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Valorian Neek Oroyan

VAL NEK (Valorian Neek Oroyan)

Star system: Kohan (Epsilon Eridani ) / Planet: Ammakha / Race: Kahel / Height: 6.2 Ft
Skin: fair, narrow hooked nose, slanted nostrils, prominent chin, thin lips / Hair: blond, straight and scarce
Eyes: Dark indigo pupils with purple ring, on gray background. Very slanted. All Kahil have these same particular purple-dark indigo eyes, due to the radiations of their star, Kohan.
Position: Former GFW fleet commander. Now occupying the position of Colony Governor in the Altair star system.



Above is an original drawing of the real extraterrestrial named Val Nek, by Elena Danaan, on January 02/1996. This is what he truly looks like.



Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 01-31-19 ARTICLES Elena Danaan.png

Above is an article exposing the Val Nek impersonation, ongoing since 2021.


On the right is a photo taken during a private Zoom call with Dani Henderson, on November 6 2021, when Val Nek appeared by holographic projection, to bid us farewell as he was resigning from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and was transferred to another star system for a position of colony governor.

Please also find below, the video interview on Dr. Michael Salla's channel where Dani Henderson testifies about this evidence, as well as her physical encounters with Val Nek, Annax, high Commander Thor Han and Admiral Ardaana.

val nek copy.jpg



MIRKAK from Selo

Val Nek and Mirkak are long term lovers and husbands


from Ammakha

Dun is bartender on a deep space station


from Ammakha

Sheezat is a soldier in the Epsilon Eridani defense forces

Val nek Mirkak 2 copyrighted.png

Here is an accurate rendering of Val Nek's partner, the Alpha Centaurian Mirkak, who now  lives with him on Akhorat. Mirkak let his hair grow and he is such a gorgeous young man. All what matters to me is that my dear childhood friend is happy. And they truly are. No more tears, only joy, and the celebration of love. I am so glad, in the core of my heart, to received clearance to get to communicate with Val Nek again.

There are so many humans on Earth who remember you, my old friend, from when I first told the world about you in 2019, as I was writing "A Gift From The Stars", and you need to know, Governor Valorian Neek Oroyan, that you are greatly loved. No one has forgotten your service for Earth when you used to serve as an officer for the GFW in the Sol system. All the best of luck to you. We salute you, with love.

Here is a clip from Dr.Michael Salla's week-in-review from February 3 2024, where he talks about Val Nek and Thor Han's impersonators. Link to full video here.

TRANSCRIPTS for Star Nation News

These transmissions are not channellings but communication via technology and physical encounters




April 8 2024


      “I have wondered how war can bring good. In the midst of destruction, pain and suffering, the universe must bring something good in the outcome of a conflict. We have to ask ourselves a question: what do we have to learn? From a conflict between two people to the magnitude of a war on a galactic scale.

      What is the common denominator? War... can be ignited for many reasons: disagreement, envy, jealousy, fear, greed, dishonesty, revenge. And even sometimes... love, possession, territorial disputes. Among all these reasons, what is the element that binds them all together? Well... if you think about it, it is a painful dissonance in your heart. What you have is not enough. What starts wars is an emptiness in the heart.


      Conquest is a poisonous desire that comes from a place of dissatisfaction. Ready to destroy, to kill, to curse because we want something we think we need. And revenge is the same, if you think about it. There is a broken link of love in our hearts, and we believe for a moment that we can mend that broken link by breaking the heart of those who caused our loss in the first place. But then we soon realize that all the deaths, all the acts of revenge, have not mended our broken link.

What we need to understand is that when we step back and reach for a higher perspective, we see things differently. We see that death is not death, it is a transfer of consciousness into a new state of existence. Nothing dies. Separation is painful, but it is an illusion. Separation doesn't exist. We are all linked, connected by the frequency of the Creator that mends all broken links: love.

      Hate will not heal, but love will. Love not for the one who caused your loss, but love for the one you have lost. Mend the breach in your heart. Mend the link within your heart.


      What does that really mean and how does it relate to the situation on Altair? Well... Here, in the Alkorin star system, communities are beginning to unite, to create a stronger bond to face the Ciakahrr as a greater entity. War can bring that: unity. War is fundamentally unnecessary, but when it happens, great gifts come from it. I was a military man when I worked for the Galactic Federation of Worlds. I understand war very well.

      My native star system, Kohan, or Epsilon Eridani as the Terrans call it, was attacked by the Ciakahrr many years ago. I feared for my star system, my homeworld Ammakha, my family, my two sisters and my parents, my friends. There were losses, and in my heart grew a rage for revenge. I fought fiercely. Thor Han and Celadion, my longtime companions and brothers in heart, were by my side. They didn't feed this hatred in their hearts, for they were not from my star system. They fought not for revenge but for justice and balance.

      So I understood something when we won that battle, albeit at great cost. All the deaths our troops inflicted on the Ciakahrr didn't repair what was destroyed, nor did they bring back the dead. I understood that revenge is a poison, a weapon in our hands that we turn against ourselves. My planetary matrix is Ammakha, this is my home, the origin of my soul. When Ammakha suffers, I feel it.

      War is sometimes a response to aggression. Taking a peaceful attitude when your world is being attacked and pillaged is not beneficial. You must take up arms and defend yourself, your home, and those you love. Physically. You cannot oppose a calm, passive, peaceful and compassionate attitude against an enraged reptilian monster that rushes into your home and slaughters your family before your very eyes; you must take up arms physically and fight.

      On a galactic scale, this is exactly what is happening: we, the galactic alliance of Nataru and the Anakh Empire, have taken up arms to force a bloodthirsty enemy to retreat and defeat. The Ciakahrr are outnumbered by our allied forces, and they are retreating. We win. This time, with an entire galaxy at stake, we act not out of vengeance, but in the spirit of balance. We fight to give peace a chance.

I am Governor Valorian Neek Oroyan, reporting from the Alkorin system.


                                     REPORT ON THE SITUATION IN THE ALTAIR STAR SYSTEM                                                                                                                          March 18 2024


Kahel Governor Val Nek on Akhorat is reporting this week that the Akhori government has officially broken all ties with the Ciakahrr empire, but will still maintain close ties with the Aldebaran Dark Fleet via their detachment of planet Markhat. Val Nek also confirms that the Earth USAF space program colony has started packing up and begun the process of leaving Markhat, to go back to Earth. We need to realize that for decades the SSP have sent personnel on other worlds, either on conquered worlds or in agreements of interest with some local cultures. The two main hubs for these black programs colonies are the Altair and the Aldebaran star systems, but the Centaurian systems also host Earth colonies, from positive space programs. When he used to work as an officer for the GFW in our solar system, Val Nek was in charge of the fret of technical material for the positive off-world Earth colonies, mainly working with the Earth Alliance on supplying Earth’s moon facilities with extraterrestrial technologies. Since he was transferred to the Altair star system in the end of the year 2021, Val Nek has now a much more exciting job as governor of a GFW’s colony in the mouth of the Akhorian corporate territory. It is a true blessing to be able to receive regular news from this sensitive part of the galaxy.


                                     REPORT ON THE SITUATION IN THE ALTAIR STAR SYSTEM                                                                                                                          March 04 2024


This week, we are back to have a look into the Akhori star system. From the second planet Akhorat, colony Governor Val Nek, former officer for the Galactic Federation of Worlds in the Sol system, transferred three years ago to Akhorat and recently cleared to communicate again, reports to us about the changes in local events that are impacting the galactic diplomatic scene. For those who do not know my friend Governor Valorian Neek Oroyan, or Val Nek for short, I publicly disclosed his existence in 2019 and later in my 2020 book “A Gift From The Stars”. Val Nek has not been communicating with Earth for three years now, and has resumed contact with solely the administration of the GFW for he is still not communicating with any human on Earth for diplomatic reasons. Val Nek is an old childhood friend, with whom I have been having personal, physical contacts since the age of 9 and all through all my life. As I am also the Emissary for the GFW, I am presently the only exception to receive clearance to talk to him. The report of his communication was transmitted to me via the High Command of the Excelsior. For those who missed Star Nation News 17, you will find in the episode 17 a detailed explanation about the Akhori star system, with graphics. Further more information can also be found in the Encyclopedia Galactica.

Elena Danaan

I am governor Oroyan and I salute the people of Terra who will hear this message. I am broadcasting this message from the Akhori star system, from the planet Akhorat where I am assigned as colony governor for an outpost of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. We received recent and official news, that the Jahya Taal-Shiar broke away from their accords with the Akhori government and the Markhat collective. The Taal-Shiar is a breakaway colony from the Ashaara star system, that you call Taygeta in the Pleiades, that settled on Taalihara in the Jahya, or Alcyone as you call it, star system. They have been the allies of the Ciakahrr Empire from the start of their rebellion, as well as the Nebu. Now that these two empires are collapsing, the Taal-Shiar is rescinding all their former agreements with allies of the Ciakahrr and former Nebu.

We know from our sources that the Akhori government has received a call for military assistance from the Ciakahrr Empire, which augurs about the critical situation the Ciakahrr Empire is finding itself in, now. From our sources as well, we know that the Akhori government has for now postponed their answer and decision. We predict that the Akhori will not assist the Ciakahrr as the forces in balance are not in their favor. The Akhori are a small power in the galactic scale, and they would be whipped out in minutes if engaging in this war. This is showing how the Ciakahrr Empire is desperate for help as it is falling down. If they contacted the Akhori for help, they surely asked also all their other former allies in this galaxy. Their most powerful ally is the Aldebaran Dark Fleet, but they also have postponed their decision for assistance to the Ciakahrr. The Dark Fleet is a militarized corporate. They will go where the galactic winds of power blow. The fact that none of these former allies have responded, is a good sign.

It hasn’t been such a surprise to witness the withdrawal of all Ciakahrr former allies, in the midst of this new galactic war. Everyone withdrew their assets when Stemys IV was attacked and the news spread that the Ciakahrr had lost the Megopei Maytra as an ally.The outpost of the Terran secret space program on planet Akhoria, will not break ties with their Terran headquarters and request independence, but they are rather facing evacuation back to Terra. The underground military program operations on Terra for the account of the Alliance of the Six and the Nebu was dismantled two Terran years ago. Since then, the commercial purpose of the two Terran dark program colonies, on Akhoria and Markhat, which was about the human trade from Terra, has become irrelevant. The Markhat collective, that also includes a Dark Fleet detachment from Aldebaran, has stated from our sources that they are waiting to see to which advantage the situation is turning, to consider engaging or retiring.

I am Governor Oroyan, reporting for the GFW’s XL6 High Command mothership in the Sol system exclusively, and in order to protect information, to no other entity, person or organization located on Terra. I salute you.

                                  REPORT ON THE SITUATION IN THE ALTAIR STAR SYSTEM
                                                                          February 12 2024

Valorian Neek Oroyan, former officer detached in the Sol system for the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and a close childhood friend of mine, received clearance from the high command of the GFW to communicate with me. Transferred in November 2021 in the Alkorin star system, after he was dismissed from his position of officer onboard the Excelsior battle ship in orbit of Earth, Val Nek wasn’t allowed to communicate with Earth following an incident that occurred in October 2021. However, upon my request, Excelsior High Commander Jor-El authorized clearance for a relayed communication through the central command. Here is following a report from Kahel colony governor Val Nek on Akhorat:

I salute the people of Terra who will hear this message. I have been away so long from this blue planet I used to hold in my heart. Working as a pilot for a large number of years in its orbit and then taking the responsibility of Commander in charge of materiel transfer operations for Terra’s moon were precious years in my long life. I was finally allowed to disclose the location where I was assigned, three years ago, in the position of colony governor. These three years have been an interesting experience in the Alkorin system, interacting with the diverse organizations and witness their collapse. All of this was foreseen for a good while, as the Alkorin Humanoid Corporate progressively lost power when their Nebu allies fell. On Akhorat, where I am based, it was great rejoicing, for the Corporate had been causing trouble for years, here. The colony I manage is an outpost of the GFW, and is composed mainly of T’Ashkeru, Ahil, Taali, and Kahil. As to speak in your terms, people from the stellar systems Sirius B, Taygeta and Epsilon Eridani.

The Humanoid Corporate began to see rebellion groups spring up as a result of the fall of the Nebu Empire. The dissolution of the Alliance of the Six caused a wave of panic here, as at first, we didn't know whether the Humanoid Corporate would withdraw and dissolve, or whether they would decide to move on to an offensive against the other planets in the system, in order to quell any potential rebellion. It is important to understand that the Alkorin Humanoid Corporate has grown rich through commercial contracts for the exploitation of natural resources on the Alkorin worlds.

When the Stemys IV conflict developed into a galaxy-wide conflagration, the Alkorin Humanoid Corporate immediately withdrew its assets from all their advanced positions in this star system. What interests you are the agreements made between the Alkorin Humanoid Corporate, the Nachtwaffen, and the USAF space program. This Terran secret space program sent soldiers to their remote camp on planet Akhoria, the headquarters for the Humanoid Corporate, as part of a trade agreement. The Alkorin Corporate would be allowed to conduct human abductions on Terra for galactic trading purposes, in exchange for territories on Akhoria and a membership in the Corporate, with interesting profits on the Alkorin resource trade. Many Akhori were participant in the underground military abduction programs on Terra and hybridization operations for the account of the Alliance of the Six and the Nebu.

Since the war in the Sol system was over, after the liberation of Terra from the Alliance of the Six occupation, all Akhori who survived the underground military liberation operations from the Earth Alliance, left Terra to go back to Akhoria.


Markhat, the fifth planet of the alkorin star system has been hosting for a very long time another nefarious collective, part of the bigger Alkorin Corporate. The Markhat collective is composed of Akhori, NEBU, Taal Shiar , KT, Ciakahrr, Hangiar from sigma draconis, Terran dark space programs, and the Nachwaffen Dark Fleet. Since the fall of the Nebu Empire, the Orion Grays withdrew from the deal, but we must keep in mind that all the other protagonists of the Markhat collective remained. The Dark Fleet may have been expelled from the Sol system, but they are still effective in this galactic sector, relating to their Aldebaran headquarters. And the Markhat collective includes one of their detachments. Terran Dark Space Programs also still have an outpost on Markhat, as part of this group. The planetary zone of Markhat is locked from the rest of the star system, except for a corridor with Akhoria and a corridor to exit the plasma shield of the star system. Yes, you are having now a better understanding of how inextricate and mind-boggling is the diplomatic situation in Altair. A plasma torpedo ready to blow up. So my position is to hold strong and affirm the power of the Federation in the Alkorin system. A fabulous task I am proud to perform, as it involves much more responsibilities than those I had in the Sol system. I have clearance to keep you updated with the situation here, with two major questions: what will become of the Alkorin humanoid Corporate, and will the Markhat collective dissolve with the fall of the Ciakahrr empire?


I am Governor Oroyan, reporting for the GFW.


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