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Star system: Altea (in galaxy NGC 7331 Pegasus)
Planet: Emerya
Race: Altean
Height: 9 Ft
Skin: fair. High cheek bones.
Hair: creamy-white, very long.
Eyes: very slanted, clear blue
Position: Emissary for the Altean delegation of the Seeders,  a cell of scientists from the Intergalactic Confederation, she also reports from the Pa-Taal Council
. Her real name is not audible for human ears; "Oona" means "The one who comes forward", or in other word: "emissary".

Oona is a member of my soul cluster, or soul family, and her partner and twin-flame is Tayel, Admiral of the Altean fleet in our solar system.


tayel 1.png

CLIP ABOVE: On June 6, 2024, in an interview of US army whistleblower "JP" by Dr. Michael Salla on the YouTube channel "Exopolitics" (Link here for the complete video) Oona intervened by speaking through and she clearly says: "It's your Frequency". Oona was referring to JP's DNA frequency able to open gateways and allow him to physically pass through. JP was testifying of his visit to a biodome where he could see species of plants not found on Earth nowadays. This was not the first time he was taken to visit such a type of biodome, notably some belonging to the Seeders from the Intergalactic Confederation (more details in Dr.Salla's book series on JP). As an Altean, Oona is an expert in the science of frequencies, base for their language and technology.

Transcripts of communications


April 8 2024


      On April 4 2024 in the early morning, I received a communication from Altean Emissary Oona, who showed me something quite interesting and worth sharing. She gave me the visual of an old construction in the shape of a doughnut stuck on a space rock covered by mist, and she said this:

      “There is actually a comet near Earth that carries an abandoned mining station that once belonged to the people of the Eight Planet, which the Earthlings call Neptune. It is a very old facility from the time when the inner ice belt, which you call the Kuiper Belt, was exploited for its natural resources such as water and minerals. After it was abandoned, the Galactic Federation of Worlds repurposed it as a scientific observation base and gave this rock an orbital impulse. You see, comets can have different origins, such as:

-The Kuiper belt, these take about 200 years to orbit the Sol star.

-The Oort Cloud, a spherical outer edge of the Sol system, and these take much longer to orbit the star, up to 250,000 years for one solar orbit.

-Or, of course, comets can come from the interstellar medium. Most of them are bound to an orbit around the Sol star, while some of them are just passing by. The comet I am drawing attention to is bound to an orbital cycle of 71.3 Earth years.

      In 1953, the Galactic Federation of Worlds decided to use this secret observation outpost to monitor the whereabouts of the Nebu, who returned to this star system and began interacting with Earth governments for no good. It is ironic that this historic little rock would come back just after the GFW got rid of the Nebu, after seventy years of misery for Earth humans. As you watch Earth's moon occult the star Sol, think of this small historic rock passing near the event at 24 degrees east, and celebrate in your heart the true feeling of victory. More than a relic of the past, this comet symbolizes the cycles of time and the wheel of destiny. Everyone is talking about the eclipse, but you should look at this comet, it is a harbinger of hope and resilience and the certainty that even though we may not see a solution to our problems right now, the cycles of the universe always bring a return, an answer, a victory in time. Never lose hope. This is what comets teach us. In 2095, when this comet returns, many things will have changed for Earth. The future that you hold in your hearts and expectations will be here, settled and prosperous. This comet is a temporal bridge. May it inspire your heart to be creative.”





January 29 2024


II am Oona, Altean emissary for the Seeders. There is nowhere in the universe where life is static, frozen in time.

The Anakhim know how to play with the rules of the Cosmos but we, Alteans, are deeply committed to respect these rules. For they are natural rules by which all Creation abide. On a world newly accepted by a galactic, or intergalactic protective and inclusive structure, technological and spiritual support is given to all populations facing mass extinction.

Never we give immortality, but instead we offer an extra chance to live. An opportunity for life to thrive and to expand. When for some reason we arrive too late, we still give life a second chance by repopulating the devastated worlds.

Always, we will intervene as a last resort, when the rules of evolution will have played out to their full potential.

Then, and then only, we will intervene. There is nothing as sad as watching a treasure fade away into an eternal oblivion.


The group I am part of, known as The Seeders, keeps a genetic bank of all life in the universe. Well, as best as we can.

The Intergalactic Confederation sends explorers to the far ends of the known universe, to check out for new life,

and new missions to assist the Creator. It is true, that we also provide the worlds we visit with a few arks that will only respond to our own genetics, so that the indigenous cultures may not use these vessels for unfortunate ends.

The arks we provide are not all based on the said world, but when it is possible,

we hide them on other planets of their star system, or in high orbit. So then they cannot reach out to them.

Only the very people who built these arks can activate them and pilot them.

For example, Alteans can only pilot Altean technology, Ashai can only pilot Ashai technology,

Khregu can only pilot Khreg technology, and so on. No one can take over arks that are not of their genetic link.

In the same as the GFW does, we also provide these rescue Arks.

There will always be a crew following the cycles of incarnation of the planet, and who will stand ready at all time.

These crews never reveal their identity; they remain in the protection of the silence and discretion,

for they are highly hunted down for their genetic keys. But be reassured.

Although until only a decade ago, the future of Earth remained unstable, events have changed the face of the future.


Now, the threat of extinction was eradicated, since the Nebu hive was deactivated and destroyed, the Ciakahrr expelled and the Alliance of the Six was dismantled. There is no risk, anymore, for the populations of Earth,

and our arks will resurface from the depths of the Earth and the oceans, and descend from the sky,

for they will be offered to the people of Earth as places of teachings in all domains, when the great joining will occur.

You will call it the great global civilian contact. 

We are rejoicing, for soon, we will be together.




Jan 01 2024


For many cycles of time, humans of Earth have searched for answers looking at the night sky,

wondering if they were the only ones alive in the immense universe.

Comes a time, in the evolution of a civilization, when the global minds reach out to the awareness of their true position

in the vast universe. First, they learn that the universe is infinite, that time is an infinite value,

and that the diversity of life is also of infinite value.

One day, they wake up with the certainty that they are not alone anymore,

that all that they have yearned to know all their life is in front of them.

One day, they reach out to the hand that stretches towards them, through the vastness of space.

One day, they are not alone anymore; they realize they never were, from the start.

Yes, these times have come, beautiful ones.

Despite the fact that off-worlders were always among you, in your civilizations,

hidden since the dawn of times and way before, you are about to acknowledge, publicly, this evidence.

Those who hold the keys will speak, if they haven’t yet started.

Yes, beloved ones, yes you are blessed with the love of trillion stars, and more…

What will happen from now on, is the slow, progressive but irreversible disclosure from those who hold the key of truth. Disclosure is a team work, a plan finely orchestrated by the Galactic Alliance of Nataru and your military instances.

The truth will come from intelligence cells that are part of military organizations.

It will start in the place you least expect, for we have been infiltrating the dark organizations from the start,

from the time we made official contact with the governments, after the year 1954,

and officially when Commander Ambassador Val Thor, from the second planet,

established infiltration agents who remained silent observers for decades, gathered information,

and prepared the ground for the great plan of disclosure, that would only be enabled after the off-world dark overlords would leave the planet. This truly happened when we arrived, and it saw a definitive end in the year 2022.

The last bastion of darkness was the Anakh masters atop the darkest edifice of all.

Much more truth is to come, beautiful ones, much, much more.

Yet the opponent human part of these remaining but failing dark organizations,

are fighting back with great motivation and anger, so it always causes slight delays,

but you cannot stop this bright comet to hit target: Truth.

It is coming.

I told you once that by the end of 2023 we would rejoice together, well the delays are not so saddening,

for as I insist, you cannot stop this comet. The plan is irreversible.

Open your hearts, your minds, work on the acceptance of other cultures, races, appearances and physical aspects,

for you need to be ready to embrace diversity.

In respect, fraternity, honor, and kindness.


~ Oona ~



Dec 18 2023


          Dear Earthlings, this message is for you. The war that raged through your star system is now over, although you still need to fight another battle, the most important of all. This battle is the core key of the problem, for you, for your liberation. It has happened, during these last two decades, that great changes were set in place by the Galactic Alliance of Nataru. These changes bore satisfying results as the awakening, the freeing and the unlocking of human consciousness played a major role in the Earth liberation. You were meant, one day, to open your eyes and listen truly, with your heart, your mind, and realize that you had been played for a long… long time.

          Now that you opened your eyes, you can see the extent of the horrors perpetrated by the dark souls who were in control of this planet, and of your lives. With knowledge will come responsibility. It will be up to you, in turn, to wake up and guide those who are still asleep. With knowledge comes responsibility. When you take in hands the destiny of your civilization and of your planet, you become custodian, of your kind and of your habitat. It is one thing to get rid of the demons who roamed the land, it is another challenge to make the land fertile again and grow abundance on it. Soon, you will need to be prepared, for the times to come may surprise you, when you realize that the management of the planet is all down to you, the population. Yes, we truly mean this. We recommend that you begin to prepare now, on how you will desire to manage your land, according to the harmony of the cosmic natural laws of evolution. In the respect of your environment. Will you be ready to take over millennia of plundering of your natural resources by the Deep State? Yes, you will, Earthlings. You will.

          To take over a disastrous management, you need first to repair, to clear, to cleanse, and to re-think the whole system, make a new one. No more killing of other life-forms, let nature re-equilibrate itself. Nature doesn’t need you to perform so. Be prepared, be ready, to come up with new solutions that are clean and harmless. And most of all: respectful. The free energy technology patents will be released and also new ones, many new technologies, will be shared, from us, to you. In ecology, farming, nutrition and medical department. We will help you rebuild your world, your society, but first you must do the clearing, in all domains and on all levels.


And when the land is ready, when the planet is free and safe, we will be here.

The Pa-Taal Council.

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