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Above the Clouds

Do you work for free?


Some people think I should give away my books for free, and not promote my artwork for money, because it discredits me. So to these people I would say this: do you work for free?

I do not have the time to have a "normal" job. Writing books and editing videos is a full-time job. And when I say full time, it is day AND night. I work until 4am every night and for over two years now. I never complain, I do it for humanity and for disclosure. I love it, it is my passion. I can stop whenever I want in a clap of fingers and go back to a normal life with a normal job. I gave up a lot, for doing what I do, and I still have a rent to pay, electricity bills, and I also have to eat. Do you pay for it? If you do, I will give away my books for free.

So now listen:

The only condition I am chosen to give intel, it is because I must not put a money gate for the public to access the information, that is why I double everything I write in my books in free YouTube videos. If people wants to buy the written version then it supports my work and my cause. But not only. I need to tell you this. Since I started earning money from my books and my T-shirts, I could also support my family, help them with the rent when they were about to be expelled to live on the street. My older nephew, 12, was bullied by rough thugs at his college in Marseille. Thor Han prevented him to be killed by a gang waiting with knives and metal knuckles behind his school. I never saw my sister crying that much. It broke my heart. Because my book sales started giving back more than I humbly needed, I gave the spare money to my sister, that they could reimburse their debts and move to a beautiful tranquil village in Normandy. And because work was very tough to get during the pandemic, I hired my sister with a decent wage, paying her as my assistant for videos and admin. It allows them to put food on the plate of their kids. And I did more. When their car broke and my sister's husband couldn't get a work anymore because of that, I gave them the money to buy a new decent car.

Since, they can now take the children to the sea on the week-ends.

So when I am scorned that I should work for free to be more credible, I give you this photo of my sister's children, alive, happy and healthy, having fun at the beach.

Elena Danaan ~ April 30, 2022

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