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Wild Forest
Wild Forest

Star system: Sol
Planet: Earth
Race: Human

Height: 5,6 Ft          
Hair: long black           
Eyes: green
Position: Inner Earth wizard from the Tuatha de Dannan tribes, location: under the Baltic Sea.


Arkelios lives in Inner Earth, in the fourth density, and he's been looking after the bloodline I'm incarnated into since a very long time. Hence the name Danaan bore by my maternal grandmother in this incarnation. Arkelios is related to the Tuatha Dè Danann. They were people coming from the North shore of the Black Sea. It was the Tripellian culture or “Cucuteni”, called later the Scythians, but at the time, 8500 BC, when the Tripellians were attacked by Eastern invaders from Asia, their lands completely ransacked, they fled and spread throughout Europe Into different branches. One branch went to Ireland and this Irish branch became the last one to perdure and survive as a culture. The Tuatha Dè Danann means the people of the goddess Dana. They met a lot of enemies in Ireland, who fought them to keep their lands.There were also the Fomorians, sea pirates, and there was a the Fir Bolg as well, locals, involved in territorial wars. They heard about this island in the Baltic Sea, Loch Lainn as they called it, which was said to be a magical island, populated by magical tall blonde, pale skinned people, who were very ancient and possessed mysterious powers.


They decided to sail to this mysterious island in the Baltic Sea, vanishing by day and reappearing by night. The island of the gods who still exists and is known nowadays by the name of Gotland. Gotland is populated by Sami, Lithuanian, Norwegians and Swedish ethnies. The Tuatha Dé Danann hoped to bring back magical powers to defeat their enemies. There are records also in Sweden which attest that red haired people came by the sea from the west, to Gotland, requesting for knowledge and weapons. They stayed there, they made friends with the local tall blond people, and learned about “magical arts”. They came back four generations later to Ireland with four magical tools: a sword, spear, cauldron and a stone. They came back on the 1st of May on Beltane day. They landed in West Kerry, and they burned their ships behind. That was the deal, not to go back to the magical island. They became the magical people of Ireland and they set their capital in the East of Ireland on the Hill of Tara, in county Meath. The Tuatha Dé Danann were defeated by the Milesians, the army of the Galician king Mil, but that's another story. They went underground and shifted density from 3D to 4D, moving to the Agartha Kingdoms. In the Agartha Kingdoms you have populations of different species, different origins, and different densities. You have beings from 2, 3, 4, 5D. Tuatha Dé Danann have been shifting into 4D, they become the beautiful elves, the magical people. They kept the magic, and they passed on the magic from generation to generation, the magic knowledge given by the people from Gotland.


My great-grandfather, my maternal grandmother's father, came from Gotland. When I say I'm half Swedish I'm half from Gotland because Gotland now belongs to Sweden. So that's how I am linked with these people. The tall blondes on Gotland, the “land of the gods”, said to the Tuatha de Dannan: you need to mix with our blood, that your descendance will have our magical blood, our magical powers, as hybrids. That is why my maternal bloodline from Gotland has these very special psychic abilities. I also have French royalty, from my mother's father. There is a lot more to it, but i can just mention that the royal French royalty line comes from a very sacred bloodline from the Middle East, descendant from Adam. Anyways. Arkelios was one of these hybrids, of the Tuatha Dé Danann and the magical people from Gotland. In this present incarnation, borrow this body because it corresponds to my frequency, this bloodline, but I'm not it. The bloodlines and the bodies are only vehicles. I have a psychic link-connection with Arkelios as long as I am benefiting from the frequency resonance of this blood, that transcends time. I think they were a colony from Atlantis, these tall blonde people. I reconnected with Arkelios when my grandmother taught me all of this, and he started to appear to me.


Arkelios is a powerful wizard, because he was of the first generation. He is not very tall, he's a bit taller than me. He has long black hair, a beautiful face, and he's very handsome. He has green eyes, and heis skin is slightly tanned. He has been protecting me and guiding me in all my shamanic journeys, through to this day. When I say I'm so well protected, you have no idea, I'm not telling you everything! Him and Thor Han know each other very well because when I incarnated, Annax made contact with Arkelios, and they worked together to protect me, then Thor Han came into the picture with a rescue team, and then Thor Han connected with him. Arkelios belongs to the Earth soul matrix, he is from Earth. Arkelios was born around 4000 BC, so he may be 6000 years old, something like that. He looks like 40-50 years old. He presents himself as he was in his body, and he has vowed himself to protect his bloodline; all his descendants. So he's my super great-grandfather, but he looks young. I communicate with him through the heart connection, it's a shamanic connection, connection by spirit. It has nothing to do with Thor Han's implant.

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I sing for my people the song of years long gone.
I sing for the souls of those who have been giving their lives for the great battles of mankind.
I was one of them once, people among people, son of a son of a son.
I had children, and  descendants who walk to this day the path of my ancestors.
We are all connected, whether you are walking above or under the soil.
Listen to the voice that sings in the streams.
Listen to the sound of the lake and the ripples on the water mirroring your consciousness.
Let your face be warmed by the Sun and the light, exploring your consciousness,
filling your soul with wonders and magic.
I am Arkelios. My name is a name so ancient that even the stones have forgotten.
I come here to speak to you, to listen to you, always connected through my child and descendant.

My message for you, descendants of ancestors coming from the stars, is to stay resilient in the storm,
in the wind, in the space between the reeds where the wind can flow and change the curse of time.
All that is alive sings. Sound creates the whole universe. You were made with sound and sound is your power. The frequency of the spheres are dancing, and you can hear them.
They turn on the great wheels of times and the universes interconnect slowly, timelessly with the speed of light. This does not make sense to the third density mind, but this makes sense to the highest soul of your beings.

I know the secrets of time. I know the secrets of death and of life, because all is one.
Where I live is a wonderful place. We defend this wonderful home, that is the realm under the ground.
We have allied with the people of the stars.
We have created secret alliances to save those from Telos, who were subverted.
We've made alliances with the people from the stars in their big arks of light, crossing our skies.
We can see them, but you cannot always see them.
The arks of light have gone into the Earth, and they've traveled and navigated under the Earth.
We've met people from the stars with hair like the sunlight.
We've made alliances with them, and they are helping us,
fighting the poison of the reptiles spreading in the veins of Gaia.
The light has healed the veins of Gaia, and we are nearly touching victory.
We are fighting beside you. You never see us, people from the under Earth,
but we claim this planet as much as you do, even more than you do
because most of you come from somewhere else.
I was born on Earth. I am a man of Earth. This is my world.
This is my home, and I am asking you on behalf of my people to do your part of the fight
and defend this sacred ground.
Arkelios is my name.


               I live in a very beautiful place in what you would call a Biodome. It is an underground city.
We left the constructions as it was in the past at the time I was living on the surface.
I have had many lives on the surface, then I joined my people underground.

Where I am it is a beautiful place and nature benefits from a real pure clean air that comes from above,
from the surface by a system of vents, where the air is propelled and distributed all through our underground structures. It blows like wind sometimes. It is very well done.

The light is made artificially. We used to call it magic, but you call it plasma.
We have generators powered by what you call Phryll, I call Neart, the force that is everywhere.

We also have many creatures sharing our space, our life, the same animals as on the surface
but also many other species that you don't see anymore,
species depicted in your mythologies with different attributes. Some are very beautiful.
You would be very impressed if you would see where I live.
The houses are very simple, made of stone clay and thatch. Wood is very rare where I live and highly precious. We all know the trees that we have grown, and some trees are venerable living beings.
The trees allow us to communicate with the surface,
and they are portals allowing us to travel in different densities and realms. Trees are highways of spirits.
The place where I live is very rich in flowers and different essences of trees. We cultivate our own vegetables. We do not hunt as we consider all life as sacred.
We honor the vegetables that sustain us, our bodies,
and we honor their essence and their life, their consciousness also.
Everything we put into our body we share its consciousness for a while, and then we let it go.
You are what you ingest and then there is your soul.
Your soul benefits from what you ingest, so be very careful.
This is the advice of a very old man.



Elemental magic is the use and the power of the force contained in the atomic structure of matter.

Be it gas, liquid, solid or plasmic. I was told by my father and my mother how to bring consciousness

into the understanding of the structure of the elements.

Consciousness connects the elements and  merges with them, and then it can control them.

I still to this day use elemental magic to change the wind, calm the seas, clean the Earth and dry the air and clear the consciousness from the tears of pain.

I use elemental magic to clean the soil and make it more fertile,

to calm the winds when it is needed but be very careful.

We may not play with the elements considerably because you disturb a balance.

Storms have a purpose. Storms cleanse, storms regenerate, rejuvenate. They are necessary.

The rain is necessary. The fire is necessary. All in nature knows what it needs to do.

Only the intervention of humans can disturb these cycles.

So we work at healing, rebalancing the cycles,

extinguishing fires lit by men and the malevolent people from the stars.

They destroy your planet, my planet also, a lot.

Yes I do use elemental magic. I can teach you but not now. My people, connect with you, if you wish so.

Just request, whisper at a portal, a well, an oak tree or the whisper of the wind.

We will hear you, we will guide you, we will teach you.

Who asks the question is worthy of the answer.




Here is a blessing through water to heal the Earth. This is imbuing the power into the water.

Water has its own consciousness, its own life .

The elemental consciousness is in the water will help you

and lead your intention to where the water will be poured.

Connect with the life that is in the air around you.

Invite the power within the Neart that is all around you, the force of life flowing within you.

When it is in your body, raise your hands above the water,

a cauldron of water, a bowl of water, a stream, a well, a river, a lake or sea

and send this power you have gathered within you, through your hands above the surface of the water,

and say these words that I will say in English language:

May the Sun shine in the water.

May the Earth bless the creativity of the water.

May the fire from above and the fire from under nourish the water, empower, empower, empower.

To this water I give the power of healing. Empower, empower, empower.

To this water I give the power of clarification. Empower, empower, empower.

Pour the water onto the earth you need to heal.

You can also drink this water.

This is a blessing of the Shidhe, my people.

Bring your heart into the water and the water will be carrying the intention of your heart.

This is a blessing.

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        THE SONG




Everything is easy when you put your heart into it.

Many of you came from the stars and are temporarily borrowing our bloodlines to perform your mission.

These bloodlines you are borrowing, carry a special level of particles that can be activated

by connecting with Source.

Not all bloodlines on Terra have this ability but you who come from the stars have chosen these bloodlines

with these abilities because these genetics are mixed with a formidable heritage already coming from the stars. Connecting to the stars and bringing the stars into the Earth.

Remove any shoes, anything that is between your biology, your skin and the skin of Gaia.

Terra is the planet, Gaia its consciousness.

We of the Shidhe from the Agartha world are interacting with Gaia

on a higher density of consciousness of this planet.

Feet on the ground, head in the stars.

You are the tree, the portal, the infinite pillar.

Descend and rise.

Extend your being in both directions, as above so below.

Symmetrically stretch yourself as the roots of a tree penetrate into the soil

and find their way between the stones.

Your consciousness extends and expands towards the stars and finds a way in the cosmos.

You are unlimited. Do you remember? You are not this body.

Anchor as the roots of these trees that you are.

You are this portal, anchored into the soil, very deep down below.

You see Gaia below you as your consciousness rises above it, your head is in the stars.

The magic unfolds in between.

All these millions of stars shining around you are part of your consciousness

and your consciousness is part of them.

Feel their presence, feel all the higher consciousnesses of the stars

and all the energy that is around you in the cosmos, take it in.

Take it in, drink it, the nectar of the gods.

The alchemical nectar that will transform everything.

Drink the force of the universe, the elixir pours within you, golden, blue, green, silver,

it regenerates you and makes you as powerful as you are.

You know who you are as you allow this elixir coming from the stars,

pure liquid starlight to flow down into you touching the ground,

and as the elixir of the liquid stardust touches the ground where your feet are,

the whole planet shimmers and shivers.

Gaia whispers and sighs with pleasure and the stardust goes in the roots of your being, under her skin.

She whispers with pleasure, she drinks the nectar of the stars, the breath of the Gods,

the liquid stardust that will make her heart shiver with love.

Everything that is under her skin, all the intrusive poisonous invasive beings will be also transformed.

They will lose their power and dissolve, and be evacuated without resistance.

The nectar of the gods, the liquid stardust, the elixir from heaven is the antidote.

It is what destroys, burns and dissolves all that is not wanted in an organism.

This is pure liquid mercury, the alchemical mercury made with liquid stardust.

Let it pour through you into Gaia, and it will fill her veins

and chase away all the viruses, all the poisons, all that is intrusive.

You can do this at the scale of the planet, as you can do this within your body, within your being.

This is my gift from my people.

This is only the start and the beginning. More you will discover.

Speak on the threshold of the wells, speak, whisper to the bark of the trees, sing to the winds,

and we will hear you. We always hear you.

You just have to listen to our voices calling you to step into the new Gaia.

She has awakened. It is your turn now.


Dliftkondanan, draes ganian, lor kor d'ean, lolehial, orkrin ordonin.

Errarmin lorian. Thin gedin oriu elemel gren. Orkuran.

This language is not spoken anymore on the surface, but is still spoken underground.

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