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On this day, January 25th 2022, I will no longer keep silent about a young girl I used to work with, whatever it may cost me, because it is not about me, nor about her, but about something more important: the Truth. I made a statement in late December 2021 in my YouTube community section, in response to the hundreds of emails I received from genuine people worried about her 2 months absence from social media. In regard to the growing request, I made a public statement to reassure her followers that she was well and would probably come back soon. It was the occasion for me to announce that she was no longer in contact with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. None of you knew what was happening behind the scenes, and after Alex Collier's statement in his last webinar on January 21st 2022, saying that she was compromised, we are owing you the complete story.


Link to Alex Collier's webinar n.149 replay:

I have loved this young girl with all my heart, I supported her and brought her to the front stage,

I helped her publish her book, designed the cover as she wanted it, and formatted it for publication,

very enthusiastically, with love. I introduced her to all the influential people I knew. I brought the

wolf into the sheep's house... I cannot rewind time, and I apologize deeply.


A sad event occurred when I received a message from The Nine, showing me how the Black Goo was still being fed by deceived people. The intensity of the vision impressed me emotionally and I wished to tell my friend Dani Henderson on a private zoom call. This girl joined in at the last minute, and she heard my story. In this zoom video call, I specified that I wished to wait and find the right way to deliver this information to the public, not to cause any fear. Two hours later, she rushed to publish a video about it, entitled “My psychic remote viewing of the Black Goo”, where she delivered that very information I was given. This wasn't the first time she had been fishing for info to make it her own, manipulating me to get intel, but at the time I didn't mind, as the important was that info was out. Although, her increasing mimicking of everything I did, started nonetheless to be noticed and raise suspicions.


I can assure that her implant was never compromised, because due to its high frequency, it cannot be hacked. Instead, it was switched off and irretrievably fried by the Galactic Federation of Worlds, when they discovered she had been programmed as a Trojan horse to infiltrate us and bring the house down.

---November 2021, I received an emergency message from Thor Han:

“Cut contact with "her"! Don't tell her anything anymore, and watch her!”

He revealed to me that day that Val Nek was never promoted High Commander, as she claimed. "She" had lied to make her own intel more important than mine, in a childish game of competition. I learned that day, that Val Nek himself had done all that he could to try to convince her to stop her mimicking, egotistical and childhish game. All collapsed in my heart, the trust I had put in her, the love, the motherly support...

---Later on, High Commander Ardaana connected to me:

“The Galactic Federation of Worlds cut contact with "her". Commander Val Nek will be heard in front of the High Council. He will no longer be in contact with "her", as it was discovered she was compromised. I strongly suggest you cut all contact too. We recommend you do not speak until we allow you to.”

---On that same night, I received a phone call from Alex Collier, who had just been contacted by Morenae, delivering to him this message: “"She" needs to re-calibrate her route or she will be cut off”. I have full authorization from Alex Collier to reveal that the Andromedans discovered "she" was compromised, and that they gave an emergency warning.


The news was going on between the different motherships and positive organizations so it was serious. For safety, I was compartmentalized from the complete information for a month, the time an inquiry was processed to evaluate the extend of this infiltration. In late December 2021, I was finally revealed the results: the enemy also possesses looking-glass devices, and they knew that some people would play a positive role in the Disclosure movement, such as Dr. Salla, myself and others, so we needed to be taken down. It is a common thing operated by MK Ultra and the Dark Fleet for years. They abduct children and deconstruct their mind, then re-calibrate them with a specific program meant to activate at a certain time, like a clock bomb. As "she" even stated it herself, she was abducted and abused by Reptilians part of the Dark Fleet as a young child. This is when it happened.


These Trojan horse programmings do not require any device, any implant, any technology; they are only mind programmings. This is the reason why the Galactic Federation of Worlds never noticed anything, until this scheduled program switched on. Thankfully, no damage was made as it was taken just right in time and she was cut-off instantly. These programs unfortunately, once activated, run by themselves, detrimental to the person until they lose their mind. I learned that she had being implanted false memories of being allegedly married to Val Nek and having children with him, in order to really get her emotionally involved into this poisonous program. I always knew that Val Nek is in a stable partnership for years with a Telosian named Mirkak. Those who used to follow my channelings with Elisa Hererra know about this (the video from Aug 13 2020 is available at this link: )


It is necessary to precise that until the moment this programming was activated and noticed, in November 2021, all the intel "she" received was indeed from the real Val Nek, and it was verified as 100% right. In this sad story, "she" is only a victim; judgment needs to be brought only upon those who used her. Unfortunately, the agenda she carries is bringing confusion and promoting division, and in her spite not to have managed to become me, she decided to work at destroying me, and all the good people with whom I am working with. She will keep on trying to grow her popularity in any way possible, spreading more lies, playing victim and try to scatter this community in pieces and leave a trail of destruction after her, only motivated by ego.


The real Commander Val Nek was proved innocent. In order to ensure his integrity, he is sadly not working with the Galactic Federation of Worlds anymore since December 2021. Val Nek was re-assigned and sent to an undisclosed location, in a different star system. The dark entity who took over "her" in November 2021 and who is in contact with "her", is not the real Val Nek. The rolling out of the agenda she carries has for aim to use the name of the extraterrestrial beings I am in contact with and pretend receiving messages from them, in order to spread confusion, discredit me and those I am working with on Earth and off-world. She may keep on lying by pretending to be in contact with Val Nek, the Galactic Federation of Worlds and even with Thor Han and Annax. Any narrative she will bring forward, through videos or new books, is 100% deception.


I wrote to her, and other well-intentioned persons did as well, to try reasoning her and helping her go through this, but she scorned our help with hubris and chose a path which painfully led me, on this day, to reveal the truth. I can no longer protect her. I can only protect the Truth.

Elena Danaan - January 25th 2022

Dear all, who eagerly long to know the truth.


I have been retaining this information nearly three months now, patiently keeping silent, in my desire not to feed the dividing narrative agenda that infiltrated our truther community. More than ever, I wish to insist on this important point: we need to stay united and stop attacking each other, driven by emotion or by ego. This needs to stop, Humanity of Earth needs to grow up and move on. Finding peace within ourselves is the only way to co-create a world of Peace.

Sometimes, we also need to let go off what no longer serves Peace.

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