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Above the Clouds

I have been reticent to share this experience in order to preserve the privacy of this encounter, but regarding the current events, it came to me that it could bring some clarity. On Tuesday January 4, 2022, I had a tea with an extraterrestrial lady. Here is how it happened:

In december 2019, I met a strange couple at a book launch in my little town. Two tall blond persons, a man and a woman, both strikingly beautiful, entered the room and made eye-contact with me and sat in the public. Their aura was strikingly different, more vibrant and sizzling. I took my seat at the conference table and each time I lifted my eyes to look into the public, this couple was staring at me. It even made me feel uncomfortable but I thought you know, sometimes, people are just weird. After the launch, we were a group going to celebrate in a local bar and this couple invited themselves to come along. They introduced themselves as Americans who had just bought a house in the area and desired to make new friends. 

We had a few drinks and the lady, whose strange name is just one single letter, took me apart the whole evening to chat alone with me. Her partner was entertaining the others so she could spend time with in my company. Well, that is how I experienced it. Still, I was feeling uneasiness. Her green eyes could pierce right through my thoughts, I could feel it. She quickly asked me: Do you believe in aliens? Yes, I answered, disconcerted. Then she told me that she knew I was abducted as a child and now protected by good people. At the time, I was just dealing with my hypnosis memory retrieval and about to write my book. I hadn't gone public yet, at all! She asked me if I had told anybody yet about it, and I said I didn't, but that I was considering writing about it. She insisted that I needed to put my story out there. Then, she went on repeating the same sentence: "I know a lot, a lot... you have no idea, no idea..." She placed in the conversation that there were thirteen densities in this Universe, and an infinity of other universes. I asked what she was doing as a job and she mentioned that her husband and herself were installing brand new innovative technologies in rich people's houses, in California. At that moment, her husband made eye contact with her and it was like if they had a telepathic exchange. She instantly stopped talking to me and they left, quite hurriedly. We exchanged phone numbers but in my mind, I categorized this encounter with probably scientologists or even just weird people. I forgot about them.

She phoned me two years later. "Can we meet tomorrow please, just you and I? I need to speak to you". I was quite surprised. I asked Thor Han about this and he just replied to me: "They are from Alpha Centauri, working with the Federation."  I was bafled. Thor Han wouldn't tell me more and of course, I accepted the invitation. She turned up at my house and we went for tea at the terrace of a restaurant, as it was a nice sunny day outside. I looked at her in a whole new perspective. I am used to the company of extraterrestrials so I was feeling comfortable, rather relieved to finally know who she really was. I could easily recognize the specific connection with a being from another world. And I could tell that she knew I was aware of this... It was like being in the presence of a Pleiadian; they have social codes for telepathy and I straightly recognized it. This happened at a time when a vaccination pass was required to access restaurants. I am not vaccinated so I do not have such a pass. The lady said something strange: that she wasn't vaccinated either but she had a pass. She straightly blocked me from asking any question, with only her mind. I know this way of doing with some extraterrestrials; they disconcert you for a few seconds, giving you a brain fog, by using their cognitive abilities.
Our conversation lasted two hours.The first part was about me and my alien experiences. She was asking me a lot of questions. When I looked into her eyes, they were changing. They are green, but at times, there was a glimpse of bright blue (just like Thor Han's eyes colour) and they looked slightly wider. Although, she could totally pass for a Scandinavian person. Then... she got into the real subject and I was surprised at first with her question. She asked me what internet provider I had and she strongly adviced me to go for Starlink. She said Starlink was going to become very big and take over mostly every communication systems in the near future, and that Elon musk invested more funds into developping Lower Orbit relay technologies. She kept on talking about him, saying that he was going to become very important soon, for the greater good of humanity, in the near and far future. She said this: "him and I are from the same place". I tried to reconstruct our conversation:
Me: I know Elon Musk has business off-world and regular extraterrestrial contacts. Is that true?
Her: Yes, you know a lot I see. 
Me: Was he part of some meetings on Jupiter in July?
Her: Yes. He goes in space a lot. He is very involved in space. Elon musk is meant to accomplish great things for Humanity. It was planed. Elon musk is the future and I may repeat it to you: do not lose time, go with Starlink NOW. 
Me: When you say you are from the same place, what place are you talking about?
Her: We were living near L.A. before buying a house here, but I still travel a lot. 
Me: What were you doing there, as a job? I remember you said you were installing new technologies in people's homes? For which company was it?
Her: We had our own private company. We are high grade engineers. It was a new technology, very advanced, having to do with connectivity. A kind of Wi-Fi if you want but based on quantum technology relayed to lower orbit connectivity. That's all I can say. We left because we lost everything.
Me: I am sorry to hear this. So it's why you left California. How did this happen?
Her: Our house burnt down. They burnt a whole town. Many of us died. 
Me: Can you speak openly about your origins?
Her: My people are not originally from California. My family arrived first, a long time ago, in...
   (She bent forward and stared into my eyes, to say:)
Her: Hawaii... 
    (I sensed there was a lot to understand in that, as her eyes were so insisting. Then, she added:
Her: I cannot speak here. I am leaving in two weeks so come to my place next week and I will tell you my story.
She stood up and went inside to pay the bill, and gave me a long warm hug before we parted. It was like hugging a family member. Her aura was so beautiful and her frequency vibrantly high. Straight after, I fell severely ill and wasn't able to meet her again. She was diappointed but in our exchange by text message she promised to meet me again. What I retained from this conversation was that extraterrestrials from Alpha Centauri, members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, were openly walking and living among us, developping advanced connectivity technologies, working somehow with Elon Musk's Starlink project. This last point is the reason why I decided to share this experience only now. I hope it will bring some understanding to what is going on with Elon Musk and the agenda from the Deep State to assassinate his character, and stop him from participating in the co-creation of a better future, where the human race of Earth would be sovereign and free.

Afternoon tea with and Alpha Centaurian

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