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Commander Val Thor from Venus

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Star system: Sol                                         
Naara (Venus)

Race: Taal                                                           
Height: 6 Ft
Skin: fair                                                             

Hair: dark brown, curly, short.
Eyes: golden brown
Position: Ambassador for Galactic Federation of Worlds & Council Of Five




GFW Diplomat for the Naara (Venus)
Taal colonies


Member of the Naara High Council of Star Nations

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Squadron Officer in Naara special defence forces


Student Officer at the Triton military university


Student in astrophysics and exosciences


Student in medical sciences and genetics


“Elena Danaan’s new book, We Will Never Let You Down, casts much needed light on the diplomatic negotiations between President Dwight Eisenhower and Valiant Thor—an ambassador of the Galactic Federation of Worlds—from 1958 to 1961. Now we finally have a fresh new perspective, directly from Valiant Thor himself, of the unsuccessful negotiations that were conducted. We learn about his warnings about negotiating with an alliance of alien predator races; Eisenhower’s betrayal by MJ-12 in signing secret agreements with this exploitative alliance; and how the Galactic Federation has ever since been mitigating the effects of these nefarious agreements through numerous covert actions to raise human consciousness and spark a planetary awakening.  A must read for all wanting to prepare for the momentous global changes that lie ahead! “

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

        My whole being was quivering with a formidable flow of emotion. With tears about to rise and a trembling voice, I put a hand on my heart and I said:
-When will you show yourselves openly to the Earth people? Why don’t you do so? People need signs, people need hope! People need to believe! They need signs to believe! They need evidence! They need physical, visual evidence that you are helping us! We need hope! We need to believe!
         I burst into in tears, covering my face with my hands. I am not the one to be convinced nor the one seeking evidence. These weren’t my tears, but the tears of Humanity. I felt Thor Han’s hand tenderly rubbing my back and then, I saw Valiant Thor leaning forward toward me, and laying his hands upon mine. He addressed me very gently with these words:
-You are carrying the heart of your people. You speak on their behalf.
        These words triggered even more emotion in me, because I was feeling this was true, and so powerfully beautiful. Tears ran down my cheeks as I begged him with a trembling voice.
-Please...on behalf of the Earthlings, we need signs, we need to see ships, we need to be given evidence, please, we need this!
-This will come in time, he replied very calmly. Terran Humanity is not ready yet. The evidences you are asking for will come at the right time. We cannot show ourselves now, because it will compromise the operations we are actually running with the Galactic Federation.
-So... where are we heading, then? Could you please tell me?
        He remained so calm, so peaceful.
-It is your choice, he said with gentleness.
-Our choice is made! I protested. Humanity wants to be free!
-Terrans took already the right direction. Revelations will come soon, about the real extent of your technological accomplishments, which have been hidden from your eyes until now. Do not worry, your future is bright, your species’ consciousness is going through its darkest night and you are just walking before dawn, before you awaken from a long sleep. You are confused but you need to trust and to believe, because we are walking beside you, holding your hand, and on the other side of this night, we will be here.
          He pressed my hand tighter and he said these words that I will never, ever forget:
-We will never let you down.

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