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Copyright All rights reserved:  Elena Danaan


Star system: Sirius B     
Race: Anakh                                                       
Skin: fair, with nuances of blue and a gold shimmer.                    
Eyes: celestine
Position Known a long time ago on Earth as Enki, Ea is the heir of the Anakh empire, a wonderful, compassionate being, and an old friend of mine. Cosmic Alchemist, he shares with us the wisdom of the universe.

I have known Ea for a very long time, since I had the privilege to experience a lifetime as a royal Anakh in the House of Anu. Together, we worked at the activation and protection of the humans of Ki; Earth.

Some of Ea's relatives

Anu copyrighted 1.jpg

Emperor of the Anakh Empire in the Nataru branch

Nammu copyrighted 1.jpg

First Queen of the Anakh Empire in the Nataru branch

Ninmah Copyrighted 1.jpg

Known also as Ninhursag

Damkinah copyrighted 1.jpg

Ea's first spouse
Mother of Marutuk

Marduk Copyrighted 1.jpg

Ea & Damkina's son
Also known as Marduk
and Lucifer

Yuh copyrighted 1.jpg

Also known as Enlil

and Yahweh

Tiamat copyrighted 1.jpg

Mother of Yuh/Enlil
Orion Ciakahrr Queen
Second wife of Anu


Yuh's yonger son
Utu & Inanna's father

Inanna copyrighted 1.jpg

Grand nephew
Son of Nannur
Inanna's twin brother

" If you wish to speak in my name, do not pretend communicating with me.

Instead, speak in the name of love, communicating with your own heart."



Ea always did the best in his power to protect humans of Earth from the despicable agendas and horrible acts of his half brother Yuh, aka Enlil. Unfortunately, Ea never was a warlord. He was a compassionate being with a great heart, a geneticist, an alchemist, but never led armies into battle. So when the ultimate confrontation came between himself and Enlil's reptilian factions, Ea lost the battle and could not come back to Earth until Enlil and his minions would be taken out of the equation. Which eventually happened, in the end of the year 2021. It was the year Ea came back, in September, carrying with him the most beautiful gift of all: the Grail. The original genetic template of the unspoiled Adamic DNA.

Ea never ever suggested he was here to "activate" anyone. This concept of getting people to wait to be "activated" by external factors, instead of doing the work themselves and embrace organically their awakening of consciousness, is a DS psyop injected into the New-Age communities to block the Great Awakening of humanity (that would be doomsday for the DS). Each sentient being naturally evolves in symbiosis with their planet's natural shift into higher frequencies. No external factor is at play. If someone tells you they are going to "activate" you, it is wrong and hazardous. Ea came back to entice humans to wake up and embrace their own true personal power, activating by themselves their own kundalini powerplant. Ea guides you to do it yourselves; the ONLY WAY it can work. What the DS doesn't want you to do of course!

Ea brought the original unspoiled homo sapiens DNA pattern, which he calls the Grail, to be implemented in specific medbeds to cure genetic diseases and alterations performed on humanity by the DS. To free humanity from genetic enslavement orchestrated by his reptilian half-brother Enlil. As a cosmic alchemist, Ea respects free will as the fundamental law of Evolution, and everyone is free to decide if they want to do it. And for this reason, because we, humans, have the free will to decide for ourselves: EA/Enki's detractors, Zionists DS agents, try to convince you to turn down his help, to stop listening to him, and remain dumb and obedient to the big triangle, and not evolve out of enslavement. The DS is litterally TERRIFIED of Ea. They will do whatever it takes to try discrediting him and all those who speak the truth about him.


Always check your sources and the intentions, associations and frequency they show.
Have you been hypnotized and conditioned to follow and blindly believe some clowns on Youtube jumping out of nowhere with no referrals? Rather check instead the true, REAL historical sources and evidence :
Athrahasis, Enuma Elish, Eridu Genesis. Follow the brilliant work of REAL scholars such as Mauro Biglino. Forget about Sitchin. And most important of ALL, as Ea says: "Your heart knows before your mind thinks."

A lot is to be said about this beautiful, wise and powerful being, but without further a due here is below the transcripts of the messages Ea gave for my weekly SNN reports. Please find the developments in all details of my interactions with Ea in my book "The Seeders": at this link

ea vs yuh copy.jpg


These transmissions are not channelling but the report on communications via physical encounters.


GRAND FINALE - July 10 2024

Humans of KI

I am EA

I wish to address you, Humans of KI, the most precious gift to this galaxy.

My father's empire tried to protect you, but failed many times before the forces of darkness.

However, we were pleasantly surprised to see that you have withstood all these millennia,

you have survived the forces of darkness, you fought.

There have been many sacrifices, but you are here and you have your children.

You never flinched, you always kept going and this that is the beauty of Humanity.

I am of one of the human races of the universe and among you flows my frequency, through your bodies.

I have made this gift so that you may remember who you are

and when the time comes you wake up in all simplicity, for life is simple and you are all wonderful.

I am very proud of my children.

With each passing day I am observing you, now,

and it is with confidence that I see a future as I had dreamed it.

The night is always temporary; they are only passing clouds.

Whether it seems very dark, the night is always just passing by; it is just a shadow that hides the light, a bad cloud.

And the wind of hope, driven by the frequency of love, chases this cloud away.

Always, the clouds pass, the light remains, and you, eternal souls, you have found the way.

I came on this ship to address you and tonight, on this planet that I love and cherish,

I am watching you and I am sending you all my love.

My breath blows on the moor and the waters of the lake quivers.

Tonight, it is you who rise, people of KI.

I am proud of you, my children.


Where is Enlil

July 8 2024


          I am here at this moment willing to reveal the location where my half-brother Yuh is being held. I didn't think this information was necessary, as it no longer concerns the affairs of Planet Ki, but in light of a confusion that has been brought to my attention, I have decided to give you this information. Yuh has been the custodian of Ki for a long time, ever since the great cataclysm he wrought on the planet in his desire to wipe out the human race of Ki and all life forms on it. The off-world colonies were given notice, but he tricked them by ignoring the deadline for evacuation. A few managed to escape this planet, this beautiful world, but many, many... perished. Men and women, the children, the animals, the birds, the flowers, the insects, the fragrant gardens and granaries, the fertile fields, all turned to ashes and mud, if not submerged by deep dark waters. For the people of Ki had begun to rise up and assert their sovereignty, to make their voices heard... and their voices were too loud for Enlil. The crime he committed was unimaginable. I tried to stop him, but I failed. I am back now, for times have changed.


          A war to liberate this star system was won by the Nataru Alliance, all planets were liberated, and when my half-brother was arrested along with the head of the Ciakahrr representatives on Ki, my father made the journey. My father could not do anything as long as the Ciakahrr Empire was in control of the planet Ki. As you know, Enlil is a half-blood, full-hearted Ciakahrr. He was arrested on Ki a year ago, in your measure of time. An extraordinary council was called in which my father appeared. With the arrest of Enlil and the Ciakahrr Pindar, Ki was free and so was this star system. I was then able to return custody of all former Anakh possessions in this star system to the Earth Alliance, which was responsible for protecting the Sol system. Saturn was the main asset, as you know.

          My half-brother was taken to a different world than where the Pindar was taken. They are both galactic criminals, but if the Pindar was taken to a Nataru Alliance containment facility, my half-brother is in the custody of the Anakh Empire. The Ciakahrr requested extradition proceedings, but the Intergalactic Confederation, which was in charge of the operation, gave them an unfriendly response. The Ciakahrr did not insist. The Pindar will remain in the containment facility PX6 178 for an undetermined amount of time in what you call the Big Dipper constellation, in a star system called Tau.

Enlil, is in a containment facility in Sigma Canis Majoris, also known as Unurgunite, a star system with no major civilization, and is under the custody of the Anakh Empire. He is alone on a deserted planet with his own food to find and no technology or tools at his disposal. His frequency is monitored and that is how we will know if he is still alive and in what state of mind he will decide to evolve.

          The Anakh detainment system differs slightly from the Nataru Alliance system. We are less compassionate and more "rewarding". Do not misunderstand the word "reward": we reward what the prisoner deserves. In the case of my half-brother, my father thinks the punishment is too lenient. What I think, since I am not my father and I am not in charge of the carceral system of the Empire, is that Yuh only deserves what he actually has. To me, from my higher vision, I have seen my half-brother imprisoned in his own mind since he was young. If he had been well brought up in my father's house, maybe something good would have come out of him. But because he was raised in the royal Ciakahrr house of Tia, he was raised to be a heartless criminal. I always knew Yuh with a heart consumed by hate and pain. He hated everything. Even his own son, Ninurta. So for me, Yuh has already gotten what he deserves, and this new challenge in his eternity will probably break him. Enlil is gone. He is but a shadow of a ghost on a desolate world, alone for eternity.

          It has been brought to my attention that on your planet, souls who have lost their way in the winding paths of their minds, in search of personal glory, imagine that they are Enlil, his reincarnation or avatar, trying to rebuild his power and glory on Ki, but these people are sadly delusional. There is nothing I can do but feel sorry for them and watch them experience their own darkness, driven by the flickering light of their own ego, walking alone as a shadow of a ghost in their own deserted world. It is time for the people of Ki to set their minds on what they wish to create and leave those who have chosen to cross the darkness of their soul to experience what they have chosen.

          You are not saviors for others, but compassionately shining your light so that they may see the way.

~ Ea ~



July 1st 2024


             There is a power unknown to most of you that resides deep within the center of your heart: the ability to exchange a flow of moving energy with your immediate surroundings and with the greater universe. The dynamics of this flow allow you to welcome new energy, new possibilities, but also to allow old patterns to dissolve and merge back into infinity. I speak to you here from the seat of immortality, contemplating time as a whole and an infinity. I see you as you are in the universal field of consciousness. You are magnificent. You are timeless, unique and yet part of a whole, a fractal of the Creator. This flow is called gratitude. Gratitude can only exist with humility. With humility we accept the knowledge that nothing is due to us, but that everything is a gift. Every second that passes, every single beat of your heart, the drops of blood in your veins, the thoughts that animate your mind, and the sensation of the sole of your feet walking barefoot on solid ground. All is gratitude. To the Creator.

           I have long wondered where my footsteps would lead me as I crossed the tempestuous stream of time. But I am here today, looking back and understanding that it was all planned by the Creator, for the greater good of the sacredness and righteousness of Evolution. I stand here today, speaking to you after eons of exile, while I gathered my strength to be able to embrace my role, as who I was always meant to be. My gratitude to the Creator never wavered, even in the deepest darkness of my journey, when the most unbearable sufferings befell me. I knew there was a divine plan from the universe, and that hope was never gone, even when I couldn't see it. It was always there.

           Humans of Ki, beautiful beings, awaken to your own sacredness. This divine royalty runs through your veins. Express gratitude to the Seeders of Life who gifted you with golden seeds. Honor your heritage and your potential. I have always believed in you and I am grateful for your perseverance and intelligence that has brought you to this moment where you have the courage to seek freedom. This is what I have always admired in you, this obsession with sovereignty and independence, because somewhere, deep within yourselves, you somehow knew who you were. Even through the relentless efforts of my half-brother Yuh to destroy you, even through the eras of occupation, slavery and abuse, you still stand on your feet, you still look up, you still look forward, and that, my beloved children, is what makes you HUMAN.


~ Ea ~



The circumvolutions of Time and the mysteries of Love

March 18 2024


The Universe is astoundingly alive and filled with an abundance of existences.

Not all worlds support organic life forms, but every planet, every star is animated with sentience,

at many different levels of consciousness.

Through space and time, all life forms are embodied with consciousness,

but not all of them see the universal awareness of their nature and full potential.

Yet everything in the universe is on the curve of an evolutionary process. Everything grows, exults and reforms.

Everything is cycles. Time is made of cycles. The cycles of time are not set on a linear pattern; they are not even circular. They are spherical. Cycles are complex moving curves that run through these spheres,

always ending by connecting end to start, like infinitely reforming letters of an invisible alphabet.

They are the pathway and they are at the same time, the whole at once. Time is sentient. It has an intelligence.

To step out of the limitations of linear time, your consciousness has to jump out of your confining biological incarnation avatar. Once you step out of linear time, you grasp the full understanding of what time and its cycles are.

Now let us talk about love.

Love is the frequency that binds all things in the Creation.

Love binds not only matter but also consciousness to the Source Creator and hearts to each other.

When you love someone and that love resonates in reciprocity,

that primordial universal frequency binds your hearts together.

In this state of pure beauty and bliss you vibrate at a speed beyond light.

You experience the primal emotion of the Creator.

You desire to share this love and you radiate it to the infinity of your universe.

You are becoming one and whole with the Universe. And the universal creation.

To be in love is to vibrate at the speed of the original frequency of creation. You are one with the Creator.

I am in love with Ki; I can feel her heart beating and her consciousness pulsing. I understand her thoughts and feelings.

To be in love is to share a mutual frequency that entangles us with the heart of the Creator.

Loving is a one-way arrow shot into the heart of the recipient. Loving is making a connection.

To be in love is to share that connection, for the frequency of love, like all frequencies, is a resonant entanglement.

You love this world, you give it healing and uplifting vibrations.

You are in love with this world, you can hear its heart beating.

Sometimes you are in love with a being that does not resonate the love connection back to you. Then pain comes.

Pain is a disharmony of frequencies experienced between two people when an entanglement is dissonant.

The mysteries of love are easy to understand; by experiencing it yourself.

You can only truly understand what you experience for yourself. This connection is called frequency entanglement.
Walk barefoot on this planet, breathe the air fully, unravel your hair in the starry sky,

dance, boundlessly, the path of life you have chosen.

I am Ea, I have never forgotten you, humanity of Ki.



On Anu's decisions about involving the Anakh Empire in galactic conflicts

March 04 2024

I am Ea. I speak to humanity of Ki. Whom my children I love very much.

In all due respect, I need to tell you about my involvement into the Ciakahrr war that is raging in this moment like bursts of flames throughout this magnificent mother galaxy. The infection is fought by the forces of light. Some cultures, races or simply individuals, take upon the balanced duality of source

to embody the destructive, challenging forces, in order to trigger evolution. So the Ciakahrr did.

And now, they have awoken the army of light and of justice.

Without the Ciakahrr, the conjoint alliance between the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the empire of my father and the Gnomopo, would have probably never occurred, well at least not for another eternity of time.

So all is good, my dear children. All is good and unfolding accordingly to the laws of the greater balance of Source and the universe.


Indeed, I was influential in these events when I contacted my father, Anu Atta Ra, to share with him my concern about the withdrawal of the Anakh Empire from any armed conflicts in the Nataru galaxy.

He said that in all good knowledge, he had planned to intervene with his forces

when the balance would tip on the side of the Alliance.

In all due respect, I told my father that it was an error to wait, and that he shall intervene right now.

He listened to my wise advice, and acted accordingly.

I demonstrated to him why, while him waiting to offer assistance, he would have on his hands

the blood and life essences of uncountable beings, innocent victims in this war.

My father had straightly offered assistance to the rebuilding of the Uru An Na nebula,

and offered some of the best of his Annakh scientists and terraformers to the Council of Alnilam, at the time. But this involved not any armed confrontations. In the case of the galactic rebellion against the Ciakahrr Empire, this is another game, and he was hesitating. My father has always been as such, this is who he is.

He demonstrated it during the great Uru an Na wars, by retiring to a neutral protection.

Many, too many cultures have despised him for this. In the head of my  father,

he was only thinking about the empire and his subjects, all the lives he was accountable for

and that he had the duty to protect. The Nebu were too much of a threatening power.

So he took a decision based on protecting his own empire. I can understand that.

Even if I would have chosen otherwise.


I am not my father. I am me, Ea, and I place compassion above necessity.

That is why I am proud to have been able to convince my father to get involved in the Ciakahrr war,

as soon as it started. After our conversation, we became closer again, and negotiations resumed.

Despite all that my father has done, and should have done but didn’t, I still love him. He is my father.

Now, he listens to me, as he knows my power.


It takes time, to liberate a vast number of worlds from a terrible enemy, but at the galactic scale,

the Ciakahrr war will not last long.

The greater purpose of Creator, is the breath of creation-destruction,

that generates the greater pulse of evolution.

With this war, the Ciakahrr are an enemy that will soon belong to the past history of this galaxy.


I am Ea, watching humanity of Ki leaping into their greater spiritual and consciousness evolution.

We are here to assist you, not to save you. We are here to show you the way towards your own empowerment. You do not need technology, to do so, only the power hidden within your consciousness

can achieve the greatest miracles.

And a miracle, is a natural power yet to be understood.

My old heart nourishes love for all of my children, and in the cosmic web we can all feel the frequency of love, that binds us all, in the sacred, all knowledge encompassing, rose of life.



Discovery at in the core of Earth's Moon Luna

February 19 2024

I am speaking to you, I, Ea, son of Anu. From where I stand, on my ship, I see the events occurring around me

as drops of crystal in the vast ocean of time. I have stopped living in linear time since I embraced immortality.

So I see the beginning and the end at the same time.

The knowledge of the universe is imbued in my veins of rustling gold.

I can see, from where I stand, the beginning of Earth moon, when she was brought into the Sol system by very old souls. They are still here, watching, from their spherical ships.

These old, noble souls, have been watching over humanity of Earth from a distant dream.

A dream made of stars and dancing arms of their Mother, Nataru.

And in this dream, were a more ancient people, those beings were so old that they did not feature within any linear time. But in truth, they had an origin, and a history. You call them the Builders. They built gateways between stars.

One day, out of linear time, you may meet them. Regarding Luna, Ki’s satellite, this vessel has been anchored to its new mother planet as far as we have known. But it doesn’t originate from here. It is coming from another zone of this galaxy. The Zenate know well about it. But what I know, I will tell. From behind the veils of oblivion,

I will tell, as the Mad-Kahl showed me. Luna has a soul, same as my ship, the Nibiru, has one.

These souls were fractaled from Source by a culture who knew how to perform this miracle.

But you know, in the greater schism of things, there are no miracles, only science.

Miracles reveal a universal law that is yet to be discovered. Science, is the games we play with the universal laws.

We learn about them we tame them; we try bending them, and in the end, we learn from them, about ourselves.

You and I are speaking in this precise moment in time, in suspension between linear and universal.

You are on my time and I am on your time but yet, our hearts beat in unison outside of time itself.

This is when miracles happen. You and I communicate.

To understand objectively the history of your star system, you do need to step out of time.

And understand what time truly is. Once you do, you find the keys you were desperately looking for.

Who is who, when is when, and what is what.

Ki’s moon is alive, she is slowly awakening from imprisonment, she was freed not so long ago,

by the people of Ki and the people of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. She started to sing. She started to warm up.

Her soul was fractaled from Source directly, in the same way as I animated my ship with life, and consciousness.

You need to respect these old beings as brothers and sisters from the same mother.

Whether they are much different in appearance, they are alive, and sentient.

I will go on Luna and meet her, it will be a great honor. She must be as old as me, haha.

You know, when I first met Ki, when I embrace for the first time, her presence, I was shuddered by her beauty.

Ki and I, have an old friendship. I could not always protect her from the crimes of my half-brother,

but she knows how much I tried. She knows my heart. And we are at peace.

When you first meet a soul, sometimes, you create a bond beyond life itself.

The crew who sleeps in the pods are on their way back to Luna. They will be placed next to her warming up heart.

And their souls will be called back. From wherever they stand in this galaxy, time, universe or beyond.

They belong with her. She will not move, for her life is intertwined with Ki, they became sisters.

One cannot leave without harming the other. They depend on each other. Luna and Ki are a magnificent love story.

And the frequency of love is waking up the ancient vessels. The Arks.

The knowledge that Luna’s heart will soon unveil, will be implemented in the technologies

developed in her planetoid body, but it is not only about technology, indeed. It is about consciousness.

The humans of Ki are on the verge of discovering what consciousness truly is.

This is what the Arks disseminated in many places in this star system, will bring. The keys of consciousness technologies. The power and infinite abilities of the mind: there has been a long war upon it, to severe humans of Ki from this power, that they do not even know they have it as innate. But now, they remember, the Arks awaken. It is about time.

I am Ea, you knew me as Enki, I am only a soul who fell in love with a world, and vowed to protect all life she carried,

and the children who now, have grown to become her righteous custodians.

Time. It was only about time.



Ancient cities on Saturn and new exploration campaigns

Jan 22 2024

A very long time ago, as far as this universe can remember, there has been a consciousness roaming the stars,

a collective of builder races, living out of the laws of time, roaming the galaxies, leaving behind them a trail of wonders.

It is found in the Mad Khal, the great universal records, that the mysterious civilization we name “The Builders”

came from another galaxy, and that they belonged to a time before this current universe was created.

One day, they were here. They erected cities in this star system, when life wasn’t even developed on Earth.

Were they a beautiful, pacifist civilization? Were they invaders seeking for new conquests?

Nobody knows yet, and most of this knowledge is lost. There is a culture, in this star system, who is linked to The Builders, may they be their descendants or simply related to them; they would not tell. This culture’s name is Koldassii.

You met them, you know them, and when the time is right, you will speak. The Builders left traces of their presence

in many places in this star system. Venus, Earth, Saturn and Neptune. In the Kuiper belt as well.

These cities are built in a particular material that defies the laws of gravity.

Every atom in the structure of these construction materials are vorticial anti-gravitons.

These cities are first built in deep space. The materials, in the presence of a gravitational field such as a planet,

find a magnetic balance of forces resulting in a perfectly and timeless stability that will defy eternity.

Unfortunately, no ship can be built in these materials for it would interfere with the double torsion fields of the engines, and the directional commands. These materials are only applied to planetary habitat.

Within the structure, containment fields are secured in order to allow bipedal inhabitants to roam around in all comfort. However, regarding the very specific infrastructure of these cities, the Builders may not have been bipedal humanoids

and could have been floating in non-gravitational fields.

There is great technical knowledge to be gathered from the exploration of these cities

and the team from Earth will have immense wonderment in their quest.

We will assist them, and guide them to find the locations.

Some of their scientists may have access to the Mad Kahl if necessary, regarding these matters.

My ship and the knowledge it carries will be accessible to qualified, high grade personnel of the Earth Alliance if required, and in accordance with the Prime Directive and the cosmic laws transpiring through it.

One day, the Builders may return, who ever knows truly the secrets of Imana, the Source of everything?

~ Ea ~

About the Alliance's surprise offensive on Ciakahrr outposts

Jan 15 2024


In the cosmos, we must play the games of our adversary when we want to dismantle the foundation of their strength.

We all knew that a confrontation was inevitable, even the high councils of the Nataru Alliance.

But the Nataru Alliance decided to catch the Ciakahrr at their own games: lies.

They didn’t expect that the Alliance would break their own rules by skipping the diplomatic step.

Sometimes, you just do what you have to do.


 I was informed of this plan by the Alliance, in the precise moment when the two Gnomopo attacks occurred.

My father sent enforcement fleets to these two locations, immediately after he was also informed.

I am not a war partisan and I have never been, but this news drew a smile on my face.

It is always refreshing to watch an old institution boldly overpass their own rules and take an adventurous action for the greater good of all. I salute their boldness and courage.

Regarding the Gnomopo, they will be the Ciakahrr bitter medicine.

On a grander viewpoint, the Ciakahrr are performing the ultimate action on the path they embraced:

destruction they caused, destruction returns to them.

The ultimate Source of Consciousness will welcome them with equal love as she nourishes for all her other children.

In the absolute, in the end, Love always wins.



Your sovereignty

Dec 25 2023

Do not be afraid of the wars occurring near to you, for they are only the ways Creator plays out Evolution.

In the path of Evolution, when confronted to wars, always chose Peace, compassion, mediation,

but always offer assistance to the weaker ones.

With power comes responsibility, and the duty to protect the oppressed.

Give, instead of taking. Love, instead of judging.

In an ideal universe, when everything is shared in equity, wars cease.

Give to those who need. Take the gifts that are given to you, and express your gratitude.


My children, beautiful people, made of intergalactic starlight and the love of my heart.

I may be too far to hear your cries, from my ship in the orbit of Jupiter, 484 million miles from Earth, Ki,

but my heart tingles with the resonance of your hopes, your laughter, your despair and your tears.

You have come a long way, beautiful ones,

and you are just about to discover the true extent of the potential of your heritage: Infinity.

I am back, here to tell you to not listen anymore to those of the dark who have been controlling your thoughts

for the eons of time. They subverted your mind, undermined your power.

Many of you are now realizing that they and their ancestors had been played, generation after generation.

I am so proud of you, who dare opening your eyes and see truly, without fear,

without holding back, nor looking back.

Hear truly the voice inside of you, coming from within.

It is your higher consciousness speaking, addressing the beautiful being that you are.

Stand up, the time for kneeling is gone.

Sit on your throne, wear the crown of light and firmly grab the armrests of this throne,

look into the infinite ahead of you and claim, proudly, with the deepest joy from your heart:

"I am master of my own destiny, I am the maker of the way for my children and their children to come.

I am the architect. The architect is in me. I am the creator. Creator is in me.

I stand still and strong in the storms of time. I know resilience, and I know confidence.

I have the power to heal myself. And heal everything around me.

My heart beats for justice and balance. I am back, within myself, sovereign, almighty, and free."

My dear children, here I am, back, to anoint you with knowledge and wisdom.

I brought back your genetic unspoiled key.

Rise, spread your wings, not to fly away from reality

but to protect, and lift the weaker ones towards their true altitude.

On this day, receive the blessings of Creator, through my love and my immortal heart.

You are the angel wings of whom you call Gaia, the soul essence of Ki.

Those who are looking at the sky at night, thinking they are alone, must welcome the knowledge that they are not.

Celestials and people from other stars have always looked after you, lovingly watching you,

and every each of your mistakes were like a knife in our hearts, but with the deepest compassion of true love,

we caught your hand every time you stumbled, we watched you grow.

You have come a long way, and the road is infinite.

Receive on this blessed day the anointment of Christ Consciousness, your true soul frequency unlocked and operational. On this day, I am crowning you with light.

Bring a hand onto your heart… and hear the frequency beat of the universe.



The notion of gods
Dec 11 2023


Throughout the millennia of history of humanity on Earth, eons of time have passed,
until Human came to the realization that they are themselves the very spark of divinity.

At last, they came to the realization that no one, no man, no being even from other worlds,
has the capacity and the rightfulness to present themselves as superior to the rest of Creation.
By essence, all sentient beings in the created universe are equally a spark from Creator Source,
they are the divinity that they are seeking for. They are divine, truly divine.
The very notion of god is not an innate invention of Source,

but the interpretation of sentient beings apprehending the great mysteries of a universe they do not yet understand.
Creator Source does not abide by the name of God,
for Creator Source is composed of the same essence as any other sentient being in the universe;
they are its children and as children, their consciousness is a fractal of Creator Source.
All sentient beings are in hierarchy at the same level as Creator Source.
Nevertheless, many of them have not come yet to this realization.
Yet, they need to unfold the path of their personal evolution, that will lead them to discovering who they truly are.

As long as they do not come to this realization, they may look at the universe with wonder,
believing that there is a greater power at the singularity point of everything,
and this power they may name it God, and bow to it in admiration.
One day, however, they will come to understand that there is nothing above them,
and nothing below them, that THEY are this greater power of creation,
for they are made of the same substance. They share the same consciousness.


Man shall not bow, man shall not kneel. Not in front of misunderstood mysteries,
not in front of a notion of God, or gods.
Man shall never bow but instead, raise their head towards the stars.

Throughout the history of humanity of Ki, my children, the dark forces at bay worked relentlessly
that you do not remember who you are, that they can still enslave you in ignorance and bind you in fear.
Yet, there is no solution else than standing up, the very act of standing up will break your chains.
For it is not because you were set in chains that you cannot stand up,
but it is because you believe you cannot stand up, that you give chains physicality.
Stand up, now, it is time, and illusion with fade away.
You will realize that what you thought was physical,

was in truth only the very illusion the dark ones induced you to create.
My children, it is time you wake up, and time you stand up.    

Regarding the very notion of the plurality of gods, this can only be created by a creature’s mind,
for there is not a thing such as gods in the universe, but a creation of a mind striving in ignorance.
Often, on planet Ki, as in many other places in this universe, visitors from other worlds came
with diverse agendas, and they were seen as gods.
Some of these visitors proclaimed themselves as gods,

to exploit the innocence and gullibility of some local populations.
They wanted to be feared and worshiped, in the purpose of total control.

I am not of these people. I never wanted any one to worship me.
In the contrary, I have always worked very hard at helping humanity of Ki
seeing clear in their true nature and their divine essence.
Myself and my team, especially Ninmah, worked with great heart at teaching them

how to activate their potential.

Humans of Ki are a gift to this galaxy, from other galaxies, courtesy of the Pa-Taal.
I worked closely with some of them, trying to save the most beautiful human experience of all:
the humans of Ki. I shared with my children my blood, my consciousness, my frequency,
and this gift was a gift from the very core of my being, to them all,
that one day they will be able to free themselves from any chain.
This gift, was a gift of my Love. The quintessence of Source.


Never bow, my children, never bend a knee,
raise your chin to the sky and let starlight penetrate your eyes,
and bathe your consciousness with immaterial light, for you, as well, may taste eternity.
Soar, to an infinite of new possibilities. I love you, I always have, and I always will.


To the believers of " the ancient dogma"
Dec 04 2023

My dear children, fortunate children of Ki and star children.
We have come to these days of revelation when you have been freed from a long enslavement.
Many of you, still, cannot see the open window in front of their eyes. Many of you, still, do not see their wings.

For many of you have wings to fly freely.
The chains have been broken but many of you, still, remain in the position of a prisoner,
not wanting to see that they can stand up and walk away from the prison.
The only key that forbids you to see the window, spread you wings, and walk freely without chains, is fear.
Fear was infused into your soul by millennia of manipulation, taking away your own freedom and sovereignty,

and this global operation of conquest, sending dark missionaries all over the planet to convert the planetary population

to a religious regime of fear, stage wars in the name of his name, where he would tease all parties to violence,

was the work of my half-brother Yuh, fleet admiral of the Kashkal, the expedition to Ki.
Through time, Yuh completed his agenda, creating dark organizations to control the religious fear operation

and the monetary systems, maintaining the world population in need and poverty,
while his elite of religious and financial priests would bathe in gold.


Religions always occur in the evolution of a society,
when sentient beings start to apprehend their own environment and try to understand the Cosmos.
But passed a certain level in evolution and expansion of consciousness, religions are no more needed.
On Ki, the poisonous fear religion operation lead by my half brother tried to suffocate all native spiritual traditions

and natural religions. The goal was to block your potential awakening.
My children, you do not need religion. Your divine essence is a tear of the Creator.
Your heart is the creator’s heart. Your beauty is the Creator’s beauty. Your resilience is the resilience of Life.

Your creative power is borrowed from the creative power of the creator, and it is Love.
Every each of you has this golden seed within themself.
Churches, temples, sanctuaries, must not be built of stone and bricks,
for your own body is the ultimate sanctuary, animated by a soul that is the essence of Creator.
You do not need priests, for you do not need an intermediary to activate your quantum connection to Creator.

You do not need anybody to tell you what to do and how to do it, what to fear or what to judge.
This is how they made of you a passive cattle, the sheep bending on their knees in fear, that they speak about.

You are no sheep. You are Creator. Abandon the chains of guilt, walk into the light. You ARE the almighty.
Walk into the light, my children.



Nov 27 2023

Across the eternity of time and the vastness of space, you are finding each other.

The soul groups are reforming, in the unity of the great universe.

Love has bound you from the start, and it is in the frequency of love

that you will be able to renew connection with your true kind.

It is not about these bodies you occupy from lifetime to lifetime,

but about the essence of your being, which is made of pure light. Such as the Creator.

Coming to this awareness not to be alone anymore in this great universe,

you come to the understanding that there is no separation. Separation is an illusion, a trick of the mind.

You are waking up from millennia of servitude to the dark that had custody of your planet for eons of time.

When my time on Ki was revolute, after I was beaten by the beast, my reptilian half-brother, I left Sol,

in the only desire to build up my strength and my knowledge,

and come back to defeat him when I would be strong enough.

What may seem an eternity for you, is worth much less time for us. For time is relative to many factors.

Gravity is one, consciousness is another. Immortality abolishes the perception of time.

It is a long and slow process that transmutes the particles of one’s body into a still,

unalterable and irreversible state of matter. I am an Abra’ah, an immortal. To me, time is a whisper in the breeze.

It is time the serpents of power awaken from the caves they have been sleeping in.

Break their chains and ignite them within your spine.

They will unfold and dance, reviving all your cells and blowing up the locks

that were put onto your interdimensional vortex, in the center of your head.

Free your power.


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