Prime Directive, the Nebu could not conquer our world by force, so they prepared a hybridization agenda to breed themselves in. In 1955, they tricked the governments with agreements that allowed them to abduct millions of people and perform this hybridization agenda. They created emotional bonds with the breeding mothers, presenting them their hybrid offsprings, that these women become the advocates of this agenda on Earth. Do not consent to welcome ANY Gray Hybrids to Earth. These Hybrids have been mass produced by the Nebu to replace Humans on Earth, and they are just waiting to be welcomed. It's been a hell of a fight to kick the Grays out, so do not welcome them back! They are VERY deceptive so please, do not be
fooled. They won't be back
into this star system, thanks
to the Galactic Federation of
Worlds, but they can still
trick us by the intermediary
of the Hybrids they have
been breeding like crazy for
the last decades:
an invasion not by force, but
by the womb. To replace us!
These Hybrids were connected
to the Orion Hive, now
destroyed in October 2021.
We were confronted to
the SAME trick as in 1955,
throughout recently enforced
narratives, asking us to
willingly welcome Gray
hybrids with love because
they are our descendants
from the future. The trap...
don't you SEE it ???
Do not give consent.
Use your discernment.
The future on this planet is
not Gray, the future of Earth
is Human.

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DIMENSION= Parallel universe.
DENSITY= frequency rate of the particles of matter, within a Dimension. Our dimension has 12 densities, with Source reached at the 13th level.

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ENKI= Benevolent Anunnaki geneticist who tried to prevent humanity from slavery. Enki is back, accompanying the Seeder Races, bringing hope and help to humanity.
ENLIL= Anunnaki military commander who worked at dark agendas with nefarious forces, in order to keep humans on Earth enslaved in ignorance, submission, fear and division. His minions have emerged to spread confusion and defend the lies' agenda of the dark.

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ACTIVATION, LIGHT-CODES & DOWNLOADS: You do not need anyone or any "event" to "activate" you, as it is not how things work. In order to complete the great awakening to who you truly are, you need to undergo the journey by yourself, do the work yourself. Relying on someone else to do it for you is BS. It is the PROCESS that is important. If you don't undergo the process of your dark night of the soul, grow by healing your wounds, perform the alchaemical transmutation, you will not reach out to a higher level of consciousness. People who offer to do it for you, in exchange for money or/and popularity, to feed their purse or their ego, are bullshitters. Do NOT let ANYONE manipulate your energy field, chakras etc... They ask for your consent and whatever the level of love & light narrative, do not be fooled. YOU NEED TO DO THE WORK BY YOURSELF ONLY! It is not because it is labelled "Light" that it is wonderful. These are just labels. You can sell poison labeling it "medicine". A more concerning aspect is that some of these bullshitters want to access your DNA frequency... and are often either Gray Hybrids or either MK Ultra programmings. They want your soul, honey, do not sign your consent! The only way up is within.
Light-Codes are either a New Age fantasy or either programs downloaded for you to install in yourself... just wow, wow nope! All these non-sense are elaborated to stop you to find your own power, to hijack your Awakening and take your sovereignty away. So take it back now! Go within by meditation, introspection, and meet the beautiful being who inhabits this body. By attuning to its frequency, you attune to the whole universe. They just don't want you to find this out.

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ONE TIMELINE. Time is like a train, riding one set of rails at a time.

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ALCYONE CENTRAL SUN is a nonsense. Alcyone is a very young star in the Pleiades cluster, approximately 440 light-years from us. It is in fact a very near distance, and it is located in the same galactic arm as we are. The Pleiades are a neighbor star cluster that have formed within the last 100 million years. It is very young, if we consider that our solar system was formed about 4.6 billion years ago and our galaxy 13.6 billion years ago. So no, the star Alcyone is not at the center of the galaxy, and we are not either revolving around it. The center of our galaxy is a crowded place: a black hole weighing 4 million times as much as our Sun is surrounded by millions of stars whipping around it at breakneck speeds. This extreme environment is bathed in intense ultraviolet light and X-ray radiation. Yet much of this activity is hidden from our view, obscured by vast swaths of interstellar dust. So to resume: the "Alcyone Central Sun" myth is another New Age invention.

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ONE EARTH, ONE PLANET. The theory of planet split in two is another fear porn psy-op. It makes no sense, as we are evolving as ONE planet into a higher density, and it concerns every living creature on it. All together. There is no "3D Earth left behind". It is the same vessel and it is not splitting.

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THE FLOWER OF LIFE:  THIS is the real "Flower of Life". It is the lattice structure of the Universe and the key to the greatest power of all: the ability to affect the hologram of reality. The enemies of Humanity have spread a disinformation campaign to make you believe that this was death and evil. Don't fall for it. Once you understand what this amazing geometrical code below is... they are done. Woosh! They don't want you to find out. I explain all this in my new book "The Seeders". Please find more information in this article:

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GALACTIC ANTHROPOLOGY: Name of a website and of a Telegram group utilizing my personal name "Elena Danaan", and my intel, without my consent, in a cleverly weaved operation aimed at discrediting my work. Created by counterintelligence agent Joost Van Der Heuvel, also known as Wolken Zwemmer, professionally involved with the World Economic Forum, this website utilizes chosen sections of my publications and videos remixed in such a way, that it misleads the public into believing that my information lacks of consistency, and that I contradict myself. This agent betrays himself through displaying a high level of training in manipulation, and also by his unusual perseverance. Very eloquently, his work consists in attracting the public who desires to follow my work into a cleverly wrapped trap. Pretending sharing my information through their website and playing "the nice guy", once a quota of subscribers are reached, he starts to manipulate my information in order to discredit me, then plays victim when I am requesting him to stop. Their Telegram group is indeed showing how this individual is teasing division through bashing my work with sarcasm and influence. I thoroughly encourage free speech and free circulation of my information, that is public and free, for the people of Earth, of course, but the manipulation of my information in the purpose of discrediting my work, as well as the illegal use of my name pretending to be me, consists in a legal offense. Complaints have been filed to Google and a law suit is in process.  

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EVERYONE ON EARTH HAS A SOUL! All beings incarnated have a soul, whatever the nature of this soul and its structure of consciousness. The new psychological warfare narrative claiming that only a small percentage of the population on Earth has a soul, is part of the depopulation agenda, related to the false flag alien salvation supposedly benefiting an alleged "chosen worthy" group. This involves as well the soul-culling black goo ship named "Jerusalem". This is all distraction. It’s the precursor to having people accept barbaric treatment of others, the same way they tried to say that animals (or women in some religions) don’t have a soul. 

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THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN GODS ARE THE ANUNNAKI PANTHEON.  I am a field archeologist who worked 9 years in Egypt, with a degree in Ancient Egyptian religion, mythology and ritualistic magic. I am also an Extraterrestrial Contactee who has access to physical meetings and exchanges with key characters of the ancient Anunnaki pantheon.

I can surely assert, after my work, studies and first contact, and also regarding the massive archeological hard evidence available to the public, through scientific publications and physical artifacts, that the Egyptian gods were a blend of local primitive entities of the land with the Sumerian pantheon (such as Enki=Osiris, Amun=Marduk, Ra=Anu and later on Marduk etc...). I have demonstrated all of this in my famous book: "THE SEEDERS" published in 2022, also confirming that Egypt was an Anunnaki colony. I am a 100% sure, regarding my Egyptology studies and research, that the animal head of the Egyptian gods are not representing diverse ET races but attributes that describe their abilities.

In ancient Egypt, statuary and pictorial representations were 3D hieroglyphic scripture that were to be read the same way as the texts, like visual riddles. They were not literal representations of the gods but their pictorial description. In ancient Egypt, art is a scripture, not art per say as with the Greeks for instance. I give you an example: Anubis has a jackal head because he guards the entrance of the necropolis, leading the dead to the underworld. In Egypt, the necropolis are located in the deserts, at the edge of the valley, where packs of wild dogs and jackals become dangerous hunters at nightfall. It is well known through to this day, that you do not venture in these areas after sunset as the dogs guard the entrance to the desert at night. Horus has a falcon head because the falcon represents the solar royalty. Hathor has a cow head because the cow that comes from the belly of the mountain (necropolis) represents  the fertile matrix within which all life regenerates. (Ninhursagh, Parvati etc...) and so on. Sobek has a crocodile head because he was a local Nubian deity of the Nile and the crocodiles in the south of Egypt were very numerous. Although ancient ETs with feline features visited Egypt in the past, Sekhmet does not represent them but the lioness is an aspect of versatility. There is an explanation for all of them.

Also good to know, in Egyptian pantheon: Ra (as a concept) has his power split in 3 aspects via his "three daughters" (in the ancient Egyptian theology) Hathor: creates life - Sekhmet: destroys life - Bastet: heals/transforms life. We have here the 3 alchemical and shamanic aspects of high magic that transpired in the later mystical traditions all over the world:
-the magic of creation (Hathor / Celtic Bards)
-the magic of questing (Sekhmet / Celtic Ovates / Shamans / Odin: the quest of truth through death experience)
-the magic of transformation (Bastet / healers: transmute altered tissues into sane tissues / those who can transform this reality / the Druids)

A terrible New-Age fantasy known as "The Hathors", invented by Tim Kenyon and Virginia Essenne in 1997, needs to be debunked. DO THESE PEOPLE READ HIEROGLYPHICS? Do they know anything about ancient Egypt? No! But I do.
"Hathor" is not a name, again, but a title. It is written in hieroglyphs : "Hw.t H.r" (pronounce hoot-hor), "Hw,t" means: the fortress or the castle. "H.r" means "the falcon". Translation: the house of the falcon, in better terms: the womb of the royalty, the great queen, mother of the royal bloodline. The "Hathors" don't exist, they are not "Masters of Love and Sound from an ascended intergalactic civilization". Sometimes I am struggling to keep my patience.


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The temple of Seti I is one of the oldest cities of ancient Egypt, memorial to the pharaoh Seti I. There are some "strange" hieroglyphics in this Temple. According to many UFO enthusiasts, these glyphs depict some form of a flying saucer, a helicopter, a submarine, a jet plane, and other highly developed crafts. Dubbed famous as the "Abydos helicopter". These hieroglyphs are actually a result of re-carving the stone to replace some of the original hieroglyphics. The initial carving was made during the reign of Seti I, and the stone was later reused during the period of Ramesses II with one carving being on top of the other. This palimpsest effect coupled with erosion creates the carving in situ. Erosion of the stone surface is evident elsewhere in the temple. Some of the filling has fallen out in places where the older and the newer inscriptions overlap, which produces unique and odd-looking hieroglyphs.

When separated, the text of Ramesses II can be translated as "The one of the Two Ladies, who suppresses the nine foreign countries." and overlaps and replaces the inscription of Seti I that was said to be originally carved into the stone. There is no technology here.


If the ancient Egyptians had vehicles such as helicopters, submarines, and jet airplanes, one would expect to find some evidence of this other than in a single inscription on the lintel of a single temple. The Egyptian literature has no other mention, of advanced aircraft and the lack of any other surviving examples of the "Abydos Helicopter" is not mentioned in any other inscription in any other Egyptian monument.

Find more in my book THE SEEDERS where I share my experience working in Egypt as an Archeologist and I mention the Abydos "helicopter".

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