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Above the Clouds


September 1st  2023

Performing the task of Emissary in times of war requires courage, resilience and awareness of the risks.


Elena Danaan ~ Earth Emissary for
the Galactic Federation of Worlds



Before sharing with you the harsh reality of a job that requires the toughest qualities on all levels, may I remind you of the difference between a Counterintelligence Agent, a Channeler, a Contactee, an Emissary and an Ambassador:

COUNTERINTELLIGENCE AGENT = Individual that is not in contact with any positive ET groups or entity, but is acting as such to mislead the public into confusion. They are either mind-programmed or paid by intelligence agencies, to hijack and neutralize genuine information, block ET disclosure and the great awakening of Humanity. They commonly are initiators of manipulative division in order to break down genuine groups of people working for disclosure, and they often are also at the root of smear campaigns elaborated to discredit genuine individuals.

CHANNELER = Individual unofficially receiving telepathic information from unverifiable sources.

CONTACTEE = Individual interacting physically with an off-planet group or entity. They unofficially share with the public their genuine personal experience.

EMISSARY = Official civilian representative chosen by the institution they represent. The requirements for this task also involve acting as a war correspondent in times of conflict. An Emissary is an official bridge between the civilians of a planet and an off-world organization, and there is only one Emissary per organization.

AMBASSADOR = Diplomatic representative interacting at government levels only. An Ambassador is an official bridge between different cultures and leaderships.

I am the Earth Emissary for the Galactic Federation of Worlds, which involves passing on information from the Galactic Federation of Worlds to the civilians of Earth. I report in return to the Galactic Federation of Worlds about Earthlings' reactions and requests. The requests are then recorded and taken into consideration by the diplomatic section of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. The reason why there is only one Emissary per off-world organization, is purposely to protect the information. If it was otherwise, any counterintelligence agent could claim this position for deception purpose.


The best way to describe these challenges is for me to take you through my own personal experience, as follows:


Accepting the task of an off-world emissary in times of harsh conflict for the liberation of a world from hundreds of thousands of years of slavery is not a job for the faint-hearted. Aside from the physical threats and ordeals, the psychological aspect may be the most challenging of all.

Psychological attacks

These occur in general via emails or comments on social media platforms. The content of these messages would aim at destabilizing me psychologically and with time, repetitively, drag my energy, motivation and self-confidence down. Often, the language would be vulgar and aggressive. The source for these messages can be personal jealousy as well as counterintelligence assets on a paid job. Some example of content: "you are a fraud", "demonic witch, " why are your teeth yellow", "Why are you doing cabalistic signs with your hands","why do you look so old", "You have so many wrinkles", "Your French accent is horrible", "you are crazy", "you are a cult","soon you will be gone", etc... 

Deep State assets have also repetitively used AI bots to spam my YouTube channel and Facebook accounts, by bundles of thousands per post.

Manipulation via third party

This is a very common method used by Deep State intelligence agencies. No matter how I protect myself from their reach and influence, such as privatizing my email address and setting my YouTube comments on a strict and long list of blocked words, automatically disabling comments that include them, Deep State assets get around it. They would influence my caring supporters to genuinely share with me some psychologically harming materiel. These genuine people would be used as a tool against me, without being aware of it.

Counterintelligence infiltration agents

This is when the fun begins, as so to speak. We always learn about discernment, no matter our level of experience. These infiltration agents are either:

---CIA paid shills

---ET abduction victims programmed and influenced via a brain implant.

---MONTAUK psychologically programmed victims. These individuals will activate when a signal is sent on a particular time schedule. Psychological programmings are absolutely impossible to detect, as they do not use any technology. Instead, the  programming is installed using a psychological deconstruction via deep abuse and trauma. There is no way to foretell that these people are Trojan Horses, until their programming switches on.

Counterintelligence infiltration agents are very seductive, and in many ways, using public manipulation by generating sympathy and sexual attraction. The body language will reveal a lot. These people will first insert themselves into a genuine, credible narrative, plagiarizing real information in order to gain trust and popularity. They will include scientific facts and clever references to current political events, play the cards of popular movements such as the Patriotic Movement, Q, and diverse New Age popular narratives ( see my page DEBUNK here ). They will focus on discrediting the work of a specific person and will run the programming blindly, even when their handlers have been removed. Once the programming switches on, there is no off-switch, it becomes a suicide mission.

The Deep State had been for a long while in possession of regressive ETs' time-looking technologies and this is how they planned these operations: by programming children who would infiltrate communities and at the right time as adults, and activate their programming for purpose of deception. Irrational stubbornness is the prominent red flag to identify them. From my own personal experience, I noticed that they can act cleverly by copycat of my materiel in an attempt to take over my information, such as the notorious Val Nek scamA young, sweet and lovable girl reached out to me one day because she had been rescued by the same team who rescued me when I was nine years old. It turned out that she had also been abducted by Reptilian beings afterwards, and endured an MK Ultra programming destined to attempt to take me down. (read article here   and information on the real Val Nek here).


These individuals, mostly females, will play victim and manipulative gaslighting. Others, mostly males, will chose aggressive and polemical ways, attacking by front with smear campaigns on social media. I find it interesting to note how -very generally speaking- in these cases, women will use fine, cunning intelligence, while men will publicly display aggressive, defaming behavior. The best example regarding the latest, is a male CIA shill entirely focused on defaming me to the point of repeatedly claiming out of despair that I was murdered. I will get to him in more details in the following paragraphs, which leads me to the next topic: Spying Remote-Viewing.

Spying Remote-Viewing

When I first began working on my book "The Seeders", I was awakened one night with the feeling that someone was trying to reach out to me. I sat on my bed, realizing that my protection shields were up and at maximum strength - a response mechanism to intrusions into my energetic and mental fields. These protections are not only magical shields that I built myself, but also include a range of technological protection systems installed by Thor Han , Annax, Oona and Ea. Nothing that isn’t vetted by my protectors can penetrate through this defense mechanism. I found myself inside a thick translucent protection bubble through which I could distinguish a 2 ft wide open portal floating about 3 ft ahead of me, 6 ft above the ground. On the other side of this portal was a man in his forties sat at a desk, staring at a computer screen. He was wearing a short sleeve light brown shirt and a black tie. His hair was black, neatly cut and combed with gel in an old-fashion hair style. I wasn't sure if he was from this present time or from the past, but I had this strong, sharp knowing that he was CIA personnel attempting to remote view me. I intercepted his intention: trying to know what I was writing about at the time. I could understand only recently, regarding the very precisely targeted attacks I have been victim of, that this remote viewing operation was meant to set up which counter-narrative they had to prepare, in order to stop people accessing the true history of Earth available in The Seeders. The enemy knew somehow, that I would publish a controversial book interfering with their plans, around that time.

My burst of anger activated a psychic defensive response, and a burning ball of plasma flew back at him through the open pathway. The portal imploded instantly, and I actually felt sorry for this guy. My shields switched back to normal. This particular defense technology is widely used among advanced galactic civilizations. It is also known to the CIA who worked on developing such anti remote viewing shielding. All ships from the Galactic Alliance and even the enemy are equipped with these types of protective shields. I cannot reveal the complete mechanism, but I can say that it involves a holographic layer that makes remote viewers see only what they are allowed to and tricked into seeing. These high-level holograms can sometimes feel very real. Just imagine, for a moment, how insane it would be to easily remote view enemy structures and know their plans, and even find out about how to blow up their ships. This RV shielding technology is therefore essential.

Non Disclosure Agreements

A few months before "The Seeders" was published, in the Spring of 2022, no one still knew what exactly my controversial book would be about. However, I was driven into a well wrapped trap under the cover of a conference in Silicon Valley, to get me to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement giving away all rights on my books and material “for perpetuity and non-revocable”, and consent to not gather anymore with other Contactees and Experiencers for conferences. The elites and organizations behind this attempt were deeply rooted into the dark, as my attorney identified the World Economic Forum behind it; the initiator of this trap was none other than Mr. Warren Buffet. I could manage to pull out with exhaustion and a big fright as I had signed nothing with them, nor did I receive any of their dirty money. For these people, if you are not with them, you are against them. Thankfully, I am well guided and protected. This attempt was not the first, as a year before that, I was approached by a Californian fake film production company, with same methods and purpose.

In the case of the WEF Silicon Valley trap, something even more frightening raised my concern when the organizer published on the website of the conference, without my consent and awareness, an event stipulating that for $999 (reverse of 666), people could attend a dinner in a private house where it was said that I would entertain them. I know, you just jumped on your chair reading this. It was titled "A dinner with Elena Danaan", and I wasn't sure if I would be the main course for some Reptilian elites.

Smear campaigns and defamation


As soon as I managed to pull out of the WEF trap by legal procedure, another agent suddenly appeared on the stage, coming from the same geographical area. This episode was an obvious follow up to the remote-viewing attempt trying to know what I was writing about. At the time, I was wondering what the CIA could have done if they had found out about the full content of my next book (which was meant to annoy a lot of powerful people obviously). The behavior of this new agent eventually helped me understood what was going on. Ismael Perez appeared suddenly out of nowhere and was all over the internet -which is typical of an agenda- as soon as I had revealed in a video interview that my next book would be about staggering revelations from Enki concerning the true history of this planet. Trained in deception, this agent countered with determination every single point I mentioned publicly that would feature in my book, and focused his efforts on reversing the roles of ancient Sumerian gods, claiming that Enlil was the savior of humanity and Enki the bad guy. This obsessive quest is part of his programming, to get people to distrust Ea. It was also him who publicly claimed that I had been murdered. I instantly recognized the signature of a dark magic spell into this. This CIA shill was on a mission and the agenda was clear. The surname "Perez" gives clues about who this guy is and it is interesting to zoom into this a bit closer, and gain a better understanding of what is going on here:


"P.R.Z" are the initials of an operation this individual represents, together with people involved in dark magic, as his social media platforms display: "Project Restoration Zion". I don't know you, but I smell here some fumes of a Vatican operation. And we know how the Vatican and the CIA have been involved together since WW2. Don't smell it yet? Well read this: 

You just don't fool an old field archeologist, especially when working with credible, referenced Bible scholars. Zion was a hill located in the circumscription of the town of Jerusalem, and it was called "The seat of the kingship of Yahweh". It was the origin point of the blood-thirsty, fearmongering and tyrannic cult of Yahweh, installed there by the Canaanites. Who were the Canaanites: a compound of local Bedouin tribes under the initiative of the Hourrians, migrants from northern Mesopotamia who worshiped the Sumerian Reptilian god Enlil. It was proved many times by ancient texts cross-referenced in several different cultures, that Yahweh was none other than the storm-god Enlil who enslaved humanity and took pleasure in despicable activities. And who Enlil despised above anything else: Enki, the one who tried to free Humanity from slavery. Now there you have it. The Perez case is much more than a simple YouTube fame/defame competition. Because I am Enki's emissary, this individual is on a mission to destroy me publicly. How unfortunate for the Deep State it would be, indeed, if the people of the world would suddenly wake up and realize that the Catholic church has been hiding the truth to keep humanity enslaved, and has sided with Reptilian extraterrestrials such as the Enlil faction of the Annunaki, and was deeply involved with the Draco-Nazi empire...

(I encourage everyone to read this excellent timeline by Dan Willis at this link: )

This agent going under this fake name isn't the only one sent to cyberbully me. When you are scared enough that someone speaks inconvenient truths, not only will you bring all your time and efforts to defame this person, but you will also gather an army. Some people who don't have a life even created groups on social media, dedicated to hating me and defaming me. I am not kidding. Unfortunately for them, I have an invincible weapon with double blade: ignorance and laughter. I never give power to the enemy. Because when you know what you know, you just smile. So when psychological warfare doesn't work on me, no matter how hard they try, here come the physical attacks...




Life threats


December 2019 - I was in the process of writing my first book "A Gift From The Stars", relating

my abduction and rescue by different groups of aliens when I was a child. This book included a

detailed repertoire of alien races visiting Earth and their diverse agendas, a star map of

extraterrestrial civilizations, as well as information on spaceship technologies. I was abducted

by Reptilians during a night of December 2020, from my family home in Marseille, France, and

rescued in time by my friends Val Nek and Celadion from the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

During the fight, I received an energy beam shot on my leg, which projected me several meters

backwards in the wet grass of a field, and I hurt my shoulder in the fall. I was brought back to

my family home, to notice the wet blades of grass stuck in-between my toes, a pain in my

shoulder, and the mark of the laser shot on my leg. My mother witnessed the blue light beam

transferring me from the ship into the living-room of the house. This event is related in my book:  "A Gift From The Stars"

May 8 2021 - On that day, a live broadcast aired on the YouTube channel "Sphere Being Alliance", where Corey Goode invited Dr. Michael Salla to discuss current events in the solar system. As an admirer of Corey Goode's work at the time, I was present in the live chat with enthusiasm and excitement. Dr. Salla and I had just started working together on Stephen Chua's Area 51 material, and the new intel I was bringing from my contacts in the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Apparently, this didn't please Mr. Goode for some reason, which is unnecessary to comment here. I felt surprised that Mr.Goode discredited point by point my information, and I felt even more uncomfortable when in the live chat, a lot of people were supporting me and turning against Mr. Goode. Feeling unease, I stopped watching the broadcast, wondering why this man suddenly turned against me publicly, also putting Dr. Salla in an awkward position. A few hours later, during that same night, I was awakened in burning sweat by a painful beam aiming my heart, squeezing it to stop its beat. My communication implant with Thor Han switched on and I heard his voice saying: "Do not move!". Straight after he said this, a loud explosion occurred above my house, in a bright deflagration of light. I screamed. Thor Han told me that he destroyed a Dark Fleet unmanned stealth craft. On the following day in my village, people were talking about a strange thunderbolt in the perfectly cleared sky. This event was my first experience of a Directed Energy Weapon shot from a craft.

September 20, 2022 - This incident occurred exactly one evening before the official release of my book "The Seeders" on Amazon. I was sat at my computer, in front of my window, checking the last minute details before publishing. This incident was even scarier than the first one, because I recognized what was going on and I felt completely powerless. I suddenly felt hot and sweaty, while the invisible cursor of a weapon locked on my heart, through the window. I could identify without any doubt that the origin of this laser was located in the sky and not on Earth. I had this strong knowing that this was the red dot locking the target before the full charge. I was powerless, paralyzed on my seat. My implant switched on, I heard Thor Han's voice asking me to stand still, and some type of energy wave or force field cut off the laser beam. I was shaking on my seat, barely realizing what had just happened. This was a second Directed Energy Weapon attempt on my life.

August 29, 2023 - I was taking a break from my work, going for a walk in the beautiful forests of the national park near where I live. I had recently been the target of heavy attacks, after the release of crucial information on the real causes for the criminal fires in Lahaina, Maui, on August 8 2023. The information was released as a video on Rumble and in an article on this website:


On August 28 2023, I had announced in my Webinar #10 that Enki, or Prince Ea, told me that Lahaina's fires were a criminal land-grab operation by the World Economic Forum, operated from a satellite using Directed Energy Weapon. According to Ea, it also hid a large scale human sacrifice. A reality hard to stomach. At 6am on Aug 28 2023, I scheduled a video for the evening, announcing the release of this information. At 10am, Ismael Perez published a video on his YouTube channel announcing my murder, once again, out of despair. The dull aspect of programmings, is that it leaves no room for imagination and creativity and it becomes quite boring with time. When the complete video aired on Rumble, a troll storm unleashed upon me, blaming me for all the disasters in the world. Basically, the Galactic Federation of World was ferociously criticized for not saving the planet, nearly as if the Maui fires happened by their fault. I tried my best to explain about the non-intervention zones and treaties, but what to do when people are driven by their resentment and not their common sense? In a way, I honestly understand them, and I feel for them with compassion. I was aware that they weren't in a state of mind not incline to listen to anything. Thor Han even gave me a very good explanation of these zones in our solar system, and the complete information is available at this link. Humanity was groomed by the Deep State educational slave system to rely on the savior complex and do nothing about finding solutions by ourselves and change the world.


So I took a day break and went for a stroll in nature. This is when I was hit. As I walked

through a field on the slopped side of a hill, a shock wave threw me on the ground. It

felt as if an invisible rock fallen from the sky hit my head and next thing I remembered,

was Thor Han bending over me with care, and me waking up laying in the grass with a

fierce headache. I looked at my phone, half an hour had gone. My head was buzzing

with statics and communicating with Thor Han was difficult. I walked to the house, drank

a glass of fresh water, took a photo of my wound and contacted close friends. In the

process of doing this, I started remembering what had happened in that half hour; I was

beamed onboard the Excelsior and layed on a medical bed. My memory came back as

the static field resorbed and I could communicate clearly with Thor Han. I was up for a complete check up upstairs later on that night, and for a report of the attack to the GFW authorities. Thanks to Ea and the GFW for the strong protections that I have, this beam that should have killed me, bounced off my protection shield. The shock wave nonetheless knocked me down to the ground and I got bruised, but nothing truly reached me physically as a matter of fact. I feel immensely grateful to the GFW for protecting my life and the mission I am meant to complete on this planet.



Off-world transits


This is the aspect nobody thinks about when it comes to contacts with off-worlders: the physicality of it. People have tendency to romanticize ET contacts as a lot of stories are going around the internet, in the New Age movement. Although I am a trained Shaman able to perform projections of consciousness, it is absolutely not what ET contacts are about. I am meeting them physically, in person, onboard spaceships, and diverse inconvenients are part of the experience.

First of all, the ships that pick me up never land for safety reasons, so I am teleported onboard and I have to say: teleportation is not enjoyable. Feeling all the particles of your body disintegrating and reforming at another location is unsettling. The first times, you have difficulty to catch your breath, you feel dizzy and terribly thirsty. If I am in a low vibration of thoughts at the start, I will feel sick with nausea at destination. Then you have to get used to different smells, sometimes a brighter blinding light, and differences of pressure and gravity. I am not a trained supersoldier nor am I an astronaut, so I require a certain buffer time to adapt to the new conditions. I am usually clipped on a density belt, unless they beam up my body in a higher adequate frequency. Sometimes, it can be physically challenging such as visiting other worlds or passing through stargates. Some travels require sometimes one to two weeks for physical recovery.

With time, I started to develop a pain in my lungs that compressed my breathing, due to the regular variations in pressure occurring in my travels. I was healed, and I was installed a regulating device. I wanted to share with you the reality of the daily life of an Emissary, for you to better understand the background of my work, life and mission.


Being an Emissary for off-word organizations is a diplomatic responsibility, a front seat in a thunderstorm, a road paved with wonderments, a spiritual journey of discovery, a life filled with challenges, an honor and a privilege.

Article by Elena Danaan ~ September 1st 2023

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-30 at 02.40.28.jpg

Mark of an energy beam
Dec 2020

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-29 at 19.41.03.jpg

Bruise from the shock wave of a DEW hitting my force-field protection.

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