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Copyright All rights reserved:  Elena Danaan

Inanna copyrighted 1.jpg

Star system: Sirius B     
Race: Anakh                                                       
Skin: fair, with a gold shimmer.                    
Eyes: nuances of emerald to celestine
Position Royal Princess Great Grandniece of Prince Ea/Enki

Inanna is back with Ea and she lives with other members of her family on the mothership Nibiru, actually parked near Jupiter. I had several occasions to meet her and I can say that Inanna is the incarnation of grace, beauty and feminine wisdom. Although she is only an Anakh woman from the royal house of Anu, Inanna was worshiped as a goddess in many ancient societies as Ishtar, Aphroditis, Venus and equivalent names. Her grand-father was the half-Ciakahrr Enlil, her father was Nannur, one of Enlil's sons, but Inanna and her twin brother Utu inherited more of the human genetic side of the family, through their mother Ningal. It happens to  be slightly different regarding the older sister and first child of Nannur and Ningal, Ereshkigal, who even though took human genetics after their mother, nourishes a mischievous personality more in the Ciakahrr line of Enlil.

Some of Inanna's relatives

Anu copyrighted 1.jpg
Yuh copyrighted 1.jpg

Great Grandfather
Emperor of the Anakh Empire in the Nataru branch


Older Sister




& youngest son of Enlil and a Human mother



These transmissions are not channelling but the report on communications via physical encounters.


Nov 13 2023

          Dear children of Ki. I have loved living on your beautiful planet, many eons ago, as well as on nearby planet Naara. Here I am now, back with our imperial prince Ea, my dear and beloved uncle. I was chosen to be playing an influential role in the future of this galaxy, but it is not to be disclosed at this precise moment, yet. I have interest in the destiny of the children of Ki, for which many have come to help from various parts of Nataru. I wish to see the children of my beloved uncle thrive in happiness and freedom, and this is what I can see, from where I stand, out of Ki’s linear gravitational time. My message is to bring your awareness to the beauty of your true primeval essence. See with the eyes that have been given to you. Feel with the heart that has been given to you. Think with the mind that has been given to you. Transcend the illusion that was placed between your eyes and the true vision of reality. Nothing can come in-between you and your destiny. You are tremendously loved, and it is in this love, that you shall walk each day that is gifted to you on marvelous Ki.


Mars 28 2023

          Ea is a distant grand-uncle to me regarding Ki’s family standards. I am the direct grand-daughter of Yuh, although I more-likely chose to bear the genetics of my mother, who was human. I despise Yuh, for all that he has done. I was given the governorate of Lahamu, the second planet, by my uncle Marutuk when he reigned upon this star system. My grand-father Yuh had Ki to himself, but he shared as well Anshar (Saturn) with Marutuk because of the portal they had repurposed there, linking directly to our homeworld. Marutuk didn't create a portal on Anshar; it was already there, left by a very ancient civilization nobody knows anything about. The interdimensional stargate was closed and abandoned. Marutuk found it, reactivated it and set its coordinates to Ashtari. The Nebu took hold of it for a while, by agreements with Marutuk.

          My real name means “Daughter of the light of Source”. It is pronounced Inuruanna. The people of Ki simplified it in their own language to Inanna or Ninanakh, but you can still call me Inanna. The Humans of Ki have invented stories and deified us. They erected temples and cults in our names, not understanding that in truth, we were only people. Well… my grandfather pretended to these Humans that he was an almighty god. Enlil, Yuh. He is my grandfather. I had Ciakahrr blood but I removed it from my genes. I despise anything that has to do with Reptiloids. It is fine now, Yuh is gone, he has been judged and he won’t do anything to us anymore.


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