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Above the Clouds

A Druid's Oath


Engaging on the path of Magic requires courage,

as we must leave at the entrance of the forest our clothes of vanity, our jewels of slavery

and the most difficult burden to let go of: the crown of ego.

For it is naked, that we enter into the woods. Along the path, we meet ourselves. We face our shadows.

We face our light. We find healing. We find our voice. We die and are reborn.


We dance with the earth and laugh with the rain, embrace the whole sky in one breath, and make love by the fire.

We meet the child and dance with the elements. We embrace the radiance of the sun and make it ours.

We adorn our skin with the glistening sparkles of the moon, receiving our clothes of sovereignty.

We stand as one with the Universe and all life created. We become the chalice of the Universe.

We chant with the Ancient Ones and ride the beat of the drum.

Boom... boom... boom... we follow the rhythm of our heart... to attune with the rhythm of the Universe.

And once we are One, with ourselves, with everything...


We are given the keys of Magic and the secret of the most powerful rites.

But before the wand is given, we must fill the chalice with Love.

That the hand that holds the sword is only guided by Love.

For our actions always come from a place of wisdom and compassion. The wisdom of the heart.

That all our doings, occurring in all dimensions simultaneously, embed in eternal time the magic of Love.


As we receive the wand to open the ways and the sword to shape the world, an ultimate oath we must make.

For without this oath, the tools are not given. This is the Oath of Truth. For with Power comes Responsibility.

My actions be guided by Love and my sword be pulled only to defend the Truth.

My tongue be clean and with clarity, always speaks the Truth.

My heart be brave and faithfully serves the Truth.

I am Truth

In Truth I stand

In Truth I speak

In Truth I serve.

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