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Above the Clouds

The Council of the Shining Ones
October 30 2022



~Oct 30th 2022~



Here is what I could witness, on October 30th 2022, as I was escorted by Thor Han onboard a scout ship of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, to a meeting place located on an undisclosed mothership of the Alliance, somewhere in the Solar system. There was an extraordinary council meeting going on, using holographic projection as generally in use among the star nations. As I described it in my book "The Seeders", council reunions never occur physically for security reasons and also commodity. Projection rooms can be anywhere, on-planet or off-planet on ships.


I was welcomed by Ardaana who lead me to an antechamber where a very beautiful Zenae lady waited for us. We entered a huge and dark projection room. A big crowd of representatives from three councils of the Nataru Alliance were present, with a great diversity of races:

-The High Council of the Galactic Federation of Worlds

-The Council of Five

-The Andromedan Council


These three great galactic councils were meeting the Seeders' council from the Intergalactic Confederation. I understood I had my place among this crowd due to my function as an emissary for planet Earth. Ardaana invited me to step ahead onto a circular pad, which would enable me to be more than an observer and actually take part in the meeting as a holographic projection of myself. In other words: everyone else could see me and hear me. As I did so, I felt an electromagnetic wave running from my feet up through my body and I had a second or two of dizziness. I took a deep breath and noticed my surroundings with an indescribable awe. Oona was present on my left, with representatives of the Intergalactic Confederation. Mainly Alteans but also Khregs, Ormongs and other Seeder races I couldn't define from where I stood. Oona quickly acknowledged me; she was focused on the meeting.


The projection hall was divided into two factions: on one side (on my left) was the Alliance and the Intergalactic Confederation, and on the opposite side (on my right), the enemy's representative faction leaders. A nervous shiver ran through my body as I started to realize that this was not a normal meeting with regular council members. I couldn't see Annax but I sensed his frequency, somewhere far on the left with the members of the Council of Five. Everyone was there, represented. And in the center...


Broadcasting from his homeworld located somewhere in the Orion zone, Anu was present, as a giant being of bright translucent light, sat on a high throne. I couldn't tell if he was wearing clothes, because his body was so bright. No wonder why the Anunnaki elite are called the “Shining Ones”! As Enki once explained to me, the Anunnaki elites do master the secrets of eternal life, and the components they use to sustain their body involve ingredients such as monoatomic gold. Enki told me that these methods can make, with time, the body glow. Anu was moving a lot, stepping down and back on his seat, walking around with large moves. He had a long elongated skull and bright blue eyes. He was magnificent and looked massive. Visually, he measured about 12 Ft high but I do not know if it was his real size or a magnified effect from his holographic projection, though, because Enki isn't that tall. Either sides of the Father's throne (really reminded me of the biblical abduction stories such as Enoch) were the two factions. At Anu's right hand (my left): Enki in a blue robe sat in a large chair, standing alongside the Alliance. On Anu's left hand (my right) was Enlil, in a yellow jumpsuit with black stripes on the side of its arms, attached to a seat by a collar and braces at his wrists and ankles. I could finally see what Enlil looked like and he was strikingly different from Enki, you could clearly tell them apart. Enlil was taller and more robust, and his face had a larger and stronger bone structure: prominent cheek bones, slanted eyes, and a larger nose. I couldn't tell the color of his eyes. Maybe bronze or gold. This being radiated eons of power and military leadership. But for now, he looked as if he was tied as a prisoner and very resentful.


Standing in the center of the hall, the herald of the Galactic Federation of Worlds' High Council (a Tengri I knew) was enumerating the list of all misdeeds from Enlil and his followers, while an animated holographic display ahead of him showed scenes like sequences of a long movie. When I arrived, this list had been going on for 6 Earth-hours already. All names were named, ETs and Earthlings involved in these misdeeds through history, since the start. When you think about it, 6 hours are short, but time runs differently up there.


Earth leaders from the Earth Alliance (commonly called “White Hats”) were present as well, but I was strictly asked by Ardaana not to name them. Nonetheless, anyone is welcome to guess. They were on Enki's side of the room. (right hand of Anu).


I learned that at one point, Anu never wanted to get involved in anything Enlil was doing on Earth anymore, because he was tired of Enlil provoking conflicts constantly. That is the reason why Anu left this star system prematurely at the time. Some records from ancient cultures mention this episode of the history of Humankind, when the father figure of the gods, tired with all the custodian conflicts, left Earth to “go back home to Orion” (Pyramid texts, Turin Papyrus, etc..), and let is two sons debate about the ownership of this planet. Well, the good old Ra is back, summoned by the Intergalactic Confederation.


Seemingly, only the Intergalactic Confederation can summon Anu, because they represents a higher hierarchy above the Anunnaki. The Galactic Federation of Worlds never had this power because they are on an equal level with the Anunnaki regarding galactic laws.


I was impressed to notice on Enlil's side the projection also of a tall Ciakahrr reptilian being. Probably one of their captured leaders. He was massive and had an impressive line of teeth that I believe had a double row. His skin was like a crocodile's, greenish brown, and he wore clothes. He had impressive bat-like dark green wings, that were tied in his back by metal clips. He had a prisoner's collar as well. He was responding also for a lot of terrible things... I understood he was an important enemy character and formerly involved in the Deep State on Earth, at a high degree. I was told after the meeting that he underwent on Earth under the title : “Pindar”.


It was the end of the enumeration of the holographic list of accusations and the Tengri herald stepped back. Anu asked Enlil if he responded for all these accusations and he said yes without hesitation.


Anu and the Intergalactic Confederation seem to be in a tense relationship, I could really feel it, and I understood why when Tayel, the Altean leader of the Seeders group, started to speak. Here is what he said: when they found Earth, the Anunnaki tempered with a genetic experiment belonging to the Intergalactic Confederation, without asking them, so there was a trespassing. The Terrans as a genetic experiment were under the Intergalactic Confederation's protection until they were able to evolve in consciousness up to a certain level (where we are today). Now the process has begun and many of the Terrans have shifted into a 5D construct of consciousness, and the percentage is significant enough. Humans of Earth are progressively standing for themselves. They are also claiming their freedom and are about to stand as a free race and a free culture. The Terrans are becoming an independent interstellar culture and it changes the game.


Enki bringing back the original DNA template is redeeming the misdeeds of his people in general, so now Enlil's faction that still remains on Earth has no reason to stay anymore. The wrongs have been righted. Regarding universal laws, no one can right the wrongs of others -in a karmic perspective, so the Anunnaki respond for their people, and so on. That is the reason why Enki brought back the original Adamic DNA template himself, on behalf of his people, to erase a karmic debt at the scale of a whole civilization.


Anu declared that he is going to recall Enlil's son back, and remove him from Earth as there is no reason for him to stay anymore. I got it confirmed it is Ninurta, although they have another name for him which is Nintag, or "Nintak", (Nn-Tk, and it can also be pronounced as "Nwn-Twk"), but he is known on Earth as Ninurta. It was confusing me, until Thor Han explained that "Ninurta" is a title, and this being has also other titles regarding local cultures and dialects. His real ET name is Nintak. Similarly to "Enki” (title)/ Ea"(birth name), and as well as Enlil's real ET name is Yu.


As a note: the Anunnaki extraterrestrials, in general, do not consider themselves as gods; this misunderstanding comes from the ancient populations on Earth who saw them as supra-natural beings and out of fear worshiped them as gods from their own initiative. Although, a few of these ETs such as Enlil and his son Ninurta, enjoyed playing fear-mongering, sadistic and violent “gods” to manipulate humans into conflicts. It was then easier to control them. As long as they have been fighting among themselves, Humans on Earth never united to turn against the real enemy. And unfortunately, through to this day.


To resume what I learned when attending this extraordinary meeting: Enlil was arrested last Earth-year and is now judged for crimes infringing intergalactic laws. This date coincides with the return of Enki in the Solar system, onboard the Nibiru ship, of which he has the ownership now. The head reptilian elite of the Illuminati was also arrested. Now, at the request of the Intergalactic Confederation, Enlil's son Ninurta is about to be removed. Coincidental events with the awakening of the sleeping giants who will be beneficial to Humanity.


If the Anunnaki hadn't decided to temper with a genetic experiment that was under the custody of other ETs (the Intergalactic Confederation) part of a superior grade regarding the laws of this universe, this council would have never happened. There are going to be some changes on Earth...


The old corrupted world is dying, crumbling on its rotten poles into the depthless decaying pound. As a Human on Earth, it is an honor, a privilege and a responsibility to have chosen to incarnate in these biblical times. You are the warriors of truth at the time of the great Apocalypse, when the light is being revealed and Humanity of Earth stands free... for the first time in its history.


The gods who are back are no extraterrestrials: the gods who are back are the humans of Earth. You, are the sleeping gods, finally awakening to your true nature and power.



Elena Danaan – Oct 2022.

Copyright of the drawings used in this article: Elena Danaan

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