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Above the Clouds


April 03 2024


      Love can manifest matter from the ether, and Ea has this power as a great cosmic alchemist. He can fractalize souls from Source and create matter out of the ether. He has this power, I have witnessed it many times. This morning, as every morning, I carefully comb my long hair and tie it into a plait. A few minutes later, I received contact with Ea. His powerful energy of love vibration was so overwhelming that I almost cried, it was so beautiful. Through the language of love he let me know that no matter what actions and words are used against me, if I stay in the frequency of universal love, the unifying force of the universe, nothing can ever reach me or hurt me. My whole body and being trembled with this knowledge. I smiled and ran a hand through my hair to better feel the sensual frequency of this privileged moment. Then I felt it under my fingers...

      I hadn't been outside, I hadn't even left my room, only to take a shower, and there was NO plant in the house that matched this flower. It came from the ether, and it was strongly attached to my hair. I knew it was a gift from my dear Ea, a flower from the Eden of his Nibiru mother ship. A treasure full of meaning, love and magic.

Elena Danaan - April 3 2024   


      Heartfelt thanks to one of my followers on Telegram who identified the variety of the flower that was offered to me by Ea from the Eden on his ship Nibiru. It is a South African Anacampseros. Astoundingly, South Africa was the very location where the Kashkal, the Anakh expedition, first landed. This gives that little flower even more meaning!

      Shortly after I posted the identification of this flower, a lady living in South Africa shared with me about its spiritual meaning: " tenacity, determination, life, endurance, perpetual love, eternal relationships, longevity, perseverance ".

Clearly a careful choice from Ea...

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