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Above the Clouds



August 28 2023

Annunaki Prince Ea reveals the true reasons behind the Lahaina fire, on Maui, followed by an explanation from High Commander Thor Han Eredyon about the Deep State DEW satellites and how the Galactic Federation of Worlds can intervene.


High Commander Thor Han Eredyon
Galactic Federation of Worlds


Prince Ea / Enki
Heir of the Annunaki Empire


AUG 20, 2023


           My heart was heavy that night. The island of Maui had been the target of horrendous criminal fores aiming at the picturesque little town of Lahaina, target for ignominious projects. The island's emergency alert system was turned down previous to the attack, the water was cut, which resulted in the deaths of a great number of residents. The Lahaina fires only happened in the area where the working class and the poorest people lived, that very same land that the natives refused to sell despite the harassment from the WEF agents. This organized fire did not touch the elites’ district, their homes and cars, but adjacent to their unexplainably untouched estates, in the poor people’s area, cars melted to the ground and several buildings made of steel melted as well. A normal fire is not hot enough to melt metal. Directed Energy Weapons hit several buildings and turned steel into dust. The loss of lives was far more than the media reported. A large number of children were missing. My heart was heavy and resentful.


            The antigravity platform slowed down and stopped at the entrance of the royal quarters, where an elegant ogival, richly sculpted archway, gave access to a long footbridge. Here, another world began, out of linear time, a world of its own, the world of the immortals. I stepped down the platform, at the entrance of Ea’s quarters. As I walked across the footbridge, it felt like reconnecting with an old part of myself. The disturbance of Earth and the frustration and pain related to the events going on there, were way far behind me. Two armed guards granted me passage through a huge double door, sculpted with beautiful vegetal interlacing. And, suddenly… I was in paradise.


          The myriad of golden sparkles dancing in a bright daylight beguiled my senses, carried away by the indescribable blend of floral essences wrapping around me. Eyes closed for an instant, I impregnated my whole being, on all levels, with the frequency of Eden. I looked at the luxurious gardens ahead of me, from where I could hear bird chirping. I made my way through the clear green, iridescent grass, to the edge of the trees. I entered the tropical grove and felt the sensual moist falling on my shoulders and the back of my neck. Further ahead, I found a clearing with a ravishing pond and some strange statues around it, seemingly griffins. My heart jumped in my chest when I heard Ea’s voice.

-Welcome to Nibiru’s Eden.

            I turned on my right and here he was, sat beneath the tropical trees, his golden robe elegantly spread on a marble bench.

-Ea! I exclaimed. I am so happy to meet again. Thank you for arranging to pick me up. I really needed this.

-I know.

            He invited me, with a gracious move of his hand, to come and sit beside him on the bench. As I did so, I could feel the radiance of his powerful magnetic field. He was magnificent in his noble posture. His bare arms were adorned with two beautiful gold snakes, and he wore rings at all his fingers. As ever, black kohl intensified his piercing Celestine eyes. I wanted to stay here forever.

-I am aware, he said, of what burdens your heart. I know the dramatic dissonance of tragedy. So much suffering is happening on Ki, and so it occurs as well everywhere in the universe.

-Don’t tell me about the greater perspective of Source. I can’t…

            He leaned forward and laid his hand upon mine, which made me shiver, and he stared into my eyes. He was so close… I felt as if liquefied inside of my being, unable to say any more word.

-What happened on Ki, he continued, is the work of the Dark, the fruit of the dark side of my kind; Yuh. He is gone, but his work continues through the institution he created, and that is now ran by humans. They are not as influential as before, but they still have some kind of power. I will tell you what happened on this island.


           He leaned back in his seat while grabbing my hand tighter. One of his rings was hurting me but I dared say nothing. It was as if I was happy that some sort of slight physical pain drew out of me, as a distraction, the ache that was in my heart and soul. It actually helped me a lot to externalize this inner pain. I could feel it actually leaving my heart, physically, and gather inside of our joined hands.  Meanwhile, he spoke to me.

-What happened on the island of Maui, has happened continuously on the whole planet, for eons of time. The reality of the dark human organization burning down this town to acquire the ancestral lands, that the residents didn’t want to give away, is true, but it covers something even darker. Like several geomagnetic nodes on this planet, Lahaina was a powerful, high frequency positive charge node. A natural portal there led to distant destinations such as Manahu.

-The Pleiades…

-Indeed. When these beings, these dark humans, take possession of such a land, they need to change its magnetic charge, by reversing its polarization. The way they proceed is by performing a rite of massive scale human sacrifice. The brutal shock in the etheric field, generated by terror and intense pain, physical, emotional and psychological, reverses the polarity. What happened was a magic blood-death ritual. A deliberate slaughter. This is why my half-brother stimulated violent wars carrying unnameable bloody misdeeds, constantly, throughout the history of Ki. These were more than wars: they were rituals.

            I was shaking but feeling at the same time my distressed emotions instantly flowing towards my hand, passing into Ea’s hand through the ring’s imprint.

-Can you… I asked, can you confirm that the World Economic Forum did that?

-Their satellite, yes, I can confirm.

-Direct Energy Weapon?

-Indeed, and weather manipulation done from facilities on the ground.

-From the CERN?

-No, on the United States of America’s territory.

-Why didn’t anyone do something to prevent it?

-Their satellites are stealth. Your friends in the Galactic Federation have been searching for these satellites for a long time. They are difficult to locate.

-Oh, I remember! Three years ago, Thor Han was telling me about these satellites already, and how the Federation was trying to prevent their installation in orbit of Earth!


          As the truth was unveiled to me, I could now feel the pain in my finger was gone, I couldn’t feel Ea’s ring pressing my skin anymore. He withdrew his hand closed, as if something was now contained in it. I had a little red mark on my finger but the pain was gone, as it was also gone from my heart. Ea opened his hand and presented to me a beautiful butterfly resplendent with all the colors of the rainbow. This was all the pain of my heart for Lahaina, that had left my being and my body, transmuted by my old friend into this magnificent manifestation.


-Fly! Ea said, releasing the multicolored butterfly.


AUGUST 26 2023

          I went back to the Excelsior, visiting Thor Han after an informal meeting with members of the High Council visiting the station. As we strolled on our favorite footbridge overlooking the Earth by a large bay window, Thor Han and I discussed my recent visit to Ea on the Nibiru ship, and the current events happening on the blue planet below us. What Ea had said about the human sacrifices by the Deep State was hard to stomach.

-Are you alright? Thor Han asked.

-No… no I’m not alright, I sighed. I know the Prime Directive by heart, but still… still it hurts so much when these things happen, and we have all these ships here…. watching! Why are there still DEW satellites down there, in orbit of this planet?

            Thor Han grabbed my elbows.

-Listen, he said. Their Directed Energy Weapon satellites are stealth. You know that we have been working at disabling these satellites from the moment they started putting them into orbit. You remember, this Russian cosmonaut, from the International Space Station?

-Yes, of course. (We Will Never Let You Down-2021, p.132)

-Well he didn't know anything about the real nature of these satellites, but this was one of our multiple operations to try to stop this process. We have been shooting at sight on these satellites until they made it stealth. Since July 2021, the Earth Alliance is in charge of the protection of Earth’s space from ground to outer orbit, so it is in their responsibility to continue these operations. The operations of the Galactic Alliance start after the limit of the outer orbit. The interference of a global intervention would cause more damage at long term than you can envision. Don’t you think that it breaks our heart to be bound to do nothing about what is happening on the ground of this planet? It is excruciating!

-What about the missing children?

-They are alive. They were taken for trafficking. A rescue operation is in the process and those we can save will be brought back to their families.


Thor Han gave me an overview of the organization of the interference zones and I found it best to record an explanatory video when I was back to Earth on the following morning:


Until Earth becomes officially a member, the Galactic Federation of Worlds cannot intervene directly into Earth's planetary safety zone, that is between ground level and outer orbit. And the only way to join membership is as a peaceful planetary civilization.

This is why the Galactic Federation of Worlds, well aware of the problem Earth would have to face in a near future, helped build a secret defense fleet since the 1940's (US NAVY Solar Warden) and created the Earth Alliance, organization allying White Hats Earth military and the Galactic Federation of Worlds.
We have never let you down.

Article by Elena Danaan, August 28 20

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