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Jen Han Eredyon
Correspondence from Mars

Copyright All rights reserved:  Elena Danaan

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Jen Han Eredyon is Thor Han's younger brother and an Errahel from the Ashaara system in the Manahu cluster- Pleiades. He has been studying "starmaking", or as we would say on Terra: "terraforming", in a university in the Pleiades, before he was hired on Mars in one of the Alpha Centaurian new colonies. In the process of our work with Dan Willis on getting from Jen Han information on crystal technologies, I started to exchange interesting conversations with Jen Han, which I will share here.

JULY 31 2023

DAN WILLIS: I hear you are doing your first terraforming assignment on Mars where you now get to use all your knowledge.   How rewarding that must be to see the planet transform!


JEN HAN : I was just talking about this to Elena, here on Tyr it’s tough. My first job is not what I expected; I am allocated to the observation and regulation of the micro-organisms that grow on the inner shell of the biodome where I am assigned to. That’s not exciting. Here on Mars, because the Selosi brought their own ecosystems, it can at any moment disbalance the perchloric acidity of the ground and cause harm. These micro-organisms produce lithium perchlorate, and at a specific temperature, they generate oxygen, so they release theses microbes extremely carefully, not to shock Tyr’s ecosystem. You don’t see it but there is an ecosystem on Tyr. I would have never allowed these colonies to come and settle here; Tyr is a fragile planet still. Its biosphere was ripped off in the past and it had remained unstable since. Most life forms here have been living underground. There is so much work to do here, and I am only preoccupied with the terraforming operations. The diplomatic and political interactions between all these different groups, the Selosi, the Meton, the Terran military, the Terran colonists, the Tyruu reptilians, the Insectoid clans, and these others arriving soon. In a way, I am tranquil with my microbes crawling under Dome 65T. How can I help you my Terran friend? Hey I can communicate now directly with Elena, they said they are trusting me now! 


ELENA : I have only the sound, can you hear me?

JEN HAN : I can hear you, wait I will switch the visual on.

ELENA : How do you do that? Do you do it with the implant or using technology?

JEN HAN : Technology. Wait, right, can you see me?

ELENA : Yes! What’s the brown stains on your face?

JEN HAN : Oh I was outside, strong winds here, it lifts the soil in dirt storms.

ELENA : Do you mean… that you can breathe outside?

JEN HAN : Yes, we can when the winds are here. There are areas on Tyr where you can breathe. We are moving the atmosphere, creating currents in it, but not too brutal; by stages.

ELENA : Yesterday you couldn’t take the communication with me because you were in a horrendous and violent storm, but you were wearing an environmental suit.

JEN HAN : That was for the dirt. You can’t breathe in a powerful dirt storm, only you can breathe when the wind is from sublayers of the atmosphere; it moves the breathable air without the dirt; then you can.

ELENA : Ok thank you. I will still have to interview you on absolutely everything you are doing on Mars.

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