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annax background.jpg

Star system: Meissa (Constellation Orion)
Planet: Daria
Race: Egaroth

Height: 7 Ft          
copper brown
Hair: none             
Eyes: clear blue pupils on dark indigo fill
Position: Councilor at the Council of Alnilam
(formerly Council Of Five)


ANNAX was born on planet Daria, in the Meissa star system, upper part of the Orion constellation as we see it from Earth.  He is an Egaroth, which is a unique species. They are hermaphrodites who can chose a gender at puberty, and Annax chose to be male. He has a female partner whose name is Sheyy. The Egaroth culture is also present in the Alnilam star system, central star of the Orion belt, and this is the place where the illustrious Council of Five has its headquarters. Founded by the Grus Elmanuk, and formerly known as the Orion Council of Nine,  this organization was created to look after the populations of this galactic district. When the Nebu Empire rose and the Great Orion Wars burst out, the Council of Nine endured severe damage and was reduced to five member cultures: the Egaroth, Redan, Orela, Emerther, Ginvo. It became then known as the Council of Five.

After the Nebu hive was taken down in 2022, ancient members reintegrated the Council, six then seven, and regarding the growing status, it was decided that this organization would be renamed the Council of Zaggarah (Alnilam), which was the original name at its creation.

I am delighted to know that Annax is a member of this council, representing the Egaroth culture since the Great Orion Wars.

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The Zaggarah Star System
Alnilam, Zaggarah III and the siege of the Council of Zaggarah

Alnilam 1.jpg
Alnilam council building.jpg
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Annax mate



These transmissions are not channellings but communication via technology or physical encounters.


March 11 2024


          The Uru An Na Nebula, that spreads from 1344 to 1500 light years away from Terra, where you live, is a giant gas ejection from an early supermassive star. This explosion created a very rare vortex that permits time entanglement. Now, young star systems have been naturally forming from this gigantic medium, but artificial alteration was performed by the Nebu Eban in the past. For instance, the Kaaba, that you call the Trapezium Cluster, and which is near the center point of the Nebula, generates a range of light radiations that on Terra you name “Ultraviolet light”. These Ultraviolet light emissions have been pushing the gases away, disrupting the formation of new star systems inside of the Nebula. The Nebu mingled with the laws of nature without any ethics. The Ultraviolet light was an engineering operation of the Nebu; these races thrived on Ultraviolet light.


           What we found, inside of the now deserted cluster, are notably binary pairs of artificial gas planets, a considerable number of them. These were artificial facilities as I detailed to you already. The Alnilam Council has now taken back ownership of that zone, for restoration of its natural heritage and the repair of everything that was disturbed. Of course, the Vortex at its center is a neutral zone, but the council protects its access for safety measures. The Anakhim scientists, who are working with us, have put an emphasis on keeping this important vortex safe. Not mentioning as well the GFW’s encouragements in this task and duty. There is a war raging in this galaxy, against an old enemy, the Ciakahrr. They are trying to communicate outside to receive assistance, but the Galactic Alliance is scanning all the interdimensional access points to Nataru and at this moment in time, no one is coming in, and no one is going out either. This is very strict!

The Kaaba, or the central trapezium star cluster, which in reality is a cube, used to shelter the Nebu hive super-queen. When she was dismantled, because she was deeply embedded into the morphogenic structure of the area, a great imbalance occurred and since then, we have been eagerly working at repairing it. This place is of all beauty, and it shall be restored to its full potential.

          The star Betelgeuse and its planetary system are now stabilized, so we can direct our efforts towards the cluster. There are many other things, that we discovered there, such as power supply superstructures floating in space, huge deserted spaceports with fleets still docked, hidden in the Nebula’s gas clouds, artificial planets, and an interesting cube inside of the Kaaba cluster itself, that was the access to the hive super-queen. I shall take you there, one day, when the opportunity befalls. And I know, we know all, here, that there are still many new discoveries on the way, hidden in the veils of the nebula.

~I am Annax, speaking for the Council of Alnilam.~

Dec 04 2024

          Well today we have made a satisfying arrangement with the Anakh Empire to refurbish the whole area with support technologies. Since the demise of the Nebu, the Anakhim have showed great support. This is due to different factors. First, the Uru an Na zone is no longer opposing the neighboring kingdoms as a threat and peace now prevails in this area. In consequence, the Alliance of the Six, created by the former Nebu, was dissolved and the Ciakahrr went back to their original home-worlds in the Thuban stars. Without the support of the Nebu, the Ciakahrr decided to no longer have interest in the Uru an Na zone. And thirdly, the regressive faction of Anakhim reptilians followers of Yuh, who were based on Earth, was also neutralized. Emperor Anu has now liberty of action without breaking any treaty or starting a war. We are, here, moving towards an abundant era of peace and prosperity.


Nov 20 2023

          Dear Humans of Terra, Egaroth Councilor Annax here speaking. We have been watching over your civilizations for thousands of years, nurturing great hope in our hearts as we celebrated the tremendous potential encoded into the genetics of the bodies you occupied, bloodline after bloodline, incarnation after incarnation. You are now close to the time when your liberation has come and you activate this tremendous potential, that laid dormant within the very bodies you have occupied, during all this time. The dark minded beings who controlled the human elites on your planet were removed very recently, but you still need to fight your own dark ones; they are humans. Some are human hybrids with souls as somber as the darkest night in this universe. These are not allotted with compassion, groomed since their youngest age in secret societies to become perfectly insensitive to all life-forms’ suffering. Even their own. Their state of being is beyond healing, for there is nothing to heal in an empty soul. They roam the ground of this planet like aimless ghosts, trying their very best to distract you from what is important. They do not have any power than the power of mind, that nurtures their energy and allow their actions. Wake up. Time has come to stop fearing the shadows. Instead, embrace the light that is ahead of you: a future perfectly embraced in the glowing heart of humanity. All is well in the wider vision of time. All is well.

You will pass this critical evolution threshold with brilliance and success. We know it, because we see it. Humans of Terra, it is time you rise from your cradle and sail the winds of the universe.


~I am Annax, from the Zaggarah Council. You are loved. You are not alone.~


These transmissions are not channellings but communication via technology or physical encounters.

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January 7 2021- Emotional Resonance / Evolution of Religions / Ship Schools / Annunaki

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