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Above the Clouds


May 03 2024


            Channeling has become a social media trend in 21st century New Age circles and communities, and anyone can now call themselves a "channeler" to bring messages from... but from where and from whom, exactly? And what exactly is "channeling"?

          Channeling means literally becoming a channel for non-incarnated entities to speak through us. If it were a communication with physical persons, even incarnated in higher densities, it would be called telepathy and not channeling, because in telepathy there is no possession at all, only communication via thought or heart connection, such as with our soul families. Channeling, on the other hand, allows for contact with non-incarnated entities that temporarily express themselves through us, using a partial physical possession that involves the top of the head and the throat, sometimes the shoulders and, if the possession is anchored deeper, the torso with the arms and hands. I know this well, having experienced it myself in my younger years. The entity is then asked to disconnect when the communication is over. Well, only if it wants to!

          Before it became a trend, channeling had another name: Spiritism. I remember stupidly experimenting with girlfriends when I was in college, with a glass sliding on a table with letters cut into paper, even once with a Ouija tablet (tool of the devil, please NEVER touch that trash!) until the game showed its true nature. I learned then that these practices tear a hole in the fabric of dimensions and anything, absolutely anything, can come through. No matter how strong your protection, how thick and high the walls of your fortress, if you open the door, well...

          And this is where free will comes into play. These entities would never be able to reach you unless you give them permission. And that is what channeling is. Connecting with our soul family through personal meditation is a wonderful and safe experience, but calling upon an entity that is not of your soul family using an external method and sometimes tools is extremely dangerous. When you drop your defenses to open a window into the fabric of reality, whoever you call, the first entities to respond are the lower astral vampire entities that are hunting for human life force and soul essence. Because you give them access to your psyche, your thoughts, and your body, they will impersonate anyone you wish to speak to, as they have access to all the information they need in your mind. They will pretend to be your deceased grandfather, you star lover, an angel, Ashtar or Jesus, etc. When Jesus or an angel wants to connect with you, they will make the first move without any tool and will never take possession of your voice and body. You will experience a powerful energy of love and know for sure, without any doubt, who you are dealing with. The lower astral entities will keep you addicted to regular contact. These contacts will become a drug, a need, and these etheric leeches will feed on your energy.

          I always encourage people to practice deep meditation and mindfulness to meet the beautiful being that lives within these sacred and beloved bodies. Any connection made from within is completely safe. And it is in this spirit that I would like to bring up the subject of Quantum Hypnosis, QHHT and its variations.

          Hypnosis is a powerful tool for healing and memory retrieval. It is extraordinary how clinical and quantum hypnosis have helped millions of people feel better. The two methods have different approaches and I have tried both. I found clinical hypnosis to be a scientific and rigorous tool that works on different levels of the patient's psyche to reconnect pathways in the brain and heal the mind and spirit by recalling and working with traumas. With the exception of the practitioner, no outside influence comes into the picture. I have been very satisfied with my experience with clinical hypnosis, although I have reserves about my personal experience with quantum hypnosis.

          Quantum Hypnosis, or QHHT, is a type of hypnosis designed to help people access their subconscious and tap into their own inner wisdom. It was developed by Dolores Cannon, who spent over 50 years experimenting with her technique on people. It has worked wonders and given purpose to many people. After experiencing it myself, I was drawn to explore the various methods and tools of Quantum Hypnosis. I must say that I have a trick to test if the practitioner is a good one: I resist falling asleep and try to open my eyes at any moment. If the therapist succeeds in closing my eyelids against my will, he has my trust. I also trust my natural and magical protections, as well as my own wisdom and intuition.

          My two QHHT sessions were conducted via Zoom, on the Internet. Eager for the experience, I didn't think for a moment about the danger. What if the Internet went down and I ended up abruptly pulled out of a deep state of hypnosis, with all the emotional and mental disturbances that entails? Personally, I think it is much safer to do hypnosis sessions in the physical presence of a therapist. The lady managed to put me under, but I decided to remember every detail of the session. This is important. It started with a relaxation exercise that developed into an inner search through a forest until we reached the issue.


          Everything went quite well, I recalled old memories from my childhood with aliens, until something happened that shocked me and broke the magic: the therapist started to address one of the alien characters from my childhood and started to ask him questions. Were we supposed to seek contact with people I had been in contact with in the past? In order to understand this well, she created a quantum bridge between the person in my memories and this person now in the present, decades later. Luckily, the person responded. I didn't feel comfortable with this method as I had not been warned that we would be contacting people I had interacted with in my past. Was it safe?

          Things got weird when I realized the therapist was trying to guide the answers, then she started asking personal questions: "Where should I get a tattoo, on my neck or shoulder?" "do you recommend I invest in a new property and where would be a suitable location?" etc... It happened that these personal questions were cut off on the recording she sent me afterwards. But I remembered... I gave her another chance, she wanted to make a new contact with extraterrestrials, by using me. She presented this second session as a healing therapy regarding a personal trauma. As soon as I was under, she called an alien being to speak through me. I clearly felt an entity descend upon me in my vulnerable state and take possession of my jaw and throat. At that moment, one of my guardians intervened and cut it off, expelling the entity. The irresponsibility of this therapist in betraying my trust was beyond belief. I also discovered that she posted videos of my sessions on her YouTube channels without my consent to promote her business as a therapist. There were also videos of other people's private sessions. I believe that a personal hypnosis session should remain private and not be used to promote YouTube channels and books.

          I considered myself unlucky and decided to research QHHT to discover that one of the goals of quantum hypnosis was actually to chat with entities. Oh dear. Concerned, I did some research, comparing different quantum therapists, and came to this conclusion: There are many different levels in this practice, ranging from simple, honest hypnosis that addresses the patient's higher self and eventually his connection to his soul family, to communicating with, say, Gray aliens. There is nothing more deceptive than Gray aliens. We had all the trouble in the world to get rid of them, let us not call them back. I also discovered that many of these quantum therapists supported the Gray hybridization agenda. This was too much for me. And we are not just talking about aliens; what about other entities that are attached to the person and come into the session with them, entities that play roles and pretend to be whatever we want them to be? You have to make sure that the practitioner is able to check this before the session and remove the entity or refuse the work.

          How does one choose an honest quantum therapist who is not involved in an ego trip? Well, as my dear friend Corina Pataki would say: "You will know the tree by its fruit." Check them out. If the therapist uses people's videos on social media to promote their business, supports the Gray Agenda and seeks communication and forgiveness with the most evil and tricky beings in this galaxy, if they use you to communicate with aliens to gain knowledge to write books, well: avoid. On the contrary, there are wonderful, professional, honest hypnotherapists with high integrity, such as my friend Melanie Charest, who are not interested in popularity and who remain discreet and protective of their patients. These people have a different approach, which is not service to self, but rather service to humanity. They only want to help, guide and heal those who come to them. These professional therapists, you will never see them bragging about selling books compiling the private sessions of their "clients", making money and fame on their backs (the word "client" always implied profit; I prefer "patient").

          Speaking of writing books about their "clients," I know a few that I cannot legally name, but can accurately describe. Each personal story is different as we experience the journey of the soul through cycles of incarnation. First on our home world, then on other worlds throughout the universe, as well as in higher realms of consciousness. A global historical event will be experienced differently by all protagonists in terms of their baggage and personal journey. There are as many different perspectives of an event as there are witnesses. Each story is to be listened to with an understanding of the witness's background and place within the global event. Take, for example, the fall of Atlantis. There were many factions involved, one led by the reptilian Anunnaki Enlil and his dark followers who had infiltrated the colonies, and another faction led by Enki and the Altean people living in the capital Atlaa. The colonies, manipulated from within, caused trouble to the inhabitants of the capital, as they were told that some advanced technology was being kept from them. The colonists then decided to conduct their own genetic experiments, which turned out to be a terrible disaster. Unfortunately, there are very few Atlaan witnesses against the larger number of colonists. Taken the global sum of their accounts from diverse people who were hypnotized and regressed, the Atlanteans are seen as horrible people performing unethical genetic experiments. Now, a quantum hypnosis practitioner has compiled her clients' personal sessions in a book with Atlantis in the title, misleading many people with the true story of Atlantis. This person knows nothing. And she is not the only one; I know two other ladies who did the same, under the influence of the entities they communicated with in their clients' sessions, to promote the return of the Grays as hybrids and to create a new world that they would rule. The usual fib: "we are you from the future". This is total manipulation and the Grays are very good at it, without any empathy.  

          So please be careful. There are good, reliable quantum hypnotherapists out there, with great ethics, but there are also many service-to-self opportunists who find it fun to contact entities to get information (not always coming from genuine beings) that they will use by selling books and talk at conferences.

              I would like also to support Tony Rodrigues' Recall Course, which is a fantastic method to retrieve your memory without using hypnosis:


          Your story is your story, and no one else has any rights to it. It is yours. It is sacred. Never let anyone use it for financial gain, in any way. To me, a true therapist is the sage who holds space with care and love, guides you with humility, and asks for nothing in return except a fee to honor their work, effort, and time. I do not need to give you a list of who I trust and who I distrust because it is up to you to develop discernment and know the tree by its fruit. Some therapists will be the best fit for some people and not for others. It is your journey, your story, and if you stand in your sovereign rights, the universe will provide.


Elena Danaan - May 3 2024   

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