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TAYEL is also Oona's partner and twin-flame.


Star system: Altea (in galaxy NGC 7331 Pegasus)
Planet: Emerya
Race: Altean
Height: 9 Ft
Skin: fair. High cheek bones.
Hair: creamy-white, very long.
Eyes: very slanted, clear blue
Position: Admiral of the Altean Seeders fleet, Intergalactic Confederation



These transmissions are not channeling but the report on communications via physical encounters.


About war and the liberation of Stemys IV

January 15 2024

      Altea expresses compassion for the populations of Stemys IV, who suffered offense from the Ciakahrr Empire. The Intergalactic Confederation sent a force contingent to help in the reconstruction of their world, assisting the Alliance of Nataru in their ground work on Stemys IV. The Intergalactic Confederation will not intervene militarily in the conflict opposing the Ciakahrr Empire to the forces of the Alliance of Nataru. It is not our role although it is also our battle.

     We may let Evolution play out. All beings born from Source are players in Source’s evolution of consciousness. We may not all be aware of it, but if you comprehend the true nature of the universe, you will understand that we are all actors playing out the cosmic rules. Although the Ciakahrr war in Nataru concerns us all at a greater scale, it is not our part to play but the part allotted to the residents of Nataru.


     We are supervisors, often called “The Watchers”.  We relate to The Nine personifications of Creator and our role is to make sure that balance always prevails in a range of measure on the scale between chaos and order. Both are necessary to Evolution, such as destruction and creation, birth, death and rebirth, entropy and negentropy, love and hate, and so forth. When a living organism is infected by a dissonant intrusion, the metabolism generates a fighting response, increasing the immune system, sending forces to repair the dissonance. As the infinitely small is the infinitely vast. The universe is a living organism. Galaxies are mothers. They are living beings with a soul and a consciousness. All wars happening in their body are fight responses that are meant to increase the mother’s immune system, intelligence, awareness, and expand her consciousness on the scale of evolution. Not all beings are of flesh. Some are made of pure consciousness, or stardust like the galactic Mothers.

     The Intergalactic Confederation intervenes only when an immune system fails. We wait and watch. Then, according to the laws of The Nine, and if needed be, we proceed to a military intervention or we repopulate devastated worlds. We make sure that life never goes extinct. We are watching over the balance of the universe, making sure that chaos never takes over. At a fractal scale, the Galactic Federation of Nataru behaves correspondingly, regarding the multiple star systems under their protection. Guiding, protecting, empowering on a military and a consciousness level, but never enacting the role they are not intended to play. If they did so, and if so did we at a larger scale, the laws of Evolution would be ruined and all gain be lost.  At a smaller fractal scale, so do parents who are raising their children. Guiding, protecting, empowering their children’s skills and intelligence, but never enacting the role that they are not intended to play in the place of their children. At an even smaller fractal scale, you can observe the same cosmic rule of evolution in the fighting of biological intrusions within a living organism. Giving a medicine straight away will numb the immune system, which will remain vulnerable to a next attack. If you allow any organism to develop their defense forces and intelligence, before intervening, you understood how Creation works.

I am Tayel, Altean Admiral, friend of Humanity of Earth.

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