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Star system: Lyra, Cygnus, now Sol     
Kubágda in Lyra, now lives on Jupiter.   
Race: Allmahuluk
Height: 8 Ft               
Skin: silvery translucent    
Hair: none
Eyes:dark metallic aspect
Position: Head of the Allmahuluk Merchant Guild.

These transmissions are not channellings but communication via technology or physical encounters

(Introduced by Thor Han)

Thor Han: I have the privilege to have at my side a friend of mine. His name can be spelled ”Angun”, but it is way longer. Angun is the shortest version. He is living on the planet you call Jupiter, he is not of your density, he belongs to a very old species who came to your solar system a very long time ago. He is an Allmahuluk .They colonized and studied your world as it was barely populated, there was a great diversity of life forms and these people were scientists and botanists. They were interested in the flora of your planet but were confronted to events, and to other colonies, especially the Ciakahrrs who were there with their Naga warriors. It didn't happen very well and the Allmahuluk left. Angun is from a very old family, he is very old himself, and he leads the guild of merchants on Jupiter for his race, They trade materials, seeds, plants from your planet, and they create technology with it that they interfaces with their world. It is quite complex. I met Angun on Jupiter at the Ashtar Command, he was going there to trade for his guild and we started to get to know each other. We had very interesting conversations. Angun is very moved by the science of the Universe, the galaxy and the science of the composition of stars. He is not an astrophysicist but he is interested, and we had very long and beautiful conversations, there, in the city of the Ashtar. I offered to bring this person to the station to have a communication with you. Angun became a very good friend, I have very much sympathy and respect for him. I have a lot of friends on different worlds and Angun is one of them, I will let him now speak.

Angun: I have never done this before, I see on the screen, Commander Eredyon's monitor, I see you female Terran. I feel privileged to communicate with a being on Terra, this is now my second time in orbit of Terra. I live with my people in different density from Commander Eredyon and the Ashtar Galactic Command. I am dwell in a higher density one level up, six. There isn't any danger for us with Jupiter's atmosphere; Jupiter has a toxic atmosphere for humanoids, but I do not require atmosphere. In our density there is a different atmosphere, and we do not breathe the gases. We live inside of the atmosphere of this big planet, and we do not breathe the same air atmosphere as it is if you come in your density. Until 5D graduation of your scale, it is extremely toxic and dangerous, very high atmospheric storms and currents. With my people we have the technology to do so. Because we interact with the people from Ashkera and The Galactic Federation on Jupiter, we have special equipment to travel, manifesting down until the third density level, four and five, also seven and eight. Because of our equipment we can trade materials for scientific purpose, we enrich ourselves selling vegetables to different populations. I speak 75 languages and this one is very easy. The planet you call Jupiter is now a planet with a physical core, it was before about to be a star, when an old colony came from Immaru, they stopped the process of becoming a star, they cooled down this object and stopped it becoming a star because it would have killed all life on all the other planets of this system. So Jupiter will never be star, never has been star. It was about to become one, it has been stopped and transformed into a stabilized planet.

It is my pleasure to tell you about the way I live. My name is Angun and I come from an old, old lineage, originally from Kubágda in a place you would name Lyra which is your name. Kubágda was a world that is now destroyed, red planet in the third density, this third planet has been evacuated when attacked. My planet was destroyed by wars, and we fled to other systems, we fled to a constellation you know by Cygnus, and we fled to your system, we first arrived to Terra, your planet, a very long time ago, for you but, for us it was just the time of my grandfather. Thor Han told me to translate 24,000 Terran years from now, my friend is very precise. We came and settled the colony, but this colony was quickly chased by a resident colony and there was a war. We were not the only ones involved in this war, others were, but we are not warrior people, we are pacifists people.We came here to look for a good outcome for our species to continue to live, and to be alive and not bother or annoy anyone, so that is why you never hear about us. We are registered with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but we do not have a lot of interaction, if it is trading, We have a lot of technology useful to exchange with them in regard to trans-density devices and invisibility devices. We created a certain type of fabric which is a living sentient substance that adapts to your body and becomes a second skin. We invented this artificial second skin. Because it is sentient and conscious, it reacts with your own consciousness and you can modify, attune the frequency of this cloth, and shift densities with it. This is something we trade, we make it, this is our speciality beside the vegetal technology.

Vegetal technology is something unknown to your civilization, we trade these two technologies in exchange for other technologies. The Galactic Federation of Worlds was very interested in our skin devices, they have been using it for ships.

We can manipulate matter in a more profound level because of the density level of matter we live in, we have access to a higher frequency of materials. This is how we create our special skins, we have access to the structure of the matter in a higher frequency, and we can better manipulate it and transform it. I would say that we have abilities technically that overpass what the Ahel from 5th density can do, this is about frequency of the matter. So we do not become transparent, we shift into a higher or lower density with the artificial skin, the clothes shifting frequency, so we become invisible for you. The body is shifted with it, everything that is inside, of course we have all our body covered, this is a very special device. We can use this technology on a ship. Other races have developed cloaking technology, those people from Vela are very skilled in this, they do it differently. We have all different techniques to make ourselves invisible. Invisibility is a skill you need to develop to survive in this incredibly
violent universe. Not all species are peaceful.

Q: May I ask you please if you are a male-female species ?

Angun: We have three genders. I am mainly male but I can develop one or the other. It is difficult to compare to your species. Three genders is a norm for many species like mine. There is no translation into your language, “gorg” is the third gender, but it is not male or either female, it is a third one, it is not made of both. We can choose to reproduce either with one or the other. I can reproduce, me as equivalent of male with gorg and also female, female can reproduce with male like me only. Gorg can reproduce with both of us, this is complicated for you, but this is how we are made, we all barely look alike, you would see us you couldn't differentiate our genders. Although the color of the skin varies. Gorg are brown, I am white with metallic silver effects on my skin, I would appear to you very shiny with the feel of translucent on the external epidermis of my body. Female can be either pink or green, depending on the ethnic of origin, usually pink is more common but green is also found, the green have black hair, the pink have no hair. I have no hair, Gorg have different types of hair, different color although skin is brown.

Q: Do you all still visit Terra?

Angun: We sometimes do, for a study purpose. We study plants. For more details, for you to understand what we are doing, we study the atmosphere that changes at the contact of these plants. These plants produce certain molecules that are spread into your atmosphere and make it breathable for you, we study this. Trees and other plants as well, all the plants produce the same molecule differently, there are little variations but basically it is the same molecule. Many plants on your planet are very good, the plants growing in tropical and subtropical areas are the most productive, you have also trees which are, I do not know this name, Oak very good, they are very high density devices these ones, and we are interested because they allow to travel and shift into different densities, very interesting vegetables, that is why we studied them Plants connect to each other, not only by a system of fungus, roots also by energy and consciousness. You haven't yet discovered how the consciousness of one tree can expand and interconnect with the consciousness of others. When you go into a forest, it is one whole consciousness. One tree, if it is surrounded by other trees, they join and merge their consciousnesses together to have one only consciousness, that is why a whole forest has a soul as you would say. There is vegetation in many worlds, and you would be surprised that it takes different shapes, your planet Terra has such a diversity which is very beautiful, and you massacre it unfortunately
but if it regrows and the species will come back, not all, unfortunately.

Q: How long do you live if I may ask please?

Angun: Longer than Terrans. We live, in your Terran years which are very short scale, 10,000 to 215,000 years. We do not know time as you do, we do not live in the same time rate. Our time is not linear because our consciousness is structured differently than yours. We can live in different densities, even different dimensions without any problem. Time would not change for us as it would for you, if you would travel to a different dimension, time is a concept that you have difficulty to step out from. We do not have any constraint about time, for you 10,000 years is very long, for us, it isn't. I haven't always been a biologist, I am now becoming merchant because I am at the head of the Allmahuluk guild of merchants. I was many, many years of my time a biologist, before this I was studying soil and rocks on different other planets of your system. I remember a time, when I was young, I was studying the volcanic activity on Terra. There was dangerous volcanic activity, and we were many to study it. I remember that time, your planet is very interesting for many races.

Q: Could you tell me more about yourself and your species please?

Angun: We do sleep for very long periods, we live at a very slow pace and our frequency allows us to sleep and switch off our heartbeat for a certain time. You will maybe find that it is the reason why we can live so long, we can just go into what you call stasis, when we sleep, and we can sleep as much as we can in pods with light.

Q: Do you have any other species that live with you in Jupiter in other densities?

Angun: Only us. We can travel thanks to our clothes, our special skin, to different densities, Jupiter is not very interesting in higher densities because there isn't barely anybody there, all happens in six, seven and five, and this is where we dwell.

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