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Thor Han Eredyon


Star system: Ashaara (Taygeta/Pleiades)  
Planet: Erra             Race: Ahel         Height
: 6.5 Ft     
Skin: fair. High cheek bones. 
Hair: blond, wavy  Eyes: Aquamarine blue
Position: High Command Officer onboard the Excelsior Battle Station,
Galactic Federation of Worlds.

 Although born 350 years in our future, on Erra in the Pleiades, Thor Han Eredyon's original planetary matrix is not Ashaara (named on Earth asTaygeta) but a world in a very distant galaxy, NGC 7331 visible from here through the Pegasus constellation. His original homeworld is Emerya, in the star system of Altea.


Thor Han and I come from the same place and we have lived most of our lives together. Sometimes on Earth but most of the time on other worlds. We share the same Altean original soul group with Oona and Tayel. In our last incarnation together, we were on planet Erra, in the Pleiades, in the Ashaara system ("Taygeta"), 350 years into the future ( regarding Earth's linear time). There, Thor Han has incarnation siblings: Shaya Eredyon (older sister) and Jen Han Eredyon (younger brother). Responding to the call of the Zenatean Alliance ( the "Andromedans"), we enrolled to save Terra; I decided to go through the Envoy program, while Thor Han enrolled in the Galactic Federation of Worlds' space fleet.

Thor Han was told that he would have to rescue me but he didn't know when this would occur. In consequence, he joined the battle station of the Galactic Federation of Worlds in the Sol system (named by the Earth Alliance the "Excelsior"), as a military recruit, and for years, he acted as a scout ship captain involved in abductees' rescue missions. The feared event occurred in 1979, when Thor Han rescued me from a horrendous abduction by Grays. Cygnus Solipsirai organics and Zeta Reticuli synthetics composed the crew of the enemy's ship, working for the Nebu hybridization programs. The complete story of my abduction and rescue at age nine is detailed in my book
"A Gift From The Stars" (2020) . This is how Thor Han and I renewed contact in this lifetime, and ever since then, we have been communicating via a physical quantum device. The rescue team that was at the time under Thor Han's command was also composed of co-pilot Valorian Neek Oroyan (Val Nek), from Epsilon Eridani, Celadion from Taygeta, and science officer Myrah from Sirius B.

Thor Han was promoted Mission Coordinator in 2020 then Fleet Commander, and by the end of 2022 he joined the High Command of his battleship, under the authority of Admiral-High Commander
Ardaana. From this time, he was able to enter the diplomatic circles of the Federation and relay the most sensitive information to me officially. Thor Han met with the head of NORAD, General Glen VanHerck, in an underground facility beneath the US military base Raven Rock, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, on January 6 2023, to give the last updated plan for ET disclosure (Report videos: 1-here  and 2- here )



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Karell Eredyon

Governor of the Ashaara Council

Sarima Ana Eredyon
Royal Princess of the Errahel House of Manahu

Jen Han Eredyon
Younger Brother
Terraformer on Mars

Shaya Ana Eredyon
Elder sister

Temple generator attendant and technician on Erra.

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 19-03-21 (11) ALL THE INTERVIEWS - YouTube.png

In this interview for
Mariko Kamimura 
March 2023 -  Timestamp 11:27'
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Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 20-28-33 (5) Extraterrestrial contacts March_April 2020. - YouTub

In this video recording originally from March 2020
- Timestamp 11:40'
Full video

From Star Nation News


FEBRUARY 19 2024

       Some major changes have occurred on Luna. Our Earth Alliance teams have accessed the central core zone of the planetoid and found access to the drive mechanism of this artificial satellite. The central sphere, that is mechanical and entirely made of metals of high vibratory structure, is entirely sealed. The only way to access the inside and the drive mechanism is by teleportation. Until now, we didn’t have the codes to engage. A delegation of Koldassii from Naara visited recently and gave us the access codes. The Koldassii are the only people knowing about the creators of this mechanism and about this particular technology, that they also shared with the Zenate, who are accustomed to the making of this type of planetoid vessels.


        A team of Zenate were present with the Koldassii at the opening of the lunar core module, that occurred two Earth weeks ago. I was there too, with High Commander Kiara, internal diplomatic liaison for the GFW. What was found was impressive. Inside of the core module, was a completely different technology than anything I had ever seen before. It is an etheric engine that looks like a complex geometrical construct, made of circles imbricated one into another, and able to convolute in different directions, as I was explained. Although it was still. It looks similar to the ancient astrolabes you have on Earth, but in a translucent way. It is very beautiful. You could feel it had a consciousness, and it was sleeping. Even though, you could feel it. You could feel its presence. Its beautiful, entrancing presence that touches you right to the core of your soul. You could also feel that it leaves not in this linear time, but in a different time structure. A time that seems to us slower but for her, our linear time is felt as much shorter. She was just sleeping. Luna has a soul, it truly has, and I didn’t know this, nobody in the Federation knew this, until we actually saw it for ourselves, and experienced it. High Commander Kiara was crying with emotion. The Zenate bowed their heads in sign of salutation and respect, a hand on their chest. So we did like them.

        She was sleeping… but through her dream, she could sense us, and read our hearts. She was warm. You remember two years ago, when we retrieved the pods from the inside of Luna. We had found them near the core module. These were the crew in stasis. The crew of this ship: Luna. At the time, if you remember, the Zenate were the best equipped to take care of them, so we handed the pods to them. Now we have found the ship command module. It was heating up in our presence. One of the Koldassii delegation told the Zenate that it was time to bring back the pods of the crew, and place them in the Luna command module. Oh they are not going to move the planetoid; it would cause great harm to Earth. No, they will only activate Her core memory, that a knowledge is unlocked. The Koldassii told us that this knowledge has nothing to do with technology, but with consciousness and soul. That is how, they said, the ancients powered their vessels across the universes and dimensions. So I will tell you more when the Zenate bring the pods back and they are placed inside of the core command of Luna.

        Besides that, the production of medical technologies and training of Earth scientists and medical technicians continues, as well as the production of antigravity planetary vehicles such as cars and shuttles. I wished you could see what I saw in the heart of the Moon.

High Commander Thor Han Eredyon, reporting for the GFW.

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