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Jilian Ahura

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Star system: Sol                                         
Naara (Venus)

Race: T-Ashkeru aal                                                           
Height: 5.6 Ft
Skin: fair                                                             

Hair: blond, silky, long.
Eyes: green
Position: Diplomat for the Naara High Council of Star Nations



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Ambassador for the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Council of Alnilam


Squadron Officer in Naara special defence forces


Student Officer at the Triton military university


Student in astrophysics and exosciences


Student in medical sciences and genetics

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“Elena Danaan’s new book, We Will Never Let You Down, casts much needed light on the diplomatic negotiations between President Dwight Eisenhower and Valiant Thor—an ambassador of the Galactic Federation of Worlds—from 1958 to 1961. Now we finally have a fresh new perspective, directly from Valiant Thor himself, of the unsuccessful negotiations that were conducted. We learn about his warnings about negotiating with an alliance of alien predator races; Eisenhower’s betrayal by MJ-12 in signing secret agreements with this exploitative alliance; and how the Galactic Federation has ever since been mitigating the effects of these nefarious agreements through numerous covert actions to raise human consciousness and spark a planetary awakening.  A must read for all wanting to prepare for the momentous global changes that lie ahead! “

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

      She took a sip of her magenta fizzy drink served in a tall glass, then leaned forward. An elbow on the edge of the table, she elegantly moved her hand as she spoke.
-The thread of events related to your question, said she, could be traced back to the year 1947, when two Xrog ships were shot down in the desert of New-Mexico. This was not an accident but the first move in the planned agenda of the Nebu: setting up a very wicked bait, that would enable the following steps in their despicable plans.
-Are you talking about the Roswell incident?
-Yes. As I told you, it wasn’t an accident. The two ships were shot by the Terran army.
-Did these beings sacrifice their lives, knowing what would happen?
-Keep in mind that we are talking about the Xrog. Your people know them as Zeta Reticuli, or Shamtbahali because they had in the past an important colony in the Himalayan mountains. They are working for the Nebu and are part of their alliance. The beings in these two ships were all Do-Hu synthetics, except one Xrog. This one was “caught”, and it fulfilled its mission to precondition the Terran authorities, in order to groom them for the next mass coming. All of this, of course, was part of the plan.
-The Do-Hu are slaves to the Nebu, aren’t they.
-Yes. Also from Zeta Reticuli, same as the Xrog. They are related cultures, with the difference that the Do-Hu were assimilated by the Nebu, and genetically altered by the Eban. Even the Xrog use them. It could have been the same fate for the Terran species in the near future if we hadn’t intervened. This was the Nebu agenda. The Xrog captain told lies to the Terran authorities and laid the groundwork. The Xrog and the Do-Hu retook an old base of theirs in the asteroid belt as their new outpost, on a planetoid you call Ceres, and from there, they prepared for the coming of the Nebu troops. This planetoid was shared afterwards with a Nachtwaffen colony, the Germans who allied with the Ciakahrrs from the southern Terran outpost. The seed was sown.
-I suppose the ships from the Roswell crash were poisoned gifts, to give a bit of a taste of alien seductive technology.
-Correct. This seed was sown too; the seed of temptation. But these weren’t the first “gifts” from the Nebu. There had been others before.
-What happened after?

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