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annax background.jpg

Star system: Meissa (Constellation Orion)
Planet: Daria
Race: Egaroth

Height: 7 Ft          
copper brown
Hair: none             
Eyes: clear blue pupils on dark indigo fill
Position: Councilor at the Council of Alnilam
(formerly Council Of Five)


ANNAX was born on planet Daria, in the Meissa star system, upper part of the Orion constellation as we see it from Earth.  He is an Egaroth, which is a unique species. They are hermaphrodites who can chose a gender at puberty, and Annax chose to be male. He has a female partner whose name is Sheyy. The Egaroth culture is also present in the Alnilam star system, central star of the Orion belt, and this is the place where the illustrious Council of Five has its headquarters. Founded by the Grus Elmanuk, and formerly known as the Orion Council of Nine,  this organization was created to look after the populations of this galactic district. When the Nebu Empire rose and the Great Orion Wars burst out, the Council of Nine endured severe damage and was reduced to five member cultures: the Egaroth, Redan, Orela, Emerther, Ginvo. It became then known as the Council of Five.

After the Nebu hive was taken down in 2022, ancient members reintegrated the Council, six then seven, and regarding the growing status, it was decided that this organization would be renamed the Council of Zaggarah (Alnilam), which was the original name at its creation.

I am delighted to know that Annax is a member of this council, representing the Egaroth culture since the Great Orion Wars.

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The Zaggarah Star System
Alnilam, Zaggarah III and the siege of the Council of Zaggarah

Alnilam 1.jpg
Alnilam council building.jpg
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VIDEOS                     TRANSCRIPTS

These transmissions are not channellings but communication via technology or physical encounters.


Annax mate

February 18 2021- Courage through Storm / Phryll ~withThor Han & Annax~

February 11 2021- Raising Frequency / Phryll ~withThor Han & Annax~

January 7 2021- Emotional Resonance / Evolution of Religions / Ship Schools / Annunaki

April 23 2020- Retro-engineering ~Thor Han~ Love ~with Annax~

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