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Above the Clouds



June 11 2023 - 5:45pm EST

by Elena Danaan

On this day, June 11 2023, at 5:45pm EST, I am passing on a message from your brothers and sisters from the Star Nations. Here we have come to the month of  June 2023, and this month of June is seeing the ET disclosure plan unfolding, and not without interference. I may remind you the timeline of the events:


On January 7 2023, as I reported on the day, Thor Han Eredyon, high officer in the high command of  Galactic Federation of Worlds, was entrusted with a mission to give a device to a 4 stars general who was later on identified as General Glen VanHerck, head of the NORAD, in a secret underground facility under the Blue  Ridge Mountains, identified as the Raven Rock military facility. This device included blue-prints of technologies that we are going to be implementing for the greater good of humanity, but as well and mainly, the latest updates about the disclosure plan. This disclosure plan has been prepared for years by the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Earth Alliance, and the representation of the Earth Alliance under the White Hats and the White Hats military. The Earth Alliance is  the collaboration that gathers the White Hats Earth military and the forces of the Galactic Federation  of Worlds. As I reported on January 7 2023, when this meeting took place, it was about setting up a plan for disclosure during the year 2023 of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth, that has been here for a long time. Everything about the  secret space programs, everything about retro-engineered technology, all was already planed.

We are seeing now agents of disclosure coming forward, because a law was implemented last year about protecting military whistleblowers. Now, there are elements you need to know about. As you are aware, the Deep State has been trying very hard to counteract and confuse the information we are bringing forward, by creating false narratives very close to the truth, very close to the information we are bringing to you. Even my contacts in the Galactic Federation of Worlds, who only speak to me, their names have been used by some counterintelligence agents, to pretend speaking with them and giving false information. Everything is about confusing you and turning you away from the whole thing, by shutting the whole thing down. Here is how you can tell  truth from the manipulation: 

The Deep state is trying his last cards: the Alien Invasion and salvation, to install, as they hope so, their new world order, which in truth I am convinced will not happen. So you are going to hear truth, and you are going to hear lies. Truth will have the frequency of Hope, of fraternity with the star Nations, of progressive future, and lies will have the frequency of fear, war and alien threat. This is as simple as that. And I will explain to you now, and remind you why this agenda of Alien Invasion will fail. Because it is a real thing, they are  trying to push it as the truth comes out. It will be your work to learn how to discern the truth from the lies, the truth from the manipulation.

Hope and unity, progressive future with positive ET intelligence, or fear porn of an alien invasion that would remove your ability to think  for yourself and make the right decisions. So...

400 000 years ago, the Annunaki came to this planet. It was an expedition led by Enlil, commander of armies. Enlil means "Commander of  the armies of the sky": Fleet Commander. The mission was to own Earth for the Anunnaki Empire, which real name is Anakh. Anakhim, plural. Enlil managed to enslave the whole of humanity, despite the efforts of his half-brother Enki, or Prince EA, to try to stop him. Enki is an alchemist, a geneticist, and he is not a commander of armies. He didn't have the military power at the time to stand up against his half-brother Enlil's army. Enlil played Yahweh, his son Ninnurta played Allah, and Marduk who was originally Enki's son, turned to the Dark side of the Force under the malevolent influence of Enlil. Marduk took upon the role of Satan. But know that the three together, this evil Trinity, this evil triangle, sometimes swapped  roles, and played games. They maintained Humanity in division for all these years, in order to control  you. They created a very powerful order that has perdurded during the whole history of humanity, call it Illuminati or other names. This evil controlling Society that has developed into the human side, the human minions, is an organization that is very powerful, behind the governments. I will not name them as not  to call upon their frequency but it starts by F and they have been very  powerful throughout history. Their symbol is a triangle with the eye in the middle. Why Anu, the high-king of the Anunnaki, never stopped this, it is because Enlil, in power on Earth, is half Anakh and half Ciakahrr. Anu married a Ciakahrr Queen to gain territories and he made a mistake, because their heir, the heir of the empire, couldn't be shut  down. Because of the Ciakahrr Power.  

So when the Ciakahrr joined  forces with the Anunnaki, the Reptilian power on Earth became very powerful. Added to this, in the 1940s, the Nebu Grays decided to come and invade Earth. So they made agreements with the Ciakahrr and remotely Enlil, and as you understand Enlil is a half-Reptilian. The Anunnaki is not one race, one species, it is a compound of different races. These people have been enslaving Humanity, using human minions, this powerful Society behind the governments, stopping technological development, killing in the egg the development of free energy, and killing also the people who tried to develop it, They created an empire based on profit, promoting fossil fuels and all these types of energies that enslaved you to work like crazy, in order to be able to pay your bills and continue to be enslaved to them.

Now be aware that all of this is crumbling down, it's collapsing and the Deep State tries everything they can to throw sparkling dust at your eyes. It is the only way they can control you. That's their last card. If you consent... well, fear is consent. Fear is consent. When you decide of your free will to choose to embrace fear, you become the prey for the predator. If you refuse fear, you are not the prey; you become the adversary of the predator and you can fight it.


Now, what has happened also with the Orion Grays:

They contacted Earth all throughout the 1940s and 1950's by series of meetings, and Roswell was assuredly a Trojan horse. They made agreements with the MJ 12 to sell Humanity. The MJ-12 sold Humanity to the Orion Grays in exchange of technology, but that was a trick. The Grays are the greatest liars and deceivers in this Galaxy. They never gave the promised technology, only just a few ships here and there. The Earth military has hangars filled with ships, extraterrestrial Gray ships. Human engineers managed to retro-engineer some technology, torsion fields notably, which I have explained many times and as it is detailed in my book "We will never let you down". But this is not about that. This is about today, in this report, about telling you that especially in 2021 and 2022 we expelled all regressive extraterrestrials from Earth. The Galactic  Federation, the Earth Alliance, these forces, our forces, together, have worked so hard. The great evil has left the planet. There are no more Reptilians on Earth.  There are no more Grays on Earth. If you happen to see Grays and Reptilians they are either Holograms, replicated hybrids or clones produced by human Earth military. These are not ET's anymore. They've gone. The solar system is safe, Enlil has been removed, Ninnurta has been removed, Marduk is gone, all the Anunnaki concessions have been given back to Earth by Ea, who is back to help us. At first, we needed to defeat the Ciakahrr reptilians. Then, Ea could come back and Enlil could be removed. As long as the Ciakahrr Reptilians remained in power on Earh and in thsi star system, Anu could not do much. Because brave Soldiers from Earth and from above faught to kick these reptiles out of this planet, the Seeders came back in october 2021. The Moon was liberated, Mars was liberated, Ceres and other places.

There are no regressive extraterrestrials in this star system, but there are regressive human militaries who are still  holding to a little bit of power. So if any threat, it won't come from the sky; it is made on Earth, served with a narrative that is made to control you, distract you and manipulate you. So in the coming days, you  are going to hear about this. I want you to keep in mind that your enemy is trying to stop you to build a future of freedom and sovereignty. Your enemy is trying to stop you developing free energy to step into your rightful future. The only way they can succeed is by scaring you, by enrapturing your mind into a fear narrative. There cannot be an alien invasion, that cannot be. It could have worked 20 years ago but it's not working now because there are no more regressive aliens in this star system, and they cannot have access to it anymore.  

You have the Intergalactic Confederation: 500 motherships in your star system carrying each about a million scout ships. The Galactic Federation of Worlds and  the Galactic Alliance, more than 300 ships. The Anakh Empire has joined now and is protecting us, they are outside of the star system. Also we have the Negumak Gnomopo from Antares, the Nemesis of the Ciakahrrs. They are here to protect us as well, and they are joining the Federation very soon. So there is no need for fear because there is no threat.


Discern lies from truth. Discern fear from hope. The secret space programs have been existing since the accords of the U.S Navy and the Galactic Federation of Worlds in 1954, when President Dwight Eisenhower signed an agreement with the Galactic Federation of Worlds to develop programs that would help us building a space fleet able to defend ourselves against potential alien threats, and which has given birth to Solar Warden. Many whistleblowers such as William Tompkins and others have testified that this is the reality, and many lost their life for speaking out. Solar Warden is the feet of the Earth Alliance. You are going to hear about this very soon. And once Humanity is accustomed to the reality of the existence of the Star Nations, civilian contact can peacefully happen. There is one obstacle between you and this outcome of a peaceful contact with our Star Nations: the only obstacle is: psychological operations making you believe that the regressive ETs are still there and that you need to fear anything that will come from the sky, as your enemy.

I am speaking on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. We are not your enemies, we are your allies. We are your brothers and sisters. We are made of the same stardust, born in so many different places but still with the same heart connected to Source Creator, of which we all are children. However we look like, whatever language we speak, wherever world we were born on, we are all equal, and it is time you stop giving in to the narratives of division and learn that diversity is your power, and diversity leads to Unity. It is united in all our differences and diversities, that we become One, and as One, we hold hands together. There is no fear. Danger is gone. If you do not feed the fear-mongers, they will starve and dissolve into Oblivion. Do not give them your energy, do not give them your heart, your emotions, your attention. You have the power to shape your reality and it is with the frequency of love and of hope that you are doing it.

I am wishing you, on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, a safe and enjoyable Journey, as an observer and as well as a builder of the future. You have the power. You always had it. We are by your side. We will never let you down.

Thank you.

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