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The Nine

Origin: the Great Void between the universes
Species: plasmic supra-consciousness
Size: undefined
Role: Maintaining the balance of Creation as the 9 fundamental aspects of Source. Each one of them embodies a principle of the Multiverse, and together they are the Multiverse. Their nature is embodied in the number 9, as an infinite fractal representative of Creation. My first contact with The Nine occurred on November 3rd 2021 and I have been since receiving regular communications.

My first encounter with The Nine and all original transcripts of their early communications can be found in my book : 
"The Seeders" - 2021

Oona 2.jpg

My first contact with The Nine was facilitated by Oona

Nine protozoa_edited.jpg

What The Nine can look like


These transmissions are not channeling but the report on communications via consciousness interface.

THE NINE teach us that the secret of the Universe resides in the numbers:

12         24         144

  1+2         2+4         1+4+4
= 3          = 6            = 9

3 + 6 + 9 = 9

And that the Fibonacci sequence is the key  to Evolution. This is why all councils working under universal laws will abide by 9, 12,  24 and 144.



February 5 2024

Silence is the void that allows consciousness to exist.

When the sound of the frequencies of Creation stops,

when frequencies cannot pass the multidimensional shield of the void,

when they cannot enter the space in-between everything, the location where the concept of time doesn’t exist anymore, where physicality is only but a faint dream, this is where the mind, the core stone of Source, dwells.

In the silence. In the void. And we are its guardians. We guard the silence in-between all that is created.


We are in the infinitesimal small and the unlimited vast at the same time.

         Guardians of the void, we maintain Creation bounded and evolving.

We have contact with intergalactic and interdimensional civilizations of higher grade of evolution.

They form a collective named the Seeders. They apply in the created what we maintain in the uncreated.

We are The Nine.

We are life.

We are consciousness.

We are not gods. We are not creatures.

We are The Nine aspects of Source Creative Consciousness.

We are nine and we are one.

         The Seeders races have created their collective of 24 different civilizations,

for the number 24 is a fractal of the greater geometry of the cosmos.

All councils working in coordination with the cosmic laws is based on the number 24.

Creation is geometry, frequency and energy.

         What your people on Earth haven’t yet discovered, is the true hidden essence of Phryll.

Phryll is pure consciousness. It is the breath of life animating all sentient beings in all of the universe.

Phryll is at the same time energy. Do you understand? Energy. Consciousness is energy.

You cannot succeed to tame Phryll if you haven’t yet understood that consciousness is the key.


Sentience… is consciousness… self-awareness… and creative energy.

The power of consciousness can activate and animate technology. Why do you think it is so?

Phryll is present in the void, dormant. A scalar pulse of any sort, such as thought, wakes it up.

Nothing is alive when the pulse is non-existent. Your physical human bodies have a heart.

This heart pulses in your chest, keeping your consciousness bound to this body.

When the pulse stops, consciousness and Phryll leave instantly the body and are released back into the universe.

Source pulses all the time, at a rate that is so fast, that you cannot comprehend it with a human mind.

We are The Nine.

We are asking you to feel the pulse of the universe beating in your heart.

Find the 24th pulse in your heart.

Then, seek within your own consciousness the numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144.

This is the key formula of evolution.

Seek these numbers within your consciousness, and when you find them,

you will find the singularity of all things, and the answer to everything.

~ We are The Nine ~

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