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Copyright All rights reserved:  Elena Danaan



Star system: Ashaara (Taygeta/Pleiades)       
Planet: Erra
Race: Ahel                                                                
Height: 6.2 Ft
Skin: fair. High cheek bones.                               
Hair: blond, short cut.
Eyes: Cyan blue
Position: High Commander of the  battle station Excelsior,GFW.



These transmissions are not channellings but communication via technology or physical encounters


Dec 11 2023

          Here is High Commander Ardaana speaking. Our Emissary will relay this message to you all. I have been monitoring some confused actions lead by deceptive information, regarding public access to new medical technologies due to be implemented on Terra, in public medical centers that you name hospitals. As long as certain influential corporations will be in power on Terra, these medical technologies will be withheld and their implementation pending. Meanwhile, it is reported to me that human groups and individuals are taking financial opportunity on the situation. There are interesting new alternative medical devices created by humans, using quantum healing and sound frequencies, whom we inspire through personal contact, spreading globally, and it is worth your attention. Only those tagged as “medbeds” shall raise your concern, especially when a currency deal is requested.


          The real medical technology that we are bringing forth to you is nothing in comparison. It uses holographic frequential tech that no Terran civilian has been able to develop through to this day; for their personal safety we do not encourage it for the moment. All will be revealed and implemented in time. Know that medical priority will be given to the builders of the future of Terra: the younger ones. Genetic alterations and severe diseases will be repaired first, concerning older generations. When time will come, when these grave diseases will be eradicated from the surface of this planet and leave no trace through generations to come, these specific medical technologies will be available for everyone to use as to maintain youth and health if they want to. Will come a time when every house will own such a device, and it will be as basic as having a shower unit. If you could see the times that are ahead of you, just as we can, you would wake up with a smile every day. Humanity of Terra must thrive and multiply, and reach out for the stars.

High Commander Ardaana.



These transmissions are not channellings but communication via technology or physical encounters

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