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The Shannon UFO Incident ~ Final Report
May 19 2022



May 19 2022

~by Elena Danaan~


Irish newspaper "The Independent" published on May 19 2022 a final report on the UFO incident that occurred on November 10 2018, around 06:30 am over county Kerry in Ireland where I live. In this report, experts conclude that the incident wasn't a natural phenomenon nor a military operation and advance instead the hypothesis of a real UFO fleet. During this event, which is known as "The Shannon Incident", I was taken onboard a ship where I met with extraterrestrials. Here are excerpts of what I described in my book "A Gift From The Stars" published in 2020, followed by the article on the May 19 2022 report:


            The story takes us back now to the year 2018, on the West coast of Ireland 1where I lived at the time. A flash of sparkling light showered one night down upon me in my bedroom, and I was beamed me up inside the ship in a big flash of blue light. They were back!!! This hadn’t happened for years and as I could feel the cold, solid, tiled white floor under my bare feet, I realized where I had been transported... I broke in tears in Thor Han’s arms, hiding my face into his hair. I could feel the roughness of the fabric of his blue uniform under my fingers, understanding that the glittery aspect was due to tiny protective particles of metal acting like an armor and reflecting the light. He was holding me strong, laughing with joy. Someone else was also waiting for a hug: the blonde lady with the mesmerizing green eyes. She never showed such warm affection towards me before but that night, she held me briefly but strongly in her arms, and it was the very first time I remembered seeing a smile on her face. Her body was slim and firm, and her hair as soft as silk. My friend Val Nek was there too, radiant with joy, as well as two other humanoid crew members. The best way to describe this particular event is as following: I woke up between midnight and dawn because something very intense had happened, as if I had just gotten back to bed after having done something very active and awake. I knew this feeling well. All the memories rushed suddenly into my mind and I got up with haste, rushing to grab a paper and a pen. Before the brain fog sealed my mind into oblivion, rapidly, I wrote what was still fresh in my mind before it blurred away. I forced my memory and fought, poured a mug of coffee and focused. Here is what I wrote that night:


            “I manage to pierce the coat of blurriness with great effort and here it is, the ship… Invisible from the outside, well visible from the inside. It has golden white walls with apparent machinery and control panels. A big window opens on the sight of a myriad stars. It is beautiful. There are two very comfortable seats facing it. It is always the same ship, I recognize it. I was invited to try one armchair, the left one, it was amazingly comfortable. I remembered I had tried it already by the past. Thor Han laughed. He said my hair were more brown before, he found it interesting. He touched my hair and smiled, intrigued, he is very sweet and caring with me. We hug a long time. He says he missed me and I replied I missed him too. He smells good, his uniform is made of tiny particles of metal. The lady, she hugs me too. It is the first time I see her smiling to me; she seems very glad to meet again. The two other ones are here. They know no time, they know no distance. They come from another dimension or I think if not, no, they’re not, they use interdimensional travel for convenience.

            Thor Han,Val Nek and her… I don’t have her name. She is very discrete, occupied, busy. She fascinates me. The men are curious and nice, very dynamic and happy to have me here. It is like a group of old friends. We exchange a conversation, sometimes spoken and sometimes telepathically. They say they protect me wherever I go, wherever I am. The veil of mystery started to lift after all these years and some doubts needed to be clarified. He did. I say I want to stay with them and they say no, but Thor Han tells the others I could join the Galactic Federation, that they would find me a job. Thor Han laughs but the others they don’t find it funny, and their serious looks put an end to the idea. Even if Thor Han is in charge of the ship he has no power to decide for this. Her, she is a scientific crew member. She fascinates me. I have so many questions to ask her about what happened many years ago, when she appeared to me in the wall of my bedroom, but she isn’t willing to reply, she seems not allowed to.

            Thor Han says they are coming back and I will know about it shortly. They were away for a while because there was a war somewhere else. Now they’re back because something very important is going to happen for planet Earth. Thor Han says in two years time something very frightening will occur and it will be a switching point for Humanity, but they will always protect me and I will be fine. All fades away now but as I fight to grasp the last bits of memory, I know, I know they are a mix from the Pleiades, Sirius and Epsilon Eridani. Who is from where I am not sure still but they said they rescued me from the Grey aliens who abducted me when I was a child and since, they are protecting me. This I know now, because we spoke about it. I feel privileged and grateful to them. Now, all is gone. I have only left what is written on this piece of paper. Well done me.”

            They finally told me about the Greys, about what happened to me when I was a child but not everything. Thor Han said I wasn’t ready yet to hear the whole story, because it was too traumatic. He added that one day, I will know everything. This knowledge started the mechanism of a change within the core of my consciousness. They had unlocked something and from this day, my life changed. They were back... They mysteriously said I would know about it later and indeed, very shortly afterwards, on the night of the 9th to the 10th of November 2018, I saw the orange ships hovering over the bay, reflecting their

lights on the water, flying swiftly and playing in the sky. My heart jumped with joy! I was feeling them so near, they were back into my life after all these years in which I almost forgot about them. The following morning, Irish newspapers printed that there had been UFO sightings over the West

of the country. The radio recordings of pilots which had flown over that area and the air control towers transmissions, went viral on internet. They were back, because something, a mysterious “event”, would occur soon, in two years time. In Autumn 2020...


Here is the copy of the article I found corresponding to my contact experience:


UFO spotted flying over Ireland ‘at very high speed’ by several pilots as Irish Aviation Authority launches investigation 12 Nov 2018, 10:47

              One pilot asked air traffic control if any military exercises were taking place. A NUMBER of pilots flying over Ireland last weekend spotted a UFO off the coast of Kerry, it has emerged. The Irish Aviation Authority has launched an investigation into the incident after the Shannon Airport Air Traffic Control unit was asked if any “military exercises” were taking place. The UFO was spotted off the coast of Ireland (stock image). One pilot from a British Airways flight, who is not identified in the recording, asked mid-flight at 6.47am last Friday:

“It was moving so fast that I couldn’t even really see it.” The pilot goes on to describe how a bright light speed past the aircraft heading north at a “very high speed”. Two other pilots also reported seeing the mysterious object, with one Virgin Airlines pilot discussing the possibility of a meteor with “multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory”.

Very interesting report on Shannon high level Friday 9 November at 0630z with multiple aircraft with reported sightings of a UFO over County Kerry. Skip to 17 minutes to listen reports on @liveatc mp3 … #Aviation #UFO #Ireland


              Another pilot added their shock at the speed of the unidentified object, saying the acceleration was “astronomical, it was like Mach 2”. Shannon Airport informed the pilots they would be looking into the reports after other further sightings of the UFO. The Irish Aviation Authority has confirmed they will be investigating the incident. They told the Irish Examiner: “Following reports from a small number of aircraft on Friday, November 9, of unusual air activity, the IAA has filed a report. Shannon Airport confirmed they would be looking into the incident. “This report will be investigated under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process.” It’s not the first sighting of a UFO in Ireland.

Credit: PA:Press Association.

Radio transmissions between Plane pilots and Tower operators on the night of the Shannon Incident, Nov 9th to nov 10th 2018


Close Encounter: Pilots report UFO sightings over Co Kerry Newsdesk

November 12 2018 01:17 PM

A number of pilots flying over Co Kerry last Friday reported sightings of an Unidentified Flying Object.

Very interesting report on Shannon high level Friday 9 November at 0630z with multiple aircraft with reported sightings of a UFO over County Kerry. Skip to 17 minutes to listen reports on @liveatc

#Aviation #UFO #Ireland

5:18 PM · Nov 11, 2018


              Shannon Air Traffic Control received a call from a British Airways flight pilot flying from Montreal to Heathrow over Kerry at 6.47am, asking if there were military exercises taking place at the time. The pilot described a "really bright light" that came up along the plane before disappearing at "a very high speed".

She said they were "wondering" what it could be, that it did not seem to be on a collision course.

Two other planes also reported seeing the object in the area at the time.

In a statement the Irish Aviation Authority said: Following reports from a small number of aircraft on Friday 9th November of unusual air activity the IAA has filed a report. "This report will be investigated under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process."


Thursday, 19 May 2022 Irish Newspaper THE INDEPENDENT.IE

Reports into UFO sightings over Co Kerry by pilots in 2018 ‘inconclusive’ - IAA report


Allison Bray

May 19 2022 07:28 AM

            Reports that the Irish Aviation Authority is investigating reports of UFOs off the Co Kerry coast made headlines around the world after three commercial pilots reported seeing bright lights and unidentified aircraft moving at great speed to air traffic controllers at Shannon Airport in November 2018. Fast forward almost four years later and the IAA said its investigation into the sightings was ‘inconclusive’.

“Given the lack of further reported sightings or recorded material, there was no definitive conclusion,” the IAA said in a statement to the Irish Independent.

“The report cannot be released as it is confidential. Please note this is not specific to this occurrence - all reports recorded by the IAA’s occurrence reporting system are confidential,” a spokesperson said when the Irish Independent asked to see the report.

            And while the incident remains a mystery, the US House Intelligence Committee’s subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation heard a shocking report from a senior American military official this week that UFO sightings are now so common around US military facilities that the reports of of unexplained encounters has grown from 143 last year to 400 so far this year.

“Since the early 2000s, we have seen an increasing number of unauthorized and or unidentified aircraft or objects in military control training areas,” US Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray (no relation) told the first congressional hearing into UFOs in more than 50 years on Tuesday.

“Reports of sightings are frequent and continuing,” he said.

            He attributed the increase in sightings in part to better military sensors but also to the lessening of the stigma surrounding the reporting of UFOs or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) – especially amongst military personnel – since the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report in June, 2021 on UAP which revealed that 143 reported sightings since 2004 remain unexplained.

            Since then, the Pentagon set up a task force to investigate UFOs, known as the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG) “to eliminate the stigma by fully incorporating our operators and mission personnel into a standardised data gathering process,” according to US Undersecretary of Defence for Intelligence and Security Ronald Moultrie, who heads the task force.

“UAPs posed potential flight safety and general security risks, we are committed to a focus effort to determine their origins,” he told the committee.

            But for the pilots who reported their strange encounters to the Shannon Air Traffic Control on November 9, 2018, his words will likely come as cold comfort.

              A British Airways pilot on flight BA94 - an overnight transatlantic flight from Montreal, Canada to London’s Heathrow airport contacted Shannon air traffic control at 6:47am local time when she reported seeing “a very bright light” from an unidentified object that came up alongside the jet that suddenly “rapidly veered to the north.” She asked controllers if there was some sort of military exercise taking place because there was something that was “moving so fast” and “we were just wondering what it might be.”

“It came up on our left-hand side and then rapidly veered to the north. We saw a very bright light that disappeared at very high speed,” she told controllers who responded that there were no military exercises taking place and that nothing showed up on either primary or secondary radar.

               Around the same time, a Virgin Airlines pilot flying from Orlando, Florida to Manchester England also contacted air traffic control to say it might be a “meteor or another object making some kind of re-entry. There appeared to be multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory. They were very bright from where we were.” The pilot said he saw “two bright lights that seemed to bank over to the right and climb away at speed at least from our perspective.”

            A third Norwegian Airlines pilot also told controllers that the speed was "astronomical, it was like Mach 2,” (twice the speed of sound), adding “I’m glad it wasn’t just me” (who witnessed it).


            Following the reports, various astronomers speculated that the phenomenon could have been shooting stars, space dust entering the earth’s atmosphere at high speed, otherwise known as a meteorite. Other explanations include possible incursions by rogue military operations from China or Russia. But Irish astronomer Dr Eamonn Ansbro, who has been observing activity in the skies from his private Kingsland Observatory outside Boyle, Co Roscommon, for more than two decades, quickly dismisses this theory.

“You won’t see them (meteorites) in daylight, number one,” he told the Irish Independent.

“Meteorites are very tiny objects that leave a streak behind it.” But the phenomenon described by the pilots “were in a horizontal mode and there was a fleet of them,” he said.

“Space debris’ (meteorites) trajectory is vertical,” he said.

And while the notion of extra-terrestrials either manning UFOs or controlling them has typically been dismissed as conspiracy theories, the fact the Pentagon is now openly gathering data on UAP says a lot, he said. “It’s gotten quite serious. It’s recognised as a reality,” he said.

The fact that the pilots reported seeing multiple objects speaks volumes, he said.

“What’s major about it is there was a fleet of UAPs. When you rule out all the other stuff you’re left with a UFO,” he said.

              He cites the renowned American physicist James Edward McDonald, a senior physicist at the Institute for Atmospheric Physics and a professor of meteorology at the University of Arizona in Tucson as “an inspiration.” He is best known for his appearance before the US Congress on a hearing on UFOs in 1968 in which he said he believed that “UFOs are entirely real and we do not know what they are, because we have laughed them out of court. The possibility that these are extra-terrestrial devices, that we are dealing with surveillance from some advanced technology, is a possibility I take very seriously.”

              While Dr Ansbro said that the concept of the possibility of UFOs or UAP remains a “no no” to politicians, he believes “it’s real and we have a problem.” Citing Dr McDonald’s testimony and his years of credible research into UFOs, he said “we believe there’s a controlled automated surveillance of the earth” taking place, and the unexplained UAP seen by the pilots over Co Kerry was an example of this.

“I think we’re dealing with automated probes,” he said.

“We’re dealing with very advanced technology here,” he said.

“I’ve had a number of reports (of sightings) over the past 12 months and it hasn’t stopped,” he said.


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