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Above the Clouds

The Final Battle and the Great Disclosure
November 13 2022

According to the Book of Revelations, “Fallen Angels” imprisoned in a southern underground location would come out when the river Euphrates dries up, and these beasts would be supposed to slaughter one third of mankind. It is true as a matter of fact, that in these days the Euphrates is drying up. Is this a fulfillment of the Book of Revelations? In my personal opinion and humble knowledge, no Anunnaki being (who are a very advanced and civilized species) would be qualified as “beasts”. I believe we are talking here about something else, something not human, not angelic nor even advanced extraterrestrial. Let me share with you the information I received in response to my questions from friends in high places.


THOR HAN: These creatures will not be allowed to roam on the surface. We are aware of this and not telling the population for it would create unnecessary stirring of fear. These are ancient reptiloids who are meant to awaken when the Guardians are back. These are not Anunnaki but the demons that the Enlil's faction created by genetic engineering. They are already taken care of. No sound or visual recording of them would be genuine, but I can confirm that they are real creatures chained underneath this river. We do not have the knowledge and technology to destroy them but Oona's group has. I suggest you request communication with her. I insist that there is no fear to spread. Everything is in control. Be also aware that the enemy is pulling out any excuse to counter Ea's beneficial help to your people.


ARDAANA: You are requesting a communication with the Intergalactic Confederation but I want to interfere and make a point on this. There are no demons chained under the Euphrates river, neither fallen angels. These names are folklore to the ignorant masses. But I will tell you what is underneath this river: unfortunate creatures in pain, product of the engineering of severely deranged scientists who came from Ashkeera. They were Anunnaki. These unfortunate beings in pain, we do not have the power to free their souls, but Oona will give you the heads up on this matter. Only what you call high magic can free these souls into the aether, for the deranged scientists who created them as what you could name “Armageddon weapons” used dark magic to bind them here for eternity. There is a powerful one under the ice of Antarctica, also in the process of being neutralized. Ea is back to undo what his brother Yu has done. Anu was summoned to put an end to this and he is doing it. You could put it like this for a better understanding: as the forces of light awaken, the armies of the dark arise.


EA: These are not demons. I am stating this, which you can share with Earth humans: when we left, when my faction left, we put in place on this planet an extremely clever web of emissaries in stasis, with hybrid bodies as their avatars so they can breathe and roam on Earth. Have you noticed, with who you name the giants: we, Anunnaki, do not look like them, they are hybrid avatars or in our terms of technology: environmental biological suits. These are the awakening “giants” you are talking about. Nothing can stop our plan and great changes are on the way for humans of Earth. Positive changes. When you do not have the military power, you develop your intelligence. Now, I will speak about these beings from under the two rivers. These are older than the flood stories, when I withdrew from Earth with my people. These beings were the product of genetic manipulation, and they would be so powerful that no army on Earth could overcome them. I wasn't involved in this; these beings were brought down to Earth, by one of our ships. Engineered somewhere else but not on the surface of this planet. There is no danger to be worried about. I am here for you, I am here for all of you. These beasts will be liberated but not in the ways of the “scriptures”. These beasts will be liberated in the ways of mine: their IS-BE will be released from their suffering. I know the ways to do this. This is unnameable, what my half-brother has done. He wasn't a scientist, he had no consideration for life, for any life-form in general. Suffering was not a term he was empathetic for. But he had foreseen that in a far future, he would lose grip upon this world. So he brought the Molokhi.


ELENA: What is that, Molokhi? Is that the name of these creatures?


EA: A Molokh is a hybrid avatar that can take different shapes and binds a powerful dark soul within. Higher hierarchy dark IS-BE, as well as very high frequency IS-BE, cannot be bound into flesh. So when this happens, it is forced by using what you call “magic”, and the resulting creature will be torn in pain for the complete length of its incarnation. You can obtain very cruel and insatiable beasts via these methods. The Molokhi under the two rivers are not going to harm anyone. They are taken care of. In truth, they haven't awakened recently, these ones were alive for a long time. How cruel.


OONA: Salutations to you. I listened to your conversation with Prince Ea for I requested contact with him at the same time, after responding to your call. These creatures are not going to harm anyone, as Ea confirmed it to you. Only an Anunnaki such as Ea can undo the spells that other Anunnaki have cast. As you know, this is the law. This is why he is back: to undo a negative karma. We are working together with him and his crew. As Ea explained to you, only dark magic can bind a high grade soul into flesh, and when something is forced against the natural laws of life, suffering results from it. We also know the ways of universal high magic and we are assisting Ea. Him undoing the wrongs performed by his people a long time ago, and us uncasting the dark spells that were binding this planet to the benefit of the hidden ones. There is a lot of work to be done.

Speak about the rising of the Truth, and how the beasts within some people are awakening to disrepute it.


My commentaries:

I am amazed how Ea has compassion for anything that bears life, even IS-BE's forced into inadequate bodies. Even for these creatures. This teaches us about the interconnected level of compassion that animates all beings who reached a higher level of consciousness and speak from a higher perspective, in the understanding of the Universe.


As High Commander Ardaana said: “as the forces of light awaken, the armies of the dark arise.”

Here is now the final combat of positive forces versus negative forces, and this fight has been ongoing on all levels:


-Physical level: Wars in space and underneath the Earth, which are now over, but still there are ongoing attempts to block our genetic potential by the inoculation of chemicals and creepy creats in any ways possible into our bodies. Aim: assimilation.


-Mind level: manipulation into discord with aim to dismantle the good will of Humanity, dividing the army of light by instilling poison in the minds of the soldiers, that they all turn against each other and forget about fighting the real enemy. Aim: division for control. The flag words of the Roman Empire have always been “divide and conquer”. The Roman Empire never collapsed, it just shifted instead and became the Holy Roman Empire. The power that was always been behind this institution goes back to Enlil and his minions.


-Consciousness level: Discrediting the real information by vomiting an overwhelming wave of counter-information, by both the activation of programmed MK ultra victims and shills from alphabet agencies.

Aim: dejection. Discouragement and disinterest from the fight.


-Etheric level: a war between entities to win souls, feed up upon our life force and bind our minds. How many have been hacked, hooked, even possessed, by these dark entities working for the dark controllers of this world. Transforming people into puppets as a tool to create hate and division. Things that are impossible if you keep in a high frequency that blinds them and keep them away. Drugs, alcohol and sexual addictions are wide open doors to these hackers. Their Aim: possession.


-Soul level: Convincing you to kneel in front of humans playing God or ET's playing gods, in order to take your power away and that you wait for a delusional salvation that will never come, while you do not do the job and consent to be a slave on a bent knee. Aim: harvest.





This word has come to be used popularly as a synonym for catastrophe, but the Ancient Greek word apokálypsis, ἀποκάλυψις (apokálupsis) from which it is derived, means:  'Revelation, Disclosure'. Many ancient cultures around the world marked the expectation of a significant event in which the forces of Good (or God) destroy the ruling powers of evil and raise the righteous to life in a higher kingdom. It concerns expectations of the end of the present age when God will punish the wicked and reward the faithful. I believe the mention of "rising the righteous in a higher kingdom" is a metaphor to express the shift in frequencies of human consciousness, that can only be attained by shifting our consciousness into a place of love, compassion, truthfulness and inner peace. In ALL ancient traditions and predictions: God wins.


How to counter the doings of the army of darkness:


-Physical level: Fight assimilation by individual freedom and sovereignty.


-Mind level: Fight division by unity and love.


-Consciousness level: Fight discouragement by listening to your own heart.


-Etheric level: Fight possession by keeping your frequency high, fight addictions by meditation.


-Soul level: Fight the harvesting of your soul by standing up on your feet and refuse to kneel in front of any one or any thing or concept, religion etc, for you know better for yourself, and you need to find the connection to Source through your own being, for we are all a fractal of Source, or God if you want to call her like that, and that is what the enemy fears: that you one day understand, that you understand how powerful you are.


All wounds are coming up to the surface, all angers, jalousies, ego wrongly magnified, fears, insecurities, for you cannot ascend in consciousness if all of these wounds haven't been healed, that is why they come up for certain of you. It is the time to heal and embrace our inner child with love. These are the time of the Apocalypse, the Revelation, the Disclosure, when our own demons awaken and reveal themselves, before our true light to dissolve them into self-love. For the Apocalypse, the greatest Revelation of all, is happening within you.


You've got this.

Article by Elena Danaan ~ november 13 2022

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