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Ormong Communications Officer
Galaxy Aquarius NGC7252 

Altean Communication Engineer – Galaxy Pegasus NGC 7331


These transmissions are not channeling but the report on communications via physical encounters.

Who owns the Moon Luna?

April 2024

                            This is Altean engineer Shyr-Yka, assigned to the Earth moon Luna. These four new transmissions received

                           from the core intelligence of Luna are a second set. They came in sequences of 2 minutes between each                                 pod and lasted one nanosecond. Each impulse signal has been decrypted and analyzed. We could find

                            very interesting data about political events in the Sol system since the arrival of this vessel and the 

                            consciousness it transports. That is, an extragalactic and transdimensional being.


          I am here to decipher these coded communications. This being is very old, and the knowledge it carries is appropriate for our research into new interdimensional life, as well as the needs of the Earth Alliance for new technological knowledge. As I explained to you in my previous report, there is no need to worry about a possible movement of the moon Luna. This ship will not move, and will not leave. There is information that is not suitable for public release on Earth because the danger is still active and this information in the wrong hands would serve the negative purpose of involution. Earthlings, with our assistance, must first solve their problems and get rid of their corrupt leaders. This is how a planetary society evolves and survives all the challenges of evolution. Meanwhile, the Earth Alliance is analyzing and implementing all the new data emitted by the core being of Luna's ship into the production of all these technologies that will soon serve the humanity of Earth.

            As you have been informed by the Emissary and other corroborating sources, Earth's moon Luna was liberated and returned to the hands of the Earth Alliance three Earth years ago. Since that moment, which also coincides with the liberation of Earth's southern polar region, a commercial race has begun among Earth's various economic powers and trade organizations to gain control of territories. Just as it happened in the South Pole area of the Earth, the fierce competition also took place on the Earth's moon, Luna. Understand that Luna is under the protection of the Earth Alliance military forces, but it belongs to the Earth people, not to the Earth Alliance military forces and not to the corporations. This means that under the protection and moderation of the Earth Alliance military forces, any Earth citizen has the right to settle on Luna. That is why there is a real rush for territory. The condition to be accepted as a settler on Luna is to come in respect and peace; not to bring weapons and not to engage in what the Earth Alliance and the Galactic Alliance of Nataru consider illegal trade. Henceforth, Earth corporations can settle.

             There is a lot of construction going on on Luna right now. I would not be a specialist in detailing the names of all the different corporations; I am a communications engineer working for the Intergalactic Confederation. Interesting times, we have recently watched this star system rebirth from its darkness and despair into a new era of freedom and hope, setting the anchors to create a new prosperous future for themselves. I know that my superiors, my people, are very proud of the Humans of Earth.

Shyr-Yka salutes the people of Earth and honors their courage and resilience.


Decrypting the first signals emitted by the Moon core

March 17 2024

                                    The Earth Alliance asked the Intergalactic Confederation for help in understanding the coded signals.

                         Altean communications engineer Shyr-Yka and Ormong scientist J-Ka'At Ashtamir, who had been in charge

                        of retrieving the newly discovered pods for further analysis last year, arrived on Luna on March 20th and met

                        with Earth Alliance communications engineers. On March 27, an excerpt of Ormong scientist J-Ka'At's report

                        was translated into English and sent to me, followed by additional information from Altean scientist Shyr-Yka:


J-KA'AT: The 17 crew members of the Luna vessel have not all interfaced with the core consciousness. Only four of them did, and three of them began to interface with all of the ship's metric communication systems, which are the only devices capable of receiving this type of bundled structured language. The information arrived encrypted in such a way that the metric devices could integrate it. What was missing was an encoding transcriptor. The beings in the pods probably thought we would be able to figure out that the coding transcriptor was in the consciousness interface. While our recent studies since recovering these pods make it clear that no one has a DNA interface with them, the answer was consciousness. It has been a challenge for Terra Alliance personnel to figure out how to interface consciousness, and so Science Officer Shyr-Yka and I have been able to help. This information is embedded in temporal sonic capsules transported on longitudinal carrier waves. The signal emitted by three of the four activated pods was pulsed in three sequences, once per pod, at five Terran minutes intervals, and recorded by all the various types of metric equipment operating on the Luna ship. Since it is part of their natural communication range, Altean scientist Shyr-Yka was able to interface with the 3 pulsed signals and translate the messages. These messages consist of 3 series of various technical blueprints, mathematical scientific equations related to the nature of the universe, and a message for the Terrans.

                       SHYR-YKA: A temporal sonic capsule is what we call "data eggs" in Altean. They can be transmitted on

                       carrier waves or embedded in crystals such as crystal eggs, quartz points, or crystal tablets. We use data eggs

                       in our daily communications, as do many advanced races. Considering the totality of what we have explored

                  in this universe, considering also all life forms at all levels of evolution, this type of language is the most prevalent and it supersedes all forms of spoken language. This is not the original language of Source, but it is its first evolutionary process. A carrier wave can be an electrical brain wave, an electromagnetic pulse, a longitudinal scalar wave, a radio wave, or a frequency wave. Many media can carry data eggs. As with reading information encrypted in crystal carriers, the decryption of data eggs carried on a scalar wave occurs when it interfaces with consciousness. To read information encoded in a crystal device requires a DNA interface to stimulate the device's piezoelectric morphogenetic key. But when the same information is carried by scalar waves, no DNA interface is required. The information is unpacked directly in the mind of the receiver. These data eggs are temporal capsules in which a temporal distortion allows a large amount of information to be stored. The receiver will read the decompressed information in real time, but if the subject is in linear time, only one second will pass. The beings in the pods on Terra's satellite ship Luna communicate in this way. It is important to note that the pods do not carry a physical biological body, but are chrysalises that host a plasmic consciousness. Plasmic consciousness does not require a biological avatar. In their natural state they exist without one. This type of life form in the Lunar pods is not from this universe, as they do not exist on the time grid of this universe. We will surely learn more about them when their time merges with ours. Among the technical information being handled by the Terran Alliance is a message from this culture to the humans of Terra.

pic 4.jpg
pic 4.jpg
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