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Thor Han Eredyon


Star system: Ashaara (Taygeta/Pleiades)  
Planet: Erra             Race: Ahel         Height: 6.5 Ft     
Skin: fair. High cheek bones. 
Hair: blond, wavy  Eyes: Aquamarine blue
Position: High Command Officer onboard the Excelsior Battle Station, Galactic Federation of Worlds.

 Although born 350 years in our future, on Erra in the Pleiades, Thor Han Eredyon's original planetary matrix is not Ashaara (named on Earth asTaygeta) but a world in a very distant galaxy, NGC 7331 visible from here through the Pegasus constellation. His original homeworld is Emerya, in the star system of Altea.


Thor Han and I come from the same place and we have lived most of our lives together. Sometimes on Earth but most of the time on other worlds. We share the same Altean original soul group with Oona and Tayel. In our last incarnation together, we were on planet Erra, in the Pleiades, in the Ashaara system ("Taygeta"), 350 years into the future ( regarding Earth's linear time). There, Thor Han has incarnation siblings: Shaya Eredyon (older sister) and Jen Han Eredyon (younger brother). Responding to the call of the Zenatean Alliance ( the "Andromedans"), we enrolled to save Terra; I decided to go through the Envoy program, while Thor Han enrolled in the Galactic Federation of Worlds' space fleet.

Thor Han was told that he would have to rescue me but he didn't know when this would occur. In consequence, he joined the battle station of the Galactic Federation of Worlds in the Sol system (named by the Earth Alliance the "Excelsior"), as a military recruit, and for years, he acted as a scout ship captain involved in abductees' rescue missions. The feared event occurred in 1979, when Thor Han rescued me from a horrendous abduction by Grays. Cygnus Solipsirai organics and Zeta Reticuli synthetics composed the crew of the enemy's ship, working for the Nebu hybridization programs. The complete story of my abduction and rescue at age nine is detailed in my book
"A Gift From The Stars" (2020) . This is how Thor Han and I renewed contact in this lifetime, and ever since then, we have been communicating via a physical quantum device. The rescue team that was at the time under Thor Han's command was also composed of co-pilot Valorian Neek Oroyan (Val Nek), from Epsilon Eridani, Celadion from Taygeta, and science officer Myrah from Sirius B.

Thor Han was promoted Mission Coordinator in 2020 then Fleet Commander, and by the end of 2022 he joined the High Command of his battleship, under the authority of Admiral-High Commander Ardaana. From this time, he was able to enter the diplomatic circles of the Federation and relay the most sensitive information to me officially. Thor Han met with the head of NORAD, General Glen VanHerck, in an underground facility beneath the US military base Raven Rock, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, on January 6 2023, to give the last updated plan for ET disclosure (Report videos: 1-here  and 2- here )



Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 22-48-16 Shaya Eredyon Elena Danaan.png

Karell Eredyon

Governor of the Ashaara Council

Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 22-47-02 Shaya Eredyon Elena Danaan.png

Sarima Ana Eredyon
Royal Princess of the Errahel House of Manahu

Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 22-45-20 Shaya Eredyon Elena Danaan.png

Jen Han Eredyon
Younger Brother
Terraformer on Mars

Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 22-43-54 Jen Han Eredyon Elena Danaan.png

Shaya Ana Eredyon
Elder sister

Temple generator attendant and technician on Erra.

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In this interview for
Mariko Kamimura 
March 2023 -  Timestamp 11:27'
Full video

Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 20-28-33 (5) Extraterrestrial contacts March_April 2020. - YouTub

In this video recording originally from March 2020
- Timestamp 11:40'
Full video

From Star Nation News


May 15 2024


        Hello to all. Thor Han Eredyon speaking here. It has come to my attention that many earthlings have been conditioned to believe any theory that deviates from the dark government's agenda. Anything that contradicts the plans of the dark is not always genuine information. It is not because an information goes against the mainstream media controlled for human manipulation that this information is verifiable and real. There is a lot of false information that has been put out there that is also part of the Deep State manipulation to distract you from the real information. This is called dilution. It is a way of diluting the truth like a drop of gold in an ocean of muddy water.

        Always verify the information you receive, no matter how pleasing that information seems and how it relates to other existing information. Verify the facts, artifacts, first-hand physical testimony, scientific corroboration, and so on. Don't take someone's word for religion until you have multiple corroborations and proofs.  Always check the sources. If the source cannot be traced back, it means the information doesn't exist; someone, somewhere, made it up for deceptive purposes.

I am sorry to say that these false informations are numerous. They will keep your mind occupied while you will not be able to recognize the real information. These are the plans of the dark ones: when you cannot suppress a truth, you dilute it.

Do not ask me which information is real and which is false; to do so would be to take away your evolutionary ability to adapt and survive, which uses the development of discernment to become more aware, sharp of mind, and cautious. As I have told you before, the cross-referenced verifiable facts and evidence will sort out truth from deception.

Truth is simple, it does not have a decorated garment, but in its essence, truth is the most transformative thing of all. Truth may shock you at times, it may shake your whole world, but it will never carry the frequency of fear; it will empower you and strengthen your determination to fight whatever it takes to overcome. With Truth, knowledge is given to you. You are aware, so you can fight the right enemy. Truth sets you free.



April 13 2024


         On April 13 2024, hours before Iran sends a retaliation attack on Israel, Thor Han gives me with an urgent message for Dr. Michael Salla, sharing information about a secret deal and how this related to the Earth Alliance and the Galactic Federation, details about the secret deal and how it relates to a wider struggle between the Earth Alliance and the Deep State over the future of the planet, as well as extraterrestrial disclosure. Read full article from Dr. Michael Salla & video:


            On April 11, 2024, government officials and military leaders from several Earth Alliance member countries met in secret to discuss a plan of action against the Deep State. The U.S. White Hats were there, as well as Poutine, some representatives from Iran, and from "secondary power" Islamic states that have recently joined the Alliance, such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, among many others. The Earth Alliance has been preparing to overthrow the Deep State for some time by buying back Islamist countries, such as Egypt, that were financially dependent on the Deep State’s banking overlords. When these countries regained their independence from the Deep State, they joined the Earth Alliance and switched sides. This is not just a war between two countries; there is a deep and complex silver lining. The Iran-Israel conflict is just the tip of the iceberg. The reality behind it is about a deal. The Earth Alliance is trading a list of things, including: the Deep State and its assets leaving Ukraine and giving it away. When diplomacy didn't work as expected, the second step was the scare tactics. However, the situation is more complex than that. Iran doesn't want to get into a war; it's just playing the threat to get the Deep State to back down on the terms of this multi-level deal.

            If tragedy strikes, it will not be at the will of the Earth Alliance, but as a result of the resistance of the old paradigm. The dark institutions that have ruled this planet have lost their off-world support, and they would rather destroy everything in their fall than surrender. Therefore, deals have been worked out to avoid chaos and death. These meetings and the decisions that have resulted from them have been made by the Earth humans in charge. We can only wisely advise and assist in critical situations, which we have done and will continue to do diligently, but the future of Earth is in the hands of the Earth people. Stand strong with hope in your hearts, for this is the turning point for your freedom and your future. You are not alone.

T.H. Eredyon, GFW XL6 Sol Station High Command.



March 25 2024


          The construction of the Hub near Jupiter has attracted much attention from all sorts of Terran organizations and corporations that were not originally invited by the Earth Alliance to join the founding group for the Terran commercial establishment at the Hub. Many of them have been urged to participate in settling the new commercial arrangements for space trade in this star system and, more importantly, for interstellar trade opportunities with visiting cultures.


            At the moment, everyone wants to have a hand on the hub, with a spot onboard, as you call it. Unfortunately, each candidate must meet the requirements set forth in the commercial agreements already established in 2021 during the Jupiter Accords meetings. Leading companies have been selected, and none of them are part of the Aerospace Corporation. Let us talk about them. The Aerospace Corporation was founded by the Terran banking overlords in order to extend their hegemony in the unlimited domain of space, and to this day gathers under its umbrella 18 member corporations directly involved in the programs, as well as a large number of satellite groups. They are all private corporations, industries and militarized corporations. The head is a CIA-NSA affiliated branch. They want to be part of the fun, but the Earth Alliance will have to make the final decision, as it is bound by the Jupiter treaties on interstellar trade for the Sol organization, corporate and military.

            Under new leadership, the A.C. decided to restructure its space development policy as soon as the existence of the Hub became known to them. If they are not part of the Hub's contractors, the Hub becomes an opposing force to their campaigns in space for profit. This is very difficult for them as they do not know how to ride the change at the moment. They will, as we expect, try to form their own interstellar trading company. They will trade with the Terran corporations that are members of the Hub Trade Agreements, as well as directly with other interstellar cultures. They will become a concurrence to the Hub, but the problem is, for them, that anything they do will not profit humanity of Terra; it will only profit their own corporation alliance. Soon, however, the AC will seek for new fundings as the old banking system institution will collapse. As it has started. They know this eventuality is not, but a certainty. Meanwhile, they are working hard and fast at creating an independent commercial empire in space.

            You may ask, what is the advantage for visiting traders to deal with the AC instead of the Hub? Well, the answer is simple: the Hub operates under the Jupiter Agreements, which respects the Neutral Zones, where, I may remind you, no conflict can occur under threat of Earth Alliance sanctions. No conflict, and no illegal trade. The security zones are perimeters around each planet and moon of this star system. This is how the GFW works to keep a star system in a balance of peace and diplomacy. Without the protection of the Hub, traders are at their own risk and are not allowed to enter Neutral Zones. It is forbidden to trade weapons and slaves in a star system under the protection of the GFW. In addition, all transactions made on the Hub are taxed by the Earth Alliance in order to give a return to the Terran civilian economy and to support the growth and prosperity of Terra and its inhabitants. The profits made by traders with rogue Terran corporations are not taxed for the benefit of the Terran people, but all profits are used to feed private corporations without going into the Terran global economy. It's a matter of ethics. We cannot avoid rogue trading; it has always existed and it will always exist. The Hub provides military protection against these rogue corporations, and legal protection when trading within the Hub, should a problem arise. When you trade in deep space, you're on your own and no one is going to help you. You see, it is a question of legality and ethics. Corporate wars have always been there. In deep space, trading can get messy and dangerous.


            There is a galactic organization called the Galactic Guild of Merchants. This is a different matter. They have a presence at the Jupiter Hub, as well as every hub in Nataru. They also do intergalactic trade. They have their own rules, their own system of protection. To maintain a presence on a hub, they pay a tax to the host star system's economy. The Earth Alliance and the Mars Alliance will soon merge into the Sol Alliance, and Venus, Titan, Neptune, Ganymede, Jupiter, Europa, and many others will join in time. I give you the names here as they are known on Terra, then you can identify which worlds I am talking about. The Aerospace Corporation wants to get their hands on certain worlds of Sol, such as Europa, in order to profit from the natural resources of those worlds. Unfortunately for them, the Earth Alliance will put up strong resistance, as neutral zones must be respected. It should also be noted that there are very few planets, including moons, in this star system that are uninhabited. Whether by local life or ancient interstellar colonies, as well as more recent ones. Do not think that space is quiet and peaceful. Outside of the Neutral Zones we try to establish to protect cultures from war and corruption, space is wild.




March 11 2024


          Eight sectors of Nataru galaxy have now joined the rebellious counter-offensive against the Ciakahrr empire. The Ciakahrr are still looking for powerful allies but beknown to us, no one has yet answered their call. The opposed forces are too powerful and dissuasive, as three great galactic forces have allied against them: the Galactic Alliance, the Negumak Gnomopo and the Anakh Empire. What concerns us, in our galactic sector, is the potential involvement of former allies of the Ciakahrr, the most notorious one is the Dark Fleet. However, and it is not surprising after all, the Dark fleet hasn’t yet taken side for their former allies the Ciakahrr. Their well-known policy of “cutting off an infected limb”, as they say, turns out to act in our favor. The Dark Fleet will never help the Ciakahrr at this point, as they are basically a militarized corporate. It is in their interest to continue trading and make alliance with the leading collectives and organizations in this galaxy. So the Dark Fleet will not be a problem regarding the war against the Ciakahrr.

          The Alcyone Taal-Shiar and the Akhori Corporate have also let down the Ciakahrr, for the same reasons. Never in the history of this galaxy has the Anakh Empire offered assistance and allied forces with another organization. The Galactic Federation of Worlds has dealt with the Anakh Empire in the past, as our organization began to gain importance on the galactic diplomatic stage. Since then, there has been a special bond between the Pleiades, birthplace of our organization, and the Anakhim. I would like to remind you that the GFW was created after the Orion Wars to build an army on a galactic scale that would be able to prevent further tragedies and work to maintain balance and justice. We have good hope that this conflict will not last very long. I cannot tell in the linear timescale of Terra, but at a galactic level, it will be soon over.


          The original crew of Luna was placed inside of the central unit. They were carefully teleported, one by one. They are seventeen in total and they transport plasmic consciousnesses entangled to these chrysalises. They are not waiting for a body to inhabit; they exist as such. They are very ancient, and part of the builder races. Their state of existence is the ultimate step undertook by the journey of a soul, just before they merge with Source. These beings exist only in the oldest places of creation. They are special. When the time comes, they will interface with the central consciousness, and activate it. But not yet. I don’t know how long we will have to wait, but to my guess, not for very long; the Koldassii have manifested and given us the access codes to Luna’s core. Time to release knowledge on the Builders shall occur soon. Your experience on Neptune, when you met them, shall be released when the time is appropriate. For this reason, I may say no more on what we have discovered in Terra’s moon.


FEBRUARY 26 2024

          The pods have arrived. They were shipped yesterday by special cargo, escorted by the Excelsior’s forces. The pods were unloaded in Luna’s main station’s cargo bay, under the management of the Earth Alliance, as they have now custody of Earth’s satellite. We were there for technical assistance. The delegation of Koldassii didn’t come. However, we had the code given by them to teleport the pods inside of the core command. We proceeded so. The more modern tunnels that were built using ancient lava tubes, connecting the network of subsurface facilities, connect also at a deeper level to more ancient infrastructures, built by the civilization that manufactured this vessel, carving it out of a planetoid. I had had the occasion to see these pods already, about a year ago, and it was a spectacular experience, but finding myself in their presence again was awesome. They were shipped all the way down the corridors on antigravity trays, and we escorted them. These pods look like giant chrysalis with a strange shape, like a tear drop shape. They are semi-translucent and you can sense the pulse of life inside of them. It is conscious, but when you try to look into it, you cannot see that there is a biological body. Prince Ea said he would come and visit the core of Luna but I wished he was there in that particular moment, to explain to us what they are. He probably knows best about this technology, amongst all of us.

          I didn’t beam with the delegation inside of the core, within the command cell of Luna. Only four Zenate scientists went in there. They reported afterwards that they interfaced the pods to the core entity, or core drive. It is difficult to speak about an entity, as it is at the same time the highest advanced technology known to existence. So, now, what will happen is that the crew’s souls will reintegrate the pods and they will fully wake up. This will be a first for us to see. Then, the core consciousness will activate and release knowledge. In what ways, we do not know yet for sure. I will keep you informed on the developments of this operation.

High Commander Thor Han Eredyon, reporting for the Galactic federation of Worlds.




February 19 2024

       Some major changes have occurred on Luna. Our Earth Alliance teams have accessed the central core zone of the planetoid and found access to the drive mechanism of this artificial satellite. The central sphere, that is mechanical and entirely made of metals of high vibratory structure, is entirely sealed. The only way to access the inside and the drive mechanism is by teleportation. Until now, we didn’t have the codes to engage. A delegation of Koldassii from Naara visited recently and gave us the access codes. The Koldassii are the only people knowing about the creators of this mechanism and about this particular technology, that they also shared with the Zenate, who are accustomed to the making of this type of planetoid vessels.


        A team of Zenate were present with the Koldassii at the opening of the lunar core module, that occurred two Earth weeks ago. I was there too, with High Commander Kiara, internal diplomatic liaison for the GFW. What was found was impressive. Inside of the core module, was a completely different technology than anything I had ever seen before. It is an etheric engine that looks like a complex geometrical construct, made of circles imbricated one into another, and able to convolute in different directions, as I was explained. Although it was still. It looks similar to the ancient astrolabes you have on Earth, but in a translucent way. It is very beautiful. You could feel it had a consciousness, and it was sleeping. Even though, you could feel it. You could feel its presence. Its beautiful, entrancing presence that touches you right to the core of your soul. You could also feel that it leaves not in this linear time, but in a different time structure. A time that seems to us slower but for her, our linear time is felt as much shorter. She was just sleeping. Luna has a soul, it truly has, and I didn’t know this, nobody in the Federation knew this, until we actually saw it for ourselves, and experienced it. High Commander Kiara was crying with emotion. The Zenate bowed their heads in sign of salutation and respect, a hand on their chest. So we did like them.

        She was sleeping… but through her dream, she could sense us, and read our hearts. She was warm. You remember two years ago, when we retrieved the pods from the inside of Luna. We had found them near the core module. These were the crew in stasis. The crew of this ship: Luna. At the time, if you remember, the Zenate were the best equipped to take care of them, so we handed the pods to them. Now we have found the ship command module. It was heating up in our presence. One of the Koldassii delegation told the Zenate that it was time to bring back the pods of the crew, and place them in the Luna command module. Oh they are not going to move the planetoid; it would cause great harm to Earth. No, they will only activate Her core memory, that a knowledge is unlocked. The Koldassii told us that this knowledge has nothing to do with technology, but with consciousness and soul. That is how, they said, the ancients powered their vessels across the universes and dimensions. So I will tell you more when the Zenate bring the pods back and they are placed inside of the core command of Luna.

        Besides that, the production of medical technologies and training of Earth scientists and medical technicians continues, as well as the production of antigravity planetary vehicles such as cars and shuttles. I wished you could see what I saw in the heart of the Moon.

High Commander Thor Han Eredyon, reporting for the GFW.

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