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Above the Clouds


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Enki showing the secret lattice of the Universe ("The Seeders"~2022)

            In order to clear any confusion: THIS is the real "Flower of Life". It is the lattice structure of the Universe and the key to the greatest power of all: the ability to affect the hologram of reality. The enemies of Humanity have spread a disinformation campaign to make you believe that this was death and evil. Don't fall for it. Once you understand what this amazing geometrical code below is... they are done. Woosh! They don't want you to find out. I explain all this in my new book "The Seeders".

            The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol found throughout the world. A fundamental pattern of sacred geometry. The flower of life encodes the structure of the fabric of our reality. World renown scientist Nassim Haramein has recently shown that the flower of life pattern is also the key geometric pattern to describe quantum gravity. In his paper, "Quantum Gravity and Holographic Mass," it is shown that the 3D flower-of-life pattern can be used to describe the gravitational field of any object, filling any sphere (a proton, a planet, a galaxy) with tiny voxels (spherical pixels), which perfectly fill space and have the diameter of the Planck distance (the smallest possible vibration of the electromagnetic spectrum, or the size of a fundamental pixel of our reality). Nassim calculates the information present within the volume of any sphere using the 3D flower-of-life pattern and compares it to the information projected holographically onto the surface of the sphere in a similarly 2D flower-of-life mosaic pattern to generate a geometric solution for the gravitational field. Something that has been right under our noses, all this time!

            In my encounter with Enki, onboard the Nibiru ship on June 21st 2022, here is the segment of my two hours conversation with this beautiful being, regarding the Flower of Life. Find the integrality of this exchange in my last book "The Seeders":

            Ea turned my attention to a blue disk on the floor, encircled with a golden ring. It measured about maybe 7ft in diameter. It was a holographic projector. Ea raised his hand towards it, open palm, and a sphere appeared, revolving on itself, constructed with golden holographic lines. I recognized it straight away but I never imagined it as spherical.


-The Flower of Life, I said.


            In this three-dimensional version, the flat intertwined circles were instead smaller spheres. I suddenly understood how everything in the Universe was inter-related, and that when you lived in a particular sphere/universe, all actions had repercussions in the other neighboring spheres that intertwine with yours. Towards the center, all spheres merged infinitely into one bright singularity. The analogy with a Stargate struck me.


-This is how the multi-universe looks like, Ea said. Eternal time is bound with infinite space. The absolute time is exact between the nodes. Each sphere that you see, inside of this one, is a Universe. The bigger sphere is not the limit. This is only the template. In truth, this that you see, represents something infinite. In all dimensions of space and time.


-So we can use this template, I said, as a map for planning a route, using the intersection nodes to jump to other dimensions, times and places. This is how we navigate through Stargates.


-Indeed. But in order to translocate you still need a key to activate the transfer nodes.


-I know about these keys, there are made with frequencies and complicate geometry, I said.


-Not as complex as the greater key of the Multi-Universe, the code of Source.


            I stepped back and stared at him. He slightly bent his head on the side and smiled, raised his hand a second time towards the holographic projector, and the content changed. Now, a new three-dimensional image appeared and I smiled at my turn. Of course, it was the Metatron cube.


-This is the key to everything, Ea said.


            Looking closer, I noticed the same phenomenon: the three-dimensional holographic Merkabas were imbricated as fractals, one into another, reaching an infinite singularity at the center.


-Everything is about fractals, I said, remembering what The Nine had explained to me.

-Frequential fractals, Ea corrected.


-And love to bind them all.

-There is so much controversy and misinformation about these things on Earth, I said.


-This is the work of the minions of my half-brother Enlil, Ea replied. The formula of the greater universe is fractal in its complexity, but in truth, understanding what the Universe is, is simple. Life is simple. Love is simple. Kindness and compassion are simple. They bring balance within the chaos.

Find the complete conversation at:

~by Elena Danaan~ Sept 30th 2022~

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