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Above the Clouds


July 4 2023

by Elena Danaan

Dear friends,

We have fought many battles side by side. The circumvolutions of time brought us near to each other, in a same fight, the fight for freedom. By helping you liberate your world, we have grown ourselves by understanding how to get things done in a better way, and how to better ourselves in the process. Fighting in your war, we were fighting for the right to sovereignty, for all beings in this galaxy. Oraa Nataru Shaari is not an old organization. We formed long after your world was already taken over by the dark forces of the Old Empire, those you name Anunnaki but in truth bear the name of Anakhim.

The Prime directive was created and with time, improved to perfection. It has occurred that even up to recently, we perfected clauses as the hand of the dark forces were extending their claws. To change an element in the Prime Directive, it takes decades of your understanding of time, for it needs to be approved by all members of our Federation. We did it for you, as the threatening deceptive resources of the then-existing Nebu were getting their ways around. Now they are gone, we dissolved the Nebu Hive and their queen, their central power, is no more. The second threat in your star system was also eradicated when together, we expelled the Ciakahrr presence on your planet, Mars and minor stations.

This time, on this day, is for you to celebrate your first breath of independence. You are free from the Nebu Grays and the Ciakahrr Reptilians, who will never come back. For the first time in your history, you are free from outer space tyranny. Still, work needs to be done on your planet; this is part of a greater plan for your evolution and we are assisting you in this. We are here, in your space, and on your world, already working with your governments on defense programs.

Humans of Terra, you already are an interstellar civilization, and you are soon going to know about it. The data I entrusted this general in Raven Rock with, involved the final update concerning this specific revelation.

The military organizations on your planet that are part of the Earth Alliance are in charge of the ground work to prepare our uncovering to the public. Laws making, disclosure of documents, witness protection program, and more which you will discover soon.

Oraa Nataru Shaari, translated for you as the Galactic Federation of Worlds, in conjoint operation with the Intergalactic Confederation, are in charge of physically revealing the presence of our fleets to accustom the civilians to our existence. Technology blue-prints is now shared worldwide through downloads with many individuals who have come to perform this task. You are given, we are giving you, the blue-prints of all the technology that the dark forces took away from your people. This is your birth right. We are giving it back to you this way, that no cosmic law is breached, and you have the honor to construct this technology yourself. While all medical technology has been mass-produced on Luna, Terra’s moon, energy supply technology is being widely shared. If you have received such downloads, you are meant to contribute to change this world.

Humans of Terra, you are now free, for the first time in the history of this planet. The Nebu Grays were neutralized and expelled, their hive was infected and ceased to exist. The Ciakahrr Empire has no more ties with this star system for they were vanquished by our conjoint forces. The dark faction of the Anakhim was removed also from your planet, namely Enlil and his followers. People of Terra, the door of the cage is open! We’ve opened it for you. All you have to do is just fly! This is for the very first time the Independence Day of your planet, of your humanity finally liberated from the extraterrestrial dark forces. We are all celebrating it with you, for now this is not about countries anymore, not about races or religions; it is about humanity of Terra.

The Galactic Federation of Worlds wishes you a true Independence Day.

High Commander Thor Han Eredyon ~ Galactic Federation of Worlds

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