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Above the Clouds


January 16 2023

by Elena Danaan

              You know me under the name Elena Danaan, which is my true legal name in this temporary human incarnation on this planet that you call Earth. The true, clear and transparent story of my life in this incarnation is thoroughly detailed on my website at .  But of course, Elena Danaan is not the first name I bore all through my  long journey since I first incarnated into Human consciousness some millions years ago, regarding Earth’s linear value of time, in the galaxy Alderan NGC 7331, in the Pegasus galactic cluster. My home star system is named Altea.

               My journey is dedicated to the study of Human evolution throughout the Universe, embracing and learning all the emotions of human consciousness. I chose to explore humanity by physically incarnating a million times, in what you call the past and in what you call the future. I have lived many lives in the past of planet Earth, and bring you today the knowledge of what was hidden from you by the Dark Ones, but I also come from the future. Before returning to Earth, I incarnated 300 years ahead into your linear future, in the star system Ashaara in the Pleiades. This decision allowed me to enroll into the Envoy program. So this is why I come from your future.

                                                                                           You know, this universe is an infinite compound of bubbles of

                                                                                                   universes, each one is a different dimension with its own physical                                                                                                    laws and ranges of frequencies of matter and consciousness.

                                                                                                          If you want to have a clear understanding of the big picture,                                                                                                    visualize the Flower of Life, considering that it is not a flat                                                                                                                geometrical representation but a spherical one, and each circle                                                                                                      is a bubble, which is a universe, overlapping with neighboring                                                                                                        universes/dimensions. In between the bubbles is the Void, where

                                                                                                  The Nine supraplasmic consciousness exists. The “glue” that                                                                                                          binds all these bubbles together is a frequency named Love.                                                                                                          And Love is not only a number on a frequency range, it is sacred                                                                                                    geometry, it is consciousness, it is Light, and it vibrates at the                                                                                                          same frequency rate as Quartz.


                This is why Quartz holds a power that has been hidden from you for a very long time. And as such is also the power of Love. At the center of everything is Creator Source. And she is “She” in her highest conscious essence, and dual in her active aspect. From One comes Two. Source fractals itself into all of Her creation and every consciousness is made at Her image. This is why Consciousness is dual. Source grows and evolves throughout Her creation, and each cell of Her creation plays out duality. This is the dynamo of the universe. The power core of evolution. Two coils of opposite charge compose the dynamics of evolution. These two coils are: “Creation” and “Destruction”. The tensions and struggles between these two polarities generate energy, evolution. Adversity triggers the weak to find strength and to develop intelligence. Some individuals feel drawn to embrace the dark path of Destruction, Negativity and service to Ego, while others are naturally attracted to serve the bright path of Creation, Positivity and Compassion. Sometimes it is tribes, civilizations, worlds, galaxies... Sometimes the agents of the Dark spread infection, disease and despair through worlds and star systems, such as the Nebu have done. Not knowing that they were also fractals of Creator Source, and only unknowingly playing their part into the greater picture. As the Nebu fall, others will rise. This is how the universe works.

               On planet Earth, extraordinary things have happened recently. Humans of Earth were liberated from hundreds of thousands of years of slavery, thanks to the Nataru Alliance but first to the people of Earth, who awakened and kept on awakening exponentially. The wave of light is rushing through the whole planet and it is an exhilarating moment to witness, for the very first time in the history of Earth. These are times of Glory and of Victory. We are heading together towards what you call your “Star Trek Future”. The timeline is stable and will remain as such. Nonetheless…

               In every shift of paradigm, the old patterns are fighting back. This is a normal occurrence in the Universe. At the moment on Earth, the human agents of the beheaded beast of the Dark are running in panic, causing havoc and destruction, playing their role as they chose to. It is time they realize that if they want the positive change they are yearning for and speed up the entry of Humanity into this magnificent “Star trek Future”, they need to realize that the more they cause destruction, the more they harm themselves, and Humanity, delaying the positive outcome, and they just do not seem to see it. They are running blindfolded, their hearts fueled with hate, leaving the Love and Light behind. Where they are going, they will only find suffering and nothingness. The cold place of nothingness. They are only fighting their own demons, and they will meet them.

               My path is of the Light, Love and Creation. I am a creator, a healer, a keeper of knowledge, a bringer of Hope. And you know, the more you shine the more you draw shadows after you. And the agents of the Shadow are at my back right now, witch-hunting for me and for anyone linked to me in whatever ways working with me for the greater good of Humanity. They have now come after my Earth family, my friends, my colleagues, my beloved ones. They will do whatever is in their cunning power to discredit me and all of those I just mentioned. Because getting rid of me physically will empower my message and add even more credibility to my work, they cannot afford to do that. So instead, the agents of the Dark are putting all their energy and focus into discrediting me. My name, my work, everything about me. Inventing stories, deforming my face in ugly videos mixed with the darkest creative elements. Inventing stories about me, etc, etc… If so much effort is employed, wow, I must really be on target, don’t you think so?


                The more they do this, the more they confirm publicly that the Dark is scared of me. I do not fear the Dark, for in a place of Love there is no Fear. All I see in them is suffering. Pain. Their heart is not at peace, for they focus their energy at elaborating scenarios to stop people listening to me. Instead... of focusing their mind and energy on their own personal light. For it is not by working hard at trying to tarnish other’s people’s light that they will shine brighter. In the contrary, because of their actions, they will become darker. I cannot express towards them anything else other than compassion, because this is who I am. I wish that one day they see the beauty of the world and the essence of their own soul.

               We are witnessing a true medieval "dark ages" witch hunt. Because I am bringing a truth about the hidden history of Earth that is shaking down the pillars of their institutions and dismantling entire belief systems that were established to keep control of human societies. The agents of the Dark are dogs sent not after me personally, but after this Truth I am bringing.

               Yes, I am a friend of Ea, anciently known as Enki. He is a wonderful, compassionate, wise, very ancient being, and he came back to help us. He brought a cure to the genetic degradations that were performed by the Dark Ones on the human species of Earth. The agents of the Dark do not want humanity to know about this and they are working relentlessly and ferociously, using any mean possible to convince you to hate and fear Ea. I advise you to read my book “The Seeders”, where I explain everything about this.

               They sent their dogs one after the other to gather an army against me, using deception and manipulation. I will not name names because it would lower me down to their level and play the games that they want to trap me in. There is a term for these gaslighting practices which is “Sea-Lioning”. At this point, you all know very well who I am talking about. Counterintelligence agents are programmed individuals, most of the time unknowingly, for the best liar is a liar who believes in his lies and will defend them to his last breath. For decades, because of looking-glass device technologies, the agents of the Dark knew that the great Awakening of Humanity would occur in the window 2017-2022 and that no one, nothing, would be able to stop it. It was written in the destiny of the Universe. Earth was always meant to lead and teach as a pole of spirituality and wisdom in this galaxy and this is finally happening. In order to hijack the Great Terran Awakening, the agents of the Dark created programs and organizations that made up false narratives to be introduced into mainstream awakening movements, manipulate and collapse them from the inside. They programmed infiltrators who had one job: creating division. For our greatest power is in Unity and they tried to prevent it. I am afraid to say that in the end, they fail. Their efforts will only be wasted. Nothing, and no one, can stop what has started. They cannot stop the future.

               Emissaries of the Star Nations receive information by physical off-world contact or via technology and they are only ONE per organization, in order to keep the information unspoiled. Anyone pretending “channeling” my own contacts in the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the Intergalactic Confederation or Prince Ea, are not getting the right source of information and are victim of manipulation for confusion purpose. Everyone of you who come from somewhere else can connect to their own soul group, and get personal information from their star families. But official emissaries are only ONE per organization for each world.

                Before I made connection with The Nine, I was approached in 2021 by a very charming and lively young American girl who pretended to have been rescued by the same crew as me, from the GFW, as a child. I could verify this claim, but there was a trick to it no one saw coming at first. Neither myself, neither my crew, from which Thor Han was a member at the time, could pick up that this young person had a MK Ultra programming targeted at taking me down as well as a renown Dr. in Exopolitics. In November 2021, thanks to the Andromedans, this programming was detected and the young girl instantly cut from any contact with the GFW and all personnel. All details are to be found in the January 25th 2022 statement on my website: “Protecting the Truth” ( ). Infuriated, this young person kept on pretending with delusion, that she communicated with my friend Val Nek, who by her fault was sent to a distant star system and cut from all contact with anyone on Earth from November 2021 and to this present day. This young girl caused tremendous harm in the disclosure community, working at undermining it from inside, displaying a misleading victim behavior in public. She continues to this day, only to feed the division and the confusion in the world with her agendized delusions. Trojan Horse programmings are unfortunately difficult to overcome, as it doesn’t require any implant or internal device but a deconstruct of the mind performed by torture at a very young age. This is why these programmings can never be detected until the very second when the clock switches on. This young girl is caught in a loop. She is not in contact with a so called Val Nek, nor is she with the GFW. I wish for her to find a place of healing and peace, and self-esteem. May she find her own path towards the light and bravely, honestly, leave all the illusions behind.

                Shortly after I cut contact with this person, I was victim of a remote viewing. My strong shields against these kinds of intrusions allowed me to determine that it was a personnel from the CIA attempting to find out what I was going to write about next. All details of this experience are in my book “The Seeders”, which at that time, in early 2022, I had started writing. I released on social media that I was working on a chapter about my encounters with “The Nine”. Instantly, the young girl started a campaign to demonize my connections with these beings. Anyone who tried to defend my work was  attacked in the same ways by that same person. At this time, I was approached by people from Silicon Valley who flattered my ego to convince me to attend a conference in San Jose, as a speaker. It was quickly found that the diabolical World Economic Forum was the organizer of this deception. It turned out to be both a physical trap and a coercion into signing a Non-Diclosure-Agreement on my whole life work, non revocable and for perpetuity. I had to require the help of an attorney to get me out of it and of course, a little help from the GFW, who are looking after me.

               Three days after I received a closure email from my attorney regarding this resolved issue, a new agent of the Dark popped suddenly on the scene, out of nowhere, and was everywhere on a considerable number of new tiny YouTube channels. Same as it was the case with the young girl, this person had a fit body, used a sexualized body language, and a hypnotic spell that took the crowds by storm. His mission: to destroy me. He first spread the defaming lie that I had been murdered and replaced by a Droid. A curious thing because nobody talks about Droids; it is a term only employed in the Star Wars movies. What the CIA was seeking in their remote-viewing attempt found then an answer: I disclosed publicly that I was writing about my encounters with Enki and that he was bringing a cure for Humanity. This is when this new agent’s attacks switched on full power. His mission was to get the whole world not to trust Enki. His smear campaign was  incredibly harsh against me, at the rate of one defaming and bullying video a day, mentioning my name high and loud, to the point that it became really ridiculous. It eventually stopped after my attorney took care of this imbecile.

               We are talking here about cyber-bullying. About men coalizing to bully and abuse a woman. The world is watching, and doing nothing. They even applaude because they are entertained. How sad, knowing the potential that is in Humanity. I have brought nothing but Love, Hope and Empowerment into this world. In the greater picture of the Universe, these agents of the Dark play a role which is to help you develop your discernemnt, your instinct, your intelligence. They are here to help you recognize the frequencies. Is it love, is it hate? Do not look at the tree; look at the fruits.

                 The Galactic & Spiritual Informers Connection Conference in Orlando, created with great inspiration by Dani Henderson, brought together in a powerful unity many of us who work for the Light. We were the 1000. On that memorable week-end of October 2022, we shifted something towards the Light, and all beings whose hearts were incline to the Dark felt this full power, as they revealed their true agendas right afterwards. After this event, many who I thought were my friends appeared to be not, but I didn’t look back. My face is always looking towards the light.

                They are trying since, relentlessly, to divide us from within, contacting us separately, in private, manipulating those close to us to get our phone numbers or accept to listen to the dark poisoned words of division. They try to mount us against each other. For instance, all of us were contacted by an agent of the Dark pretending to be from the NAVY, who tried to tear us apart. None of us fell for it and we all refused contact as we are seeing clear through his game.

                    I may also reveal that I have been a victim of two Direct Energy Weapon attacks in my home, countered by personnel from the GFW. It is a very scary experience. This is the last battle in the final liberation of this planet. The agents of the Dark gathered an army of dark-ages witch-hunters with many others who have a public media platform, to throw a crusade against me. Some of them took upon a mission to identify my family members, cyber-bully them and intimidate them by threatening audio messages. Some others re-used excerpts of my YouTube videos slowing down my voice to that of a demonic tone, painted horns on my head, blood and reptilian scales on my face. Some tarot readers, proclaimed "channelers" of the invisible and week-end "remote-viewers" without any scientific protocol and ethics (true scientific remote-viewing uses blind targets), followed up every single information I have been bringing by counter-narrative videos. This has gone very far and I have in my hands all the materiel and rights to legally sue these cyber-bullying practices in front of the law of men if I wanted to. But here we are, this is not who I am. I do not live by the laws of men but by those of the Universe. 


                 I removed my email address from my website because I was receiving an increasing number of insulting, bullying emails. I am wondering if these people have an interesting life. If only, instead of doing this, they would explore their own  potential to build a new beautiful world together. All creations of Source have a fractal seed of Light. I wish they would go and find it. But of course, as assets of the Dark path, they will enact their role until their mission for the Universe is complete.

                 To the man I wished became a colleague from the start, commonly known by his association with the concept of blue extraterrestrial volatiles, I will say this: I genuinely wanted to be your friend. I wished at first that we would put in common our information and work together for the disclosure, with all the others, but instead you raised a crusade against me. I was never interested in responding to your provocations, I never criticized you and I remained silent to this day. Your own personal pain caused harm in this community. When you brutally turned your back to the wonderful, well knowledgeable scholar in exopolitics who gave you all his support, you hurt this whole community but in the end, you only caused harm to yourself. Here is what Thor Han Eredyon told me about you; he said that you didn’t lie at the start. That your original experience in the Space Programs was genuine but that you had a programing that switched on later, when your informants changed. Your programming is clearly about aborting the Space Programs Witness Disclosure. I have withheld this for too long, not wishing to get involved in the deep mess that you created. You own nothing but your own truth, dear child of Source. I sincerely wish that one day you find the Seed of Light in your heart, and allow peace to prevail.

                  I stand with the Space Program Witnesses for they tell the truth. I came here to support them. I stand with Tony Rodrigues, Jean-Charles Moyen, Niara Terela Isley, Rebecca Rose, Chris O’Connor, Randy Cramer, David Rousseau and many others I didn't name and yet to come forward bravely. I will continue to support the disclosure of the Space Programs and I will not stop, because you cannot stop the truth. Sooner or later, truth always comes out.

                     I stand together with active-duty US Army personnel JP, whom I met physically and I know is totally genuine and telling the truth. JP and I have several corroborating experiences which blew our mind. When I met him at the occasion of my last trip to the US, JP showed me his US Army uniform, his US Army ID card and Space Force ID card and uniform. He is real. JP is the real deal and for his protection and the protection of his family, he must remain anonymous. JP is commissioned by the Earth Alliance to give information only to Dr. Michael Salla, who is himself going to play a bigger role in the future, in the Great Disclosure.

                      I stand together with Dr. Michael Salla, for not only I am aware of his prominent importance in the future, but because I also met him physically and I know the frequency of his heart. I also met with his stunning and beautiful wife Angelica and what I can only say is that the virtuous have the protection of angels.

                      I stand together and support Sir Alex Collier, veteran in the disclosure and the man who took the bullets for all of us. Alex taught me how to take hits and still stand up on my feet, looking ahead and never stumble. My respect and love for him as a mentor and as a friend is beyond this world... and these lives. The only thought of people spreading nonsense about him infuriates me. For there is no one more compassionate and at service of humanity than Alex Collier. He sacrificed everything. EVERYTHING. For YOU guys and girls. For YOU, Humanity! Can't you see this? Do you think he chose the bullying, the blackmails, the threats, the misery, the suffering? He did it for YOU! That one day you know the truth about yourselves, who you really are. So anyone who has a problem with Alex Collier, they come and see me first.

                     I stand together with Miss Dani Henderson, my beautiful compassionate friend who dedicated her life to the wellbeing of children. I know the frequency of her heart. She is fire, she is diamond, she is a powerhouse of creational light. Yes, she has her language and she says the F word a lot and she owns a fart gun, but this is her ways of expressing her fire, her rage for truth and justice. Let her be, let her express herself as she wants to and please stop judging people on silly things, you only embarrass yourself by doing this. Each one of us in the Universe has their own language to express Love. The love that Dani Henderson carries for the children is incredible. Contrarily to ridiculous claims from the agents of the Dark, Dani Henderson has nothing to do with Satanism, and of course I don’t either. Dani Henderson is no handler, of no one, and I do not have any handlers myself either. If anyone has a problem with Dani Henderson, they come and see me.

                    I stand together with the Galactic Chicks and Disco Tina, without whom I would struggle more to find the strength to face this adversity. They are the Divine Feminine army of Love. The great woman who gathered them together is a galactic diamond, shining her multiple colors into this world, to enlighten the path towards peace and a higher place.

                      I stand with Prince Ea, formerly known as Enki, whose heart’s frequency has the fragrance of the sacred rose of divine love, and who is to me the embodiment of compassion.

                     I stand with the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Earth Alliance, with whom I am working actively and who protect me, my family and all those who work closely with me.


                      I knew before coming that this would happen, that the agents of the Dark would raise a crusade against the bringers of Light. I took upon this crucial mission for Humanity because I am one of the few who are able to do it and succeed. I wished of course that the assets of the Dark Ones would discover the Seed of Light in their heart but in the Greater Understanding I know well that this is not the path they have chosen to walk. They chose instead the Seed of Darkness. They will play their role and then go, either to continue to serve Destruction-Division-Pain in a new incarnation, place and time, or either choose to swap for the path of Creation-Unity-Love. There are two sides of the Force, and both are serving the Universe. Chose wisely and knowingly. One leads to pain, one leads to freedom. Recognize the frequency of the protagonists. Do they act from a place of love or from a place of hate? Do not only look at the tree; look at the fruits, always.


Elena Danaan, Archaeologist, Author and  Emissary for the Star Nations.



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