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The Builders


These transmissions are not channeling but the report on communications via consciousness interface.



March 17 2024


          On March 17, 2024, a new development occurred on Earth's moon Luna. Three of the seventeen recently retrieved pods in the central core of the lunar vessel had activated and begun communicating; various instruments in all of Earth's moon's facilities were receiving mathematically coded signals. The Earth Alliance communications engineers on and in the moon, including Earth specialists and GFW personnel, began the process of deciphering them. It promised to be a very exciting challenge. In the days that followed, the Earth Alliance asked the Intergalactic Confederation for help in understanding the coded signals. Altean communications engineer Shyr-Yka and Ormong scientist J-Ka'At Ashtamir, who had been in charge of retrieving the newly discovered pods for further analysis a year previous. Find their reports here. The communication was followed by a message to humanity of Earth:

Time has come

Earth human activate

Planet changes frequency

New beginning

Time has come

We of the seven galaxies

Are back

Heralded by the seeders of life

We are one

Through the universes


We are One

Time has come

When Earth Humans

Break out of illusion

The dark inclusions have been removed

Planet Earth is ready

Humans of planet Earth must activate

They must understand


Who they are

What is creation

What is space

What is time

Who they are

Who we are

And all will become One


One is Freedom

One is the ultimate level of Evolution

Go back to the source center point

Within your cellular structure



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