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Above the Clouds



Following to the arrival of the Guardian races from the Intergalactic Confederation in our star system, in October 2021, a coordinated plan was agreed with the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Earth Alliance, for the greatest disclosure of all times. Our extraterrestrial allies are in charge to show themselves more and more in our skies, together with the retro-engineered ships part of the Earth Secret Space Programs. The Earth Alliance is in charge to disclose files that have been retained hidden by the Deep State for a very long time.

July 2022 will mark a turning point in the consciousness of humanity of Earth, when the James Webb telescope will provide evidence of exolife signatures. We have been made aware, carefully and progressively, of the existence of several exoplanets in our neighbor star systems, but NASA's new telescope's revolutionary infrared technology will jump the extra step towards a new era for humanity. It will anchor a door into the Collective Unconscious of our species on Earth, and it will change us for ever. As many of you are thinking by now, NASA knows more than they officially say. Nonetheless, they dropped recently some clues about getting ready for these fundamental sociological changes, such as hiring theologians to prepare humanity for the evidence of extraterrestrial life and even... contact.




Later on, depending on our ability to process Step 1 and get the groundwork ready, the people from the Centauri systems, notably Selo and Meton, will be the first delegations to make public civilian contact on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Not only because they have been involved in the 1st encounters with Pres. Eisenhower, in the elaboration of new technologies and defense systems since the 1950's with the US Navy (such as the creation of the Solar Warden program) and other progressive cells in our governments, but also because they look (and are) perfectly like us. Alpha Centaurians have been living among us for a very long time, infiltrating in our societies all over the world. Pleiadian Taal and Tau-Cetians will also be part of this first group. Hence, this type of first public contact won't be traumatic for the masses and  will occur as a great peaceful step towards the acceptance of other galactic cultures.


Progressively, other human races who carry physiological differences such as the Wolf-424 Ummite (high forehead), the Pleiadian Ahil (wider eyes) and Noor (9Ft tall), the Alteans from the Intergalactic Confederation (9ft tall and longer arms), the Epsilon Eridani Kahel (different bone structure) will present themselves to us. Then, it will be the turn of the T-Ashkeru from the Sirius B cultures (triangular faces and bigger eyes), and so on. The humanoids with skin colors yet unseen on Earth will be next, such as the Andromedan Zenae, Vega Adari and Tau-Cetian Aramani, Antarians, Bootes Ohorai etc...


The Galactic Federation of Worlds is very mindful to introduce themselves as smoothly as possible to the public. When our Collective Unconscious will have accepted that humans of Earth are not alone in the universe, and in a second time that other variants of our genome exist as well, something breathtaking will take place, next.





Once we will be peacefully accustomed to interact with our humanoid galactic brothers and sisters, other species with greater physiological differences will show themselves openly to the public. These will be beings such as the Egaroth, Ginvo, Mantids, Emerther, Nommo, Dorsay, AlGrru-Al'ix, Matrax, Elmanuk, Jefok, Orela and many, many more. A great number of personnel is already working with these different beings throughout the diverse Space Programs, which appellation is about to loose the word "Secret".

The timeline of these events will unfold depending on the ability of Earthlings to process change.


Elena Danaan, March 6, 2022

First Contact

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