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Above the Clouds


January 29 2024


             Thor Han Eredyon is an Errahel from planet Erra, in the Ashaara (Taygeta) star system, and my soul companion since we left our original home star system, Altea, in the NGC 7331 galaxy, visible in the Pegasus constellation, several hundreds of thousands of years ago. We undergone together many incarnations on various worlds, dedicated to assist the evolution of the Human species.

              Thor Han rescued me when I was 9 years old from an abduction by Grays from Cygnus and Zeta Reticuli. He was captain of a scout ship for the Galactic Federation of Worlds and under his orders were pilots Val Nek and Celadion, and medic Myrah. These three other persons became close friends of mine throughout the years, and nobody on Earth was even aware of their names and existence until I published my book “A Gift From The Stars” in September 2020, where I relate the story of my abduction and rescue. From the moment when contact was renewed at age 9, Thor Han, Val Nek and Myrah have been communicating with me all my life via technology, also teleporting into my bedroom and teleporting me onboard their ship at an average rate of 4 to 6 times a year. Through to November 2018 - The “Shannon Incident” - when more regular interaction began.

              Thor Han is my main contact in the Galactic Federation of Worlds, for which I am the emissary on Earth, and so it is the reason why some people working under counterintelligence programming and agendas, or simply by jealousy, pretend to be in contact with him. Thor Han was also the officer who met with General Van Herck in Raven Rock on January 2023, and this may be one of the main reasons why there is an actual campaign to discredit him. Only three other people were confirmed to me by Thor Han himself to have had real physical contact with him other than me: Dani Henderson, Jean-Charles Moyen and Dakota Frandsen. Confirmed by Thor Han Eredyon himself, nobody else has ever been in contact with him on Earth, and presently is, other than me.

              When my book “A Gift From The Stars” came out in 2020, people started pretending to be in contact with Thor Han, Val Nek and Myrah by delusion. Same as nowadays with Oona, Ea, Annax etc… I explained thoroughly in several articles and videos WHY these particular extraterrestrial entities are ONLY communicating with me.

This article, "The reality behind an Emissary's work " describes it in complete details.

              Through to this day, sadly, some YouTube content creators, by matter of popularity mainly when it is not under a darker agenda, find it entertaining to lie to the genuine public, pretending to have imaginary communications with Val Nek, Thor Han, etc… destroying reputations and lives by fun, and unfortunately this regularly pushes me to have to set the record straight.

Elena Danaan, January 29th 2024.

Screenshot 2024-02-03 at 15-33-04 Unveiling Catastrophic Disclosures and Moonquakes - YouT

Here is a clip from Dr.Michael Salla's week-in-review from February 3 2024, where he comments on this article. Link to full video here:

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